Telescopic Umbrellas

  1. Autolux AGO1852

    A favourite telescopic umbrella for both sexes. Impressive push button open and close mechanism...

    From£9.80 Each

  2. Ecovent Mini Umbrella AGO1905

    Ecovent Mini Umbrella
    The all round wind resistant telescopic umbrella. A vented canopy lets gusts of wind through the...

    From£11.36 Each

  3. Executive Telescopic Umbrella AGO1913

    Executive Telescopic Umbrella
    Rigid iron stem and ribs, automatic function for quicker opening and closing, colour co-ordinated...

    From£11.87 Each

  4. Fare Mini Telescopic Umbrella AGO6157

    Fare Mini Telescopic Umbrella
    Convenient automatic function for quick opening, high quality windproof system for maximum frame...

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  5. Fare Mini Topless AGO1891

    Fare Mini Topless
    Mini Topless Handopen Collapsible umbrella 53 cm 8 ribs 3 section steel frame black special coated...

    From£6.08 Each

  6. Fare Safebrella Mini AGO1894

    Fare Safebrella Mini
    Safebrella Mini collapsible umbrella 53 cm 6 ribs 3 section metalframe black black special coated...

    From£8.70 Each

  7. Fare Shopping Mini AGO1892

    Fare Shopping Mini
    FARE shopping mini umbrella 53cm 6 ribs 3 section frame chromed metal shaft plastic handle in cover...

    From£6.53 Each

  8. Fare Slimlite Super Flat Mini AGO1893

    Fare Slimlite Super Flat Mini
    SlimLite Super Flat mini umbrella 49 cm 6 ribs 3 section chromed metal shaft in super flat...

    From£7.80 Each

  9. Fare Stormmaster Oversize Mini AGO1900

    Fare Stormmaster Oversize Mini
    Stormmaster Oversize umbrella auto open and close 3 section frame black plastic handle black with...

    From£18.15 Each

  10. Ida Foldable Umbrella AGO8433

    Ida Foldable Umbrella
    21.5" umbrella with metal frame, metal ribs and plastic handle. Umbrella is supplied with a...

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  11. Supermini Umbrella AGO1914

    Supermini Umbrella
    Our best selling mini umbrella, durable iron stem and frame, colour co-ordinated plastic handle...

    From£6.09 Each

  12. Telematic Umbrella AGO1895

    Telematic Umbrella
    A favourite telescopic umbrella for both sexes. Automatic function for quicker opening and closing,...

    From£10.01 Each

  13. Tubed Telescopic Umbrella AGO1878

    Tubed Telescopic Umbrella
    Stylish aluminium gift tube containing our best selling mini umbrella, durable iron stem and frame,...

    From£10.53 Each

  14. Urban Curve Umbrella AGO1936

    Urban Curve Umbrella
    Fibreglass ribs for increased stability in windy conditions, automatic function for quicker opening...

    From£10.77 Each

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