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Eco Friendly Pens

It is more important than ever for companies to show they are conscious of their carbon footprint and their impact on the environment. What better way to show this than giving out an eco friendly and recycyled promotional pen to your client? Our range includes promotional eco pens recycled from various materials such as CD cases, corn starch and card.

We have a wide range consisting of various eco friendly promotional pens which can be branded with your company logo. There is no reason to compromise on your branding with our branded environmentally pens as we have a huge colour range and can advise the perfect branded recycled pen for you.



  1. Aqua Clear - Eco Recycled PET Plastic Pen AGO10296

    Aqua Clear - Eco Recycled PET Plastic Pen
    This Aqua Clear Pen is made from 100% recycled plastic and sporting the recycling icon opposite the...

    From£0.62 Each

  2. Argente Biofree® Pencil AGO8488

    Argente Biofree® Pencil
    Round wooden pencil with specially formulated biofree additive that provides continuous...

    From£0.22 Each

  3. Bali Cork Pen with Wheat Plastic Trim AGO10298

    Bali Cork Pen with Wheat Plastic Trim
    This pen brings a touch of nature to your next marketing campaign with its trendy cork barrel. The...

    From£0.60 Each

  4. Bamboo Ballpen AGO6235

    Bamboo Ballpen
    Push button ball pen in bamboo with shiny chrome fitting. Blue ink. Branded with your company's...

    From£0.58 Each

  5. Bamboo Ballpoint Pen AGO5871

    Bamboo Ballpoint Pen
    Bamboo retractable ballpoint pen with blue ink and silver trim. Gift pouch included. Lead time 2-3...

    From£0.55 Each

  6. Bamboo FT Ballpen AGO8018

    Bamboo FT Ballpen
    Push button action ballpen, with sustainable bamboo casing, coloured plastic trim and metal clip....

    From£0.47 Each

  7. Bamboo Sophisticate Chrome Pen AGO10300

    Bamboo Sophisticate Chrome Pen
    The Bamboo Sophisticate Chrome Pen features a natural look with modern chrome trim. A slim refill...

    From£1.40 Each

  8. Bamboo Sophisticated AGO9072

    Bamboo Sophisticated
    This unique shapely and curvy promotional pen is trimmed with gunmetal gray and features your logo...

    From£1.44 Each

  9. Bambowie Pen AGO10293

    Bambowie Pen
    This unique promotional pen is trimmed with gunmetal gray and features your logo laser engraved on...

    From£1.44 Each

  10. Bambowie Pencil AGO10297

    Bambowie Pencil
    The Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bowie Mechanical Pencil advances your branding on the most pleasing of...

    From£1.75 Each

  11. Beck Bamboo Ball Pen AGO10141

    Beck Bamboo Ball Pen
    A stylish push action ball pen that uses less plastic in its construction by featuring a Bamboo...

    From£0.72 Each

  12. Beck Bamboo Pencil AGO10142

    Beck Bamboo Pencil
    A retractable 0.7mm pencil featuring a Bamboo barrel from a sustainable source. Branded with your...

    From£0.75 Each

  13. Biodegradable Frosted Hudson Pen AGO4836

    Biodegradable Frosted Hudson Pen
    Hudson ballpen with a frosted finish. This eco-friendly pen is made using biodegradable plastic....

    From£0.90 Each

  14. Biosense Ballpen AGO6187

    Biosense Ballpen
    Eco friendly push button ballpen. Barrel made from recycled paper and trim from recycled plastic....

    From£0.25 Each

  15. Cayman Wheat Pen AGO10438

    Cayman Wheat Pen
    A push action favourite made from 60% Wheat plastic from a natural and sustainable source. Lead...

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  16. Citizen Green Wonder Bamboo Stylus Pen AGO7769

    Citizen Green Wonder Bamboo Stylus Pen
    Touch screen stylus pen for use on touch screen devices. Also has a retractable nib for hand...

    Enquire Now

  17. Contour® Bamboo Ballpen AGO6168

    Contour® Bamboo Ballpen
    Made from sustainable bamboo, this eco-friendly ballpen is a great alternative to a plastic pen....

    From£0.85 Each

  18. Contour®-i Biofree® Ballpen AGO8485

    Contour®-i Biofree® Ballpen
    This innovative range now boasts the Contour-i Biofree Ballpen with specially formulated biofree...

    From£0.44 Each

  19. Contour Noir Wheatstraw Ballpen AGO10458

    Contour Noir Wheatstraw Ballpen
    Ballpen manufactured from 45% wheatstraw and 55% ABS with a stylish black finish, perfect for...

    From£0.26 Each

  20. Dante Bamboo Pen AGO10294

    Dante Bamboo Pen
    Twist-action ballpoint pen with a unique and sustainable bamboo barrel, chrome trim and soft black...

    From£1.25 Each

  21. DS3 Biotic Twist Ballpoint Pen AGO9853

    DS3 Biotic Twist Ballpoint Pen
    Twist ballpoint pen with casing and mechanism made from plant-based, biodegradable bioplastic...

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  22. Ecoset - Bamboo Stationery Set AGO6234

    Ecoset - Bamboo Stationery Set
    6 pieces stationery set. Include jute cotton pouch, bamboo ruler, wooden sharpener, eraser, paper...

    From£3.80 Each

  23. Espresso Ball Pen AGO10649

    Espresso Ball Pen
    A push action ball pen with stainless steel clip made from 40% coffee grind waste, reducing the use...

    From£0.44 Each

  24. Goa Bamboo Pen Metal Clip AGO9767

    Goa Bamboo Pen Metal Clip
    A quality pen featuring a Bamboo barrel from a sustainable source and attractive chrome trim....

    From£0.65 Each

  25. Green & Good Newspaper Pen – Recycled AGO7885

    Green & Good Newspaper Pen – Recycled
    30% Recycled Newspaper and 70% Recycled Polystyrene This White stick pen with Black lid is made...

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  26. Guest Biofree® Mechanical Pencil AGO8486

    Guest Biofree® Mechanical Pencil
    Biofree mechanical pencil with complete antimicrobial protection that lasts the lifetime of the...

    From£0.30 Each

  27. Guest Mechanical Pencil AGO8489

    Guest Mechanical Pencil
    Budget priced mechanical pencil with 0.7mm lead. Large print area. Prices are based on 1 colour...

    From£0.29 Each

  28. Hale Card Pen with Recyclable Plastic Trim AGO10322

    Hale Card Pen with Recyclable Plastic Trim
    As well as using less plastic by having a card barrel, the trim is made from recyclable plastic....

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  29. Innovation Extra Recycled Ballpen AGO9438

    Innovation Extra Recycled Ballpen
    Retractable pen made of rPET material, i.e. from recycled water bottles. Excellent print area on...

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  30. Jona Recycled Ball Pen AGO10406

    Jona Recycled Ball Pen
    A best selling model from the Klio Eterna range made from recycled ABS plastic. All three parts can...

    From£0.60 Each

  31. Kane Wheat Ballpen AGO10725

    Kane Wheat Ballpen
    A push action ball pen made from 30% less plastic with the addition of wheat straw. Available...

    Enquire Now

  32. Litani Pen - Solid AGO7817

    Litani Pen - Solid
    Solid colour pen made from recycled plastic bottles - a perfect eco-friendly giveaway. Black ink...

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  33. Litani Recycled Ball Pen AGO5599

    Litani Recycled Ball Pen
    Frosted coloured pen made from recycled plastic bottles with black ink. Available in pink, red,...

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  34. Matte Recycled Ballpen AGO9644

    Matte Recycled Ballpen
    A European pen produced to a matt finish, barrel made from post-consumer recycled waste with...

    From£0.87 Each

  35. Nature Plus AGO7982

    Nature Plus
    Push ball pen. Opaque, shine-free finish barrel and clip surface, manufactured from renewable raw...

    Enquire Now

  36. Oriel Wheatstraw Ballpen AGO10437

    Oriel Wheatstraw Ballpen
    The Oriel Wheatstraw Ballpen combines sustainability with streamlined design, featuring a 60%...

    From£0.31 Each

  37. Phone Up Bamboo Pen AGO9497

    Phone Up Bamboo Pen
    Not only a useful option, with a phone holder and stylus, this push action model also features a...

    From£0.69 Each

  38. Post Consumer Max Ballpen AGO9855

    Post Consumer Max Ballpen
    Push button ballpen with eco-friendly credentials as it is manufactured from recycled plastic from...

    From£0.37 Each

  39. Prince Bamboo Stylus Pen AGO10299

    Prince Bamboo Stylus Pen
    This ballpoint pen features a more sustainable bamboo barrel for an earthy look and smooth feel,...

    From£1.70 Each

  40. Reborn Recycled Aluminium Pen AGO10301

    Reborn Recycled Aluminium Pen
    Our new Reborn Recycled Aluminium Pen is a stylish and sustainable metal pen. Its sleek, modern...

    From£1.15 Each

  41. Recycled Alsek Pen AGO4834

    Recycled Alsek Pen
    Recycled FSC wooden pen with blue refill, silver clip and trim. The pen is made using sustainable...

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  42. Recycled Eclipse Pen AGO4835

    Recycled Eclipse Pen
    Twist action retractable ballpen made from recycled CD cases. This eco-friendly pen is available in...

    From£0.38 Each

  43. Recycled Executive Pen AGO4838

    Recycled Executive Pen
    Executive style retractable ballpen with a silver metal trim. This eco-friendly pen is made using...

    From£1.43 Each

  44. Recycled Hudson Pen AGO4837

    Recycled Hudson Pen
    Recycled Hudson ballpen made using recycled plastic. This eco-friendly pen is available in 11...

    From£0.68 Each

  45. Recycled Pen & Pencil Set AGO4833

    Recycled Pen & Pencil Set
    Executive pen and pencil set made from sustainable timber. The wooden pen and pencil are packed...

    From£6.22 Each

  46. Recycled Realta Pen AGO4832

    Recycled Realta Pen
    Twist action retractable ballpen made using recycled CD cases. Available in a wide variety of...

    From£0.47 Each

  47. Recycool Ball Pen AGO10650

    Recycool Ball Pen
    An attractive push action ball pen made from 100% ethically sourced recycled materials, with a...

    From£1.03 Each

  48. Refresh Recycled Ball Pen AGO10651

    Refresh Recycled Ball Pen
    A stylish and sustainable metal pen that gives back! With a modern design it includes a recycled...

    From£1.02 Each

  49. S45 rPET Transparent Pen AGO9854

    S45 rPET Transparent Pen
    It is the pen that helps to reduce the threat of a plastic bottle abandoned in nature. The contrast...

    Enquire Now

  50. Shanghai Bamboo Ball Pen AGO10364

    Shanghai Bamboo Ball Pen
    The best-selling Shanghai range just got an eco-friendly boost. Check out this brand new bamboo...

    From£0.70 Each