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  1. 4 Chewing Gums in Blister Pack AGO3498

    4 Chewing Gums in Blister Pack
    Promotional chewing gum blister pack filled with 4 original chewing gums, packed in transparent...

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  2. 6 Chewing Gum Box AGO4792

    6 Chewing Gum Box
    6 Original Wrigley’s chewing gums inside a full colour printed box, the chewing gums are also...

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  3. 6 Chewing Gums in Mini Box AGO4791

    6 Chewing Gums in Mini Box
    Mini printed box branded with your company logo in full colour containing 6 mint flavoured chewing...

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  4. Chewing Gum Stick Box AGO2851

    Promotional chewing gum stick box is filled with 9 chewing gum leaves and packed into a card box,...

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  5. Click Clack Mint Tins AGO994

    Click Clack Mint Tins
    Promotional metal pop top tin filled with sugar free mints digitally printed with your company...

    From£0.59 Each

  6. Coloured/Frosted Credit Card Shape Mint Card AGO1088

    Coloured/Frosted Credit Card Shape Mint Card
    Promotional credit card shaped mint card digitally printed with your company logo. Available in:...

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  7. Complimint Credit Card AGO3099

    1 complimint backed on an all over full colour print credit card. Minimum order quantity is 500...

    From£0.57 Each

  8. Embossed Mini Mint Hinged Tin AGO3115

    Hinged mint tin embossed with your company's logo design, promotional message or other artwork....

    From£1.63 Each

  9. Express Mint Tin AGO10011

    Express Mint Tin
    Flat mini hinge mint tin filled with approximately 25g of dextrose mints. Available in a range of...

    From£0.99 Each

  10. Flow Wrapped Mint Imperials Low Qty AGO2310

    Flow Wrapped Mint Imperials Low Qty
    Mint Imperial in 1 colour printed wrapper. Price is per 1,000 mints. Choose your wrapper colour...

    From£36.00 Each

  11. Heart Shaped Mint Tin AGO3104

    Heart Shaped Mint Tin
    Heart Shaped Mint Tin filled with 23g of heart shaped peppermints. Choose from white, silver or...

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  12. Heart Tin with Heart-Shaped Mints AGO2738

    Promotional heart shaped mint tin filled with 18g of sugarfree peppermint hearts. Branded with your...

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  13. High Round Mint Tin AGO3106

    High round mint tin in silver, filled with 34g of peppermints. Branded with your company's logo,...

    From£1.61 Each

  14. High Tower Mint Tin AGO3105

    High Tower Mint Tin filled with 30g of peppermint, branded to the side. Branded with your company's...

    From£1.40 Each

  15. House Shape Mint Card AGO1089

    House Shape Mint Card
    Novelty Mint Container in the shape of a house. Relay photographic quality images directly onto the...

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  16. Imperial Mint Box AGO8119

    Imperial Mint Box
    Card box filled with approx 26g of imperial mints. Box startes of white and is printed all over...

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  17. Large Mint Roll AGO1053

    Large Mint Roll
    A promotional large mint roll, containing 14 round mints, branded to the wrapper with your...

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  18. Long Sliding Mint Tin AGO3109

    Long sliding mint tin filled with 8g of peppermints, branded up to 4 colours with your company's...

    From£1.41 Each

  19. Mini Hinge Mint Tin AGO1044

    Mini Hinge Mint Tin
    A promotional hinge mint tin, branded with your artwork to the lid and filled with approximately...

    From£0.92 Each

  20. Mint Cube with Bespoke Shaped Mints AGO5458

    Mint Cube with Bespoke Shaped Mints
    This promotional mint cube is printed to the box with your logo and contains approx 10-15 sugar...

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  21. Mint Drops AGO4270

    AGO4270 2
    An oval shaped plastic container with oval shaped sugar free mints. Can be printed up to 4 spot...

    From£0.65 Each

  22. Mint Imperial Money Box Tin AGO4437

    Promotional money box tin containing 90g of refreshing mint imperials, branded with your company's...

    From£3.03 Each

  23. Mint Pot AGO1090

    Mint Pot
    Promotional mint pots, a unique product, ideal for exhibition give-aways and small corporate gifts,...

    From£0.82 Each

  24. Mint Tin with Bespoke Shaped Mints AGO5457

    Mint Tin with Bespoke Shaped Mints
    This promotional mint tin is printed to the lid with your logo and contains 20 sugar free mints...

    From£1.57 Each

  25. Printed Mint Stick AGO1820

    Printed Mint Stick
    Attractive design, handy shape and ingeniously practical. That is what makes the Mint Stick a...

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  26. Rectangular Mint Roll AGO1056

    Rectangular Mint Roll
    Promotional Rectangular mint roll containing 13 mints in a wrapper with a wraparound label that is...

    From£0.45 Each

  27. Shield Shape Mint Tin AGO3110

    White or silver shield shaped mint tin filled with approximately 26g of peppermints. Printed up to...

    From£1.40 Each

  28. Single Chewing Gum Sticks AGO2852

    Single Chewing Gum Sticks
    Promotional mint chewing gum single sticks wrapped in silver foil and full colour printed wrapper...

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  29. Sliding Mint Tin AGO3619

    Promotiional shiny metal mint tin with sliding lid branded with your company's artwork, boxes...

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  30. Sliding Mint Tin AGO3108

    Sliding Silver Mint Tin filled with approximately 10g of peppermints. Branded with your company's...

    From£1.25 Each

  31. Small Mint Roll AGO1052

    Small Mint Roll
    Promotional small mint roll containing 12 mints, branded to the wrapper with your company's...

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  32. Square Mint Box AGO3090

    Square Mint Box
    A small flat full colour box filled with 4 mint imperials. Personalised with your company's...

    From£0.40 Each

  33. Triangle Mint Tin AGO3111

    Triangle Mint Tin
    White or silver promotional triangle tin filled with 20g of peppermints. Branded with your...

    From£1.40 Each

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