Travel Accessories

  1. 2 piece Relaxing Pillow Pack AGO3571

    The perfect little pillow pack to help you relax and unwind for a restful night’s sleep. Kit...

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  2. 6 piece Airline Travel Pack AGO3578

    A handy sized travel set, set shown includes 3 x 50ml empty bottles and 2 x 15ml empty jars in an...

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  3. Boxed Travel Toothbrush Set (Colgate Toothpaste) AGO3575

    White boxed travel toothbrush and 3g of Colgate toothpaste. Now also available in black

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  4. Button Mirror AGO781

    Button Mirror
    A great promotional item the Button Mirror is ideal for storing in a bag or pocket.It offers a good...

    From£0.60 Each

  5. Credit card shield AGO3640

    Protect up to a max of 3 credit cards per one Card Shield. You should then place your card shield...

    From£1.67 Each

  6. Flashing Reflector AGO584

    Flashing Reflector
    The Flashing reflector is guaranteed to be seen.Perfect for road safety campaigns. Weight: TBC...

    From£1.11 Each

  7. Flip Flop Shaped Luggage Tag AGO4097

    Promotional luggage tag in flip flop shape. Makes your luggage easily visible with the unique shape...

    From£0.60 Each

  8. Harvest Milpitas Toiletry Bag AGO1718

    Harvest Milpitas Toiletry Bag
    Toiletry bag in microfiber material. Handle at top.

    From£8.09 Each

  9. Instant Shine Shoe Buffs AGO2265

    Instant Shine Shoe Buffs
    Instant Shoe Shine. Buffs your shoes up nicely

    From£0.35 Each

  10. Luggage Tag AGO167

    Luggage Tag
    Plastic luggage tag that slides open. Up to full colour digital printed domed label to one side

    From£1.35 Each

  11. Oxford In-Car Charger AGO3190

    Black dual car port phone charger head adaptor with coloured trim

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  12. Oyster Travel Card Holder AGO2615

    Oyster Travel Card Holder
    Branded oyster card wallets are a great place for your logo and campaign information. Useful and...

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  13. Pair of Ear Plugs in a Tin AGO3583

    Ideal for use in the entertainment industry. Perfect for use at home to help give you a peaceful...

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  14. Plane Shaped Luggage Tag AGO4095

    Promotional luggage tag in aeroplane shape. Makes your luggage easily visible with the unique shape...

    From£0.60 Each

  15. Plastic Luggage Tag AGO946

    Plastic Luggage Tag
    Printed plastic card luggage tag. Price include a full colour print both sides. Write on signature...

    From£0.33 Each

  16. Plastic Travel Water Bottle Set AGO3570

    500ml Translucent Drinking Bottle filled with all you need on a short trip or weekend away in the...

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  17. Pocket Flight Kit AGO3579

    Flying economy or business class on a mini break or long haul flight, get there fresh and relaxed...

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  18. Poncho Pod AGO612

    Poncho Pod
    A waterproof poncho contained within a handy round case.Has a handy plastic carabiner clip for...

    From£0.68 Each

  19. Printed Luggage Strap AGO941

    Printed Luggage Strap
    Includes PU address pocket with standard printed insert plastic buckle release and plastic...

    From£2.10 Each

  20. Promotional Poncho AGO2261

    Promotional Poncho
    Poncho In Coloured Plastic Ball. With Split Ring Keyring And Plastic Hook

    From£0.72 Each

  21. Promotional Sewing Set AGO2264

    Promotional Sewing Set
    Moon shaped sewing kit.

    From£0.57 Each

  22. Pvc Luggage Tag AGO948

    Pvc Luggage Tag
    2D soft PVC luggage tag with upto 4 soft PVC spot colours. Weight: 40g Print type: 1-4 colour print...

    From£0.95 Each

  23. Screen Cleaner Pouch AGO2222

    Screen Cleaner Pouch
    Keep your Screen Tablet Phone or Windscreen clean and clear with this versatile screen cleaner and...

    From£3.02 Each

  24. Sewing Kit AGO1083

    Sewing Kit
    Handy Folding Sewing Kit In Moulded Plastic. Full Colour Printing Can Be Applied. Please Add Extra...

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  25. Sewing Kit Full Colour AGO886

    Sewing Kit Full Colour
    Travel sewing kit comprising of 5 different coloured cotton a needle threader pair of scissors 2...

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  26. Shoe Shine Kit Full Colour AGO884

    Shoe Shine Kit Full Colour
    Shoe shine kit in a round white case. A perfect item for the travel and hotel industry. Weight: TBC...

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  27. Sleep Mask AGO3580

    Great for use at home or when travelling. Super soft and comfortable polyester, designed to black...

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  28. Sunglasses Shaped Luggage Tag AGO4096

    Promotional luggage tag in sunglasses shape. Makes your luggage easily visible with the unique...

    From£0.65 Each

  29. Toothbrush Kit Full Colour AGO885

    Toothbrush Kit Full Colour
    Travel toothbrush complete with small tube of toothpaste packed in a handy plastic travel case....

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  30. Travel Plug Adaptor With Usb Connector AGO920

    Travel Plug Adaptor With Usb Connector
    This travel plug comes with adaptors for different countries and also has a usb connection, saves...

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  31. Travel Shoe Polish AGO3576

    Round white instant shoe shine sponge

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  32. Tweezer Holder AGO1792

    Tweezer Holder
    Tweezer holder.

    From£2.64 Each

  33. Weekend Travel Toiletry Set In a Bag AGO3577

    Perfect for any short break or weekend away. Set shown Includes two refreshing 50ml shower gels,...

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