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  1. 2.5m Black Wooden Parasol AGO1929

    2.5m Black Wooden Parasol
    Large six panelled parasol with black wooden stem. Heavy duty black wooden stem and ribs with pull...

    From£202.00 Each

  2. 2m Wooden Parasol AGO5354

    2m Wooden Parasol
    Modern six panelled parasol with heavy duty wooden stem and ribs, with pull cord opening. Lead...

    From£154.00 Each

  3. 3m Square Parasol AGO1915

    3m Square Parasol
    Massive 3m x 3m Square Parasol with robust aluminium stem and ribs with pull cord opening. Length...

    From£800.00 Each

  4. Aluminium Square Parasol AGO1889

    Aluminium Square Parasol
    Large aluminium parasol with square style canopy and adjustable stem. Sturdy aluminium stem with...

    From£195.00 Each

  5. Classic Garden Parasol AGO5355

    Classic Garden Parasol
    Traditional garden style parasol with round canopy. White coated steel stem with tilt function and...

    From£120.00 Each

  6. Fare Parasol Small AGO1927

    Fare Parasol Small
    Modern parasol with frame in titanium finish and tilt mechanism. Simple handling with safety...

    From£49.00 Each

  7. Fare Parasol XL AGO1928

    Fare Parasol XL
    Modern Parasol with frame in a titanium finish and tilt mechanism. Simple handling with safety...

    From£58.00 Each

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