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Stress Toys

  1. Fidget Cube AGO4749

    Fidget Cube
    The latest craze in reducing stress and increasing concentration, this is the perfect gift for...

    £5.75 Each

  2. Fidget Spinner AGO4612

    Fidget Spinner
    The latest craze in reducing stress, this is the perfect gift for someone that fidgets a lot or...

    £3.25 Each

  3. Aeroplane Stress Toy AGO2281

    Aeroplane Stress Toy
    Airplane shaped stress toy available only in white. Branded with your company's artwork to the top....

    £4.78 Each

  4. Brain Stress Toy AGO2280

    Brain Stress Toy
    Brain shaped stress toy. Branded with your company's artwork. Prices based on 1 colour print to 1...

    £4.70 Each

  5. Capsule Stress Product AGO923

    Capsule Stress Product
    Stress toy made in the shape of a capsule, available a combination of colour and various print...

    £1.53 Each

  6. Cow Stress Toy AGO2279

    Cow Stress Toy
    A fun stress item in the shape of a cow. PU Plastic foam. Branded with your company's artwork to...

    £2.40 Each

  7. Cube Stress Ball AGO990

    Cube Stress Ball
    Cube shaped stress ball great for home and office. Branded with your company's artwork. Prices...

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  8. Globe Stress Toy AGO2277

    Globe Stress Toy
    Globe shaped stress ball. Branded with your company's artwork. Prices based on 1 colour print. Lead...

    £4.20 Each

  9. Heart Stress Toy AGO2276

    Heart Stress Toy
    Heart shaped stress toy. Branded with your company's artwork. Prices based on 1 colour print. Lead...

    £4.20 Each

  10. Mood Maniac AGO793

    Mood Maniac
    Choose from Mr Happy Mr Angry or Mr Confused for an eye catching way to get your logo onto your...

    £1.60 Each

  11. Smiley Phone Holder AGO5351

    Smiley Phone Holder
    Holds a wide vartiety of mobile phones, perfect upright shape to see incoming calls/messages....

    £2.45 Each

  12. Square Stress Cube AGO9111

    This Stress Cube is an inexpensive way to promote your company that will last for years to come....

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  13. Standard Stress Bee AGO5231

    Standard Stress Bee
    Fun stress toy in the shaped of a bee - make a buzz at your next trade show or exhibition. 96 x 112...

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  14. Stress Ball AGO2274

    Stress Ball
    Basic 60mm diameter stress ball available in a variety of colours: Amber, Black, Blue, Green, Pink,...

    £3.70 Each

  15. Stress Ball AGO568

    Stress Ball
    Our biggest selling stress product thanks to its versatility for any promotion.The stress ball is...

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  16. Stress Ball - House Shape AGO5649

    Stress Ball - House Shape
    House shaped stress ball suitable for full colour printing.

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  17. Stress Bread AGO2910


    Enquire Now

  18. Stress Computer Buddy AGO596

    Stress Computer Buddy
    A fantastic dual purpose desk product.A stress item with an added extra, a keyboard brush to keep...

    £1.37 Each

  19. Stress Cube AGO9031

    Stress Cube
    Cube shaped stress toy. Avalable in blue, red and white. Prices based on a 1 colour print to 1...

    £4.45 Each

  20. Stress Drone AGO5829

    Stress Drone
    Squeeze this drone-shaped stress reliever and release tension at home or the workplace. This is the...

    Enquire Now

  21. Stress Football AGO2275

    Stress Football
    60mm Diameter football style stress ball. Available in Black White, Green White, Purple White,...

    £4.30 Each

  22. Stress Football Keyring AGO3075

    Stress Football Keyring
    Football shaped stress ball with a keyring attachment for a convenient promotional product. Branded...

    £3.50 Each

  23. Stress Globe AGO5624

    Stress Globe
    60mm diameter globe shaped stress ball. Branded with your company logo. Prices based on 1 colour...

    £2.80 Each

  24. Stress Hard Hat AGO572

    Stress Hard Hat
    The stress hard hat is perfect for any companies in the construction or industrial sector. Weight:...

    £1.28 Each

  25. Stress Hashtag AGO6105

    Stress Hashtag
    Fun stress hashtag which doubles up as a cable tidy. Available in a range of colours and branded...

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  26. Stress House AGO574

    Stress House
    This house shaped stress item is a great promotional product for any industry especially companies...

    £1.33 Each

  27. Stress Liver AGO5204

    Stress Liver
    Stress toy in the shape of a liver, price based on a 1 colour print. Great for the medical and...

    £1.75 Each

  28. Stress Mobile Phone AGO4988

    Stress Mobile Phone

    Enquire Now

  29. Stress Pig AGO566

    Stress Pig
    Pig shaped stress toy with a good sized branding area on top of the pig. A handy and fun desk item...

    £1.45 Each

  30. Stress Product - Germ/Bacteria AGO9604

    Stress Product - Germ/Bacteria
    Stress product shaped as Germ/Bacteria. Product Dimensions: 72mm x 65mm x 65mm Print area: 35mm x...

    £2.45 Each

  31. Stress Pyramid AGO5930

    Stress Pyramid
    This pyramid stress reliever is just one of our thousands of stress shapes. Cool and quirky way to...

    Enquire Now

  32. Stress Rugby Ball AGO569

    Stress Rugby Ball
    The stress rugby ball has a large branding area for your logo. The perfect promotional product for...

    £0.91 Each

  33. Stress Smart Mobile Phone AGO5893

    Stress Smart Mobile Phone
    Connect with your existing and potential customers with this anti-stress smart mobile phone. The...

    Enquire Now

  34. Stress Smiley Face Ball AGO5282

    Stress Smiley Face Ball
    70mm stress ball in a wide variety of colours. With a smiley face on one side and a space for...

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  35. Stress Tennis Ball AGO6009

    Stress Tennis Ball
    63mm diameter stress tennis ball, branded with company logo in 1 colour (35mm diameter). Lead time...

    Enquire Now

  36. Stress Thumbs Up AGO792

    Stress Thumbs Up
    A great stress toy that will ensure your promotions are given the thumbs up.It has a good sized...

    £0.99 Each

  37. Stress Transit Van AGO5495

    Stress Transit Van
    A bestselling promotional stress item in the shape of transit van. Your logo be printed to one or...

    £1.17 Each

  38. Stress World AGO573

    Stress World
    The stress world is one of our best selling stress products suitable for a wide variety of...

    £0.87 Each

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