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Car Accessories

  1. Domed Label Dust Caps AGO4513

    Domed Label Dust Caps
    A set of 4 promotional dust caps, a very subtle way of getting your brand noticed, stand out from...

    From£1.64 Each

  2. Promotional Car Air Fresheners AGO922

    Promotional Car Air Fresheners
    Promotional air fresheners made from 1500 micron pulp board sourced from Sustainable Forests, cut...

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  3. 360 Car Phone Holder AGO7799

    360 Car Phone Holder
    Universal and 360 degree rotatable car mount to hold your mobile phone when driving. Simply click...

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  4. Bumper Stickers AGO5213

    Bumper Stickers
    Self adhesive vinyl bumper sticker intended for outdoor use, printed full colour. Prices based on...

    From£0.16 Each

  5. Cabot Ice Scraper AGO2227

    Cabot Ice Scraper
    Promotional ice scraper keyring, useful for those unexpected icy situations. Branded with your...

    From£0.72 Each

  6. Cadet Ice Scraper AGO5855

    Cadet Ice Scraper
    Black safety ice scraper with 3 LED lights, integral window breaker and seat belt cutter. Batteries...

    From£3.52 Each

  7. Card Air Freshener with Membrane AGO5857

    Card Air Freshener with Membrane
    Double sided full colour printed card with integrated air freshener membrane. The membrane has been...

    From£1.24 Each

  8. Car Phone Holder AGO6029

    Car Phone Holder
    Car phone holder made from ABS platics. Simply attach to your car vent and insert the mobile into...

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  9. Car Phone Holder AGO7818

    Car Phone Holder
    The innovative Phone Car Holder is a great way to mount your phone to your car air vent without the...

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  10. Chilly Recycled Ice Scraper AGO9631

    Chilly Recycled Ice Scraper
    Basic handled windshield scraper with a large decoration area. The strong handle will make sure...

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  11. Curve Ice Scraper AGO9276

    Curve Ice Scraper
    Comfortably shaped ice scraper. Available in 9 colours. Lead time 2 weeks.

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  12. Frosty 2.0 Triangular Recycled Plastic Ice Scraper AGO9782

    Frosty 2.0 Triangular Recycled Plastic Ice Scraper
    Triangular-shaped windshield scraper with a large decoration area. Each of the 3 sides can be used...

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  13. Gravity Car Phone Holder AGO7800

    Gravity Car Phone Holder
    Universal phone holder; easy to attach to the air vent of your car and safe for one-hand operating....

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  14. Hudson Ice Scraper AGO2228

    Hudson Ice Scraper
    Plastic ice scraper with handle. Available in various colours. Branded with your company's artwork....

    From£0.92 Each

  15. Lagan Ice Scraper AGO2229

    Lagan Ice Scraper
    Plastic ice scraper with rubber covered handle. Branded with your company's artwork. Prices based...

    From£1.74 Each

  16. Lavender Air Freshener Spray AGO5189

    Lavender Air Freshener Spray
    9ml lavender air freshener spray, branded with a full colour label. Ideal for use in the office,...

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  17. Martin Dual Car Charger AGO5860

    Martin Dual Car Charger
    Dual ports and a LED ring that illuminates whilst plugged into accessory power outlet. Input: 12-24...

    From£2.73 Each

  18. Mini De Icer 25ml AGO2155

    Mini De Icer 25ml
    Mini deicer spray perfect for deicing locks and handles. compressed pump that lasts longer with...

    From£2.04 Each

  19. Mini Winter Driving Pack AGO5537

    Mini Winter Driving Pack
    Stay frost-free this winter - containing 25ml deicer, chamois and credit card size ice scraper...

    From£5.00 Each

  20. Mini Winter Driving Pack in Cotton Bag AGO5538

    Mini Winter Driving Pack in Cotton Bag
    Stay frost-free this winter - containing 25ml deicer, chamois and credit card size ice scraper...

    From£3.58 Each

  21. Mini Winter Driving Pouch AGO2193

    Mini Winter Driving Pouch
    Stay frost free this winter with this Mini Driving Pack containing 25ml de icer pump plus credit...

    From£4.14 Each

  22. Multi Ice Scraper AGO1094

    Multi Ice Scraper
    This credit card sized ice scraper comes with tyre tread gauge and Keyring loop is available in...

    From£0.25 Each

  23. Pole Dual Car Adaptor AGO5859

    Pole Dual Car Adaptor
    Plug into power outlet to charge personal devices. USB output: 5 volts, input: 12 volts. Available...

    From£1.66 Each

  24. Recycled Billboard Ice Scraper AGO877

    Recycled Billboard Ice Scraper
    Budget ice scraper with very large print area complete with a rubber squeegee. Ideal for motor...

    From£0.73 Each

  25. Recycled Elite Ice Scraper AGO876

    Recycled Elite Ice Scraper
    Perfect winter accessory with two large print areas. Ideal for motor companies and insurance...

    From£0.98 Each

  26. Recycled Ice Scraper AGO1075

    Recycled Ice Scraper
    Promotional ice scraper made from recycled materials in the UK.

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  27. StickyPad Non-Slip Dashboard Mat AGO6295

    StickyPad Non-Slip Dashboard Mat
    Flexible non-slip mat for the dashboard, branded with your company logo. Price based on 1 colour...

    From£1.90 Each

  28. Synthetic Car Chamois AGO5858

    Synthetic Car Chamois
    Synthetic leather chamois, 450 x 380mm. Excellent natural absorption to safely polish and buff...

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  29. Synthetic Demister Pad AGO5861

    Synthetic Demister Pad
    Synthetic leather one side and microfibre on reverse. Microfibre side is printed full colour....

    From£1.85 Each

  30. Window Stickers AGO8275

    Window Stickers
    Promotional window stickers, sticky on the front and designed as front facing stickers for inside...

    From£0.41 Each

  31. Winter Driving Pack AGO5536

    Winter Driving Pack
    Stay frost-free this winter with this Driving Pack - containing an automotive de-icer spray,...

    From£6.90 Each

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