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  1. 12 Sided Plastic Trolley Coin AGO4761

    12 Sided Plastic Trolley Coin
    12 sided £1 trolley coin keyring with snap hook fitting. Made in the UK from recycled plastic....

    £0.59 Each

  2. 2D PVC Bespoke Shaped Keyring AGO4863

    2D PVC Bespoke Shaped Keyring
    Our promotional bespoke 2D PVC keyrings are a soft touch keyring that can be made to any shape,...

    £0.94 Each

  3. 45mm Circular Keyring AGO8806

    45mm Circular Keyring
    45mm round keyring supplied with split ring and jump ring fitting. Made in the UK from recycled...

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  4. 45mm Square Keyring AGO5513

    45mm Square Keyring
    45mm square keyring, supplied with split ring and jump ring fitting. Made in the UK from recycled...

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  5. 55mm Rectangular Keyring AGO8807

    55mm Rectangular Keyring
    55mm rectangle keyring, supplied with split ring and jump ring fitting. Made in the UK from...

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  6. A5 Keyring AGO412

    A5 Keyring
    A popular keyring available in a wide choice of standard colour options.The A5 keyring has a...

    £0.96 Each

  7. A6 Keyring AGO415

    A6 Keyring
    A popular keyring with a passport photo sized branding area. The A6 has a clear plastic clip to...

    £0.96 Each

  8. Aluminium Square Keyring AGO7972

    Aluminium Square Keyring
    Keyring is available with black, blue and red trim. Branded with your copmany artwork. Prices based...

    £2.90 Each

  9. Alumi Trolley Coin Keyring AGO1092

    Alumi Trolley Coin Keyring
    Eye catching trolley coin made in five different anodised aluminium colours with large branding...

    £0.62 Each

  10. Alvaro Keyring AGO7973

    Alvaro Keyring
    Aluminimum keyring with coloured polyester webbing, supplied in individual black gift box. Price...

    £1.46 Each

  11. Bamboo Keyring AGO8322

    Bamboo Keyring
    Lightweight bamboo keyring with metal split ring & chain. Engraved logo to one side. Available...

    £2.24 Each

  12. Bamboo Keyring AGO9682

    Bamboo Keyring
    MOSO bamboo keyring 5mm thick bespoke shape within 50 x 50mm. Metal split ring and jump ring....

    £1.62 Each

  13. Bamboo Phone Stand Keyring AGO6231

    Bamboo Phone Stand Keyring
    Key ring with Smartphone stand in bamboo. As bamboo is a natural material, the colour per item can...

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  14. Bespoke Shaped Keyring AGO529

    Bespoke Shaped Keyring
    For a completely customised promotional item we can now offer an expert bespoke keyring service....

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  15. Bonheur Heart Keyring AGO5529

    Bonheur Heart Keyring
    Metal key ring in matt pearl finish with hollow heart shape decoration with polyester webbing...

    £2.49 Each

  16. Boston Bottle Opener Keyring AGO3166

    Boston Bottle Opener Keyring
    Flat metal bottle opener with rounded edges. Branded with your company's artwork. Price is based on...

    £4.40 Each

  17. Bottle Opener AGO2245

    Bottle Opener
    Durable metal bottle opener includes a silver spilt ring attachment. Branded with your company's...

    £2.75 Each

  18. Bottle Opener Keyring AGO561

    Bottle Opener Keyring
    Metal keyring and bottle opener with metallic finish. Comes complete with a silver split ring...

    £4.20 Each

  19. Bottle Opener Key Ring AGO166

    Bottle Opener Key Ring
    One sided Key ring with a bottle opener. Up to full colour digital printed domed label to one side....

    £2.70 Each

  20. Branded Round Keyring AGO4169

    Branded Round Keyring
    Bright chrome and leather strap with a flat ring fitting. Supplied in a silver card gift box....

    £2.30 Each

  21. Budget Keyring AGO925

    Budget Keyring
    Aluminium keyring available in 5 standard shapes with a dome decal printed upto full colour on 1...

    £1.13 Each

  22. C1 Rectangular Keyring AGO454

    C1 Rectangular Keyring
    Our British-made keyrings offer you a low cost, yet highly effective way to promote your business....

    £0.90 Each

  23. Carabiner Keyring AGO544

    Carabiner Keyring
    Promotional product for displaying your brand and message. Large carabiner clip for attaching to...

    Enquire Now

  24. Carabiner Keyring AGO9489

    Carabiner Keyring
    Carabiner keyring, branded to ribbed material strap, strap can be Pantone matched to any colour....

    Enquire Now

  25. Carro Trolley Keyring AGO539

    Carro Trolley Keyring
    Trolley coin keyring with a rubberised holder for the coin, a megnet holds the promotional trolley...

    Enquire Now

  26. D2 Keyring AGO464

    D2 Keyring
    The D2 is a stylish plastic keyring with a slimline lozenge shape. Available in clear only allowing...

    £1.17 Each

  27. Dhaka Keyring AGO4482

    Dhaka Keyring
    A flat plastic led keyring torch, available in a range of colours. Branded with your company's...

    £2.60 Each

  28. Dog Tag Keyring AGO870

    Dog Tag Keyring
    Quality metal keyring with satin and chrome metal finish perfect for engraved logo. Weight: TBC...

    Enquire Now

  29. Domed Bottle Opener Keyring AGO8691

    Domed Bottle Opener Keyring
    Metal construction with split ring. Dimensions: 48 x 30mm. Print area: 27.5mm Ø. The quoted price...

    Enquire Now

  30. Don Bottle Opener Keyring AGO8313

    Don Bottle Opener Keyring
    Shiny finish, packed in to black gift box. Price based on 1 colour print.

    £3.05 Each

  31. E1 Keyring AGO491

    E1 Keyring
    Our newest keyring contains a handy passport photo sized branding area in a re openable compact...

    £0.87 Each

  32. Eco Key Tag AGO7978

    Eco Key Tag
    PET Key Fobs, 100% recyclable, printed full colour front and back. Plastic ring fitting not...

    £0.55 Each

  33. Economy Oval PU Key Fob AGO5248

    Economy Oval PU Key Fob
    Economy Oval Key Fob with a stitched raw edge and a chrome split ring.Finished in Purple soft touch...

    Enquire Now

  34. Elite Pear Shaped Keyring AGO5500

    Elite Pear Shaped Keyring
    A sperb high quality keyring in bright chrome and brushed stainless steel. Can be printed full...

    £3.25 Each

  35. Express Trolley Coin Keyring AGO7739

    Express Trolley Coin Keyring
    Aluminium 12 sided trolley coin on trigger clip + split ring. Laser engraved. Packed in polybag....

    Enquire Now

  36. F1 Keyring AGO493

    F1 Keyring
    The F1 keyring has a modern oblong shape plus convex sides to really make your graphics come alive....

    Enquire Now

  37. Fidget Popping Keyring AGO9601

    Fidget Popping Keyring
    Fidget toy for on the go. White plastic and coloured silicone with carabiner. Price includes a 1...

    £1.70 Each

  38. G1 Keyring AGO512

    G1 Keyring
    The G1 plastic keyring has been designed to be re openable.Available in clear only which allows...

    £1.02 Each

  39. Galaxy Key Ring AGO161

    Galaxy Key Ring
    This chrome galaxy key chain has a large print area that can be branded in full colour. Branded...

    £2.70 Each

  40. Gemini Key Ring AGO160

    Gemini Key Ring
    This double sided chrome gemini key chain has a large print area that can be branded in full colour...

    £2.70 Each

  41. Hard Hat Bottle Opener and Key Chain AGO826

    Hard Hat Bottle Opener and Key Chain
    A practical and useful product. The hard hat shaped keyring doubles up as a bottle opener. Weight:...

    £0.79 Each

  42. Hard Hat Shaped Keyring AGO8046

    Hard Hat Shaped Keyring
    Hard hat shaped keychain with metal split keyring. Ideal for construction or safety organisations....

    Enquire Now

  43. House Keyring AGO5067

    House Keyring
    House shaped metal keyring with shiny nickel finish. Individually boxed.

    Enquire Now

  44. House Keyring Cut Out AGO5066

    House Keyring Cut Out
    Metal keyring with house detail on the bottom. Individually packed in black box.

    Enquire Now

  45. House Keyring Double AGO5068

    House Keyring Double
    Metal keyring in house shape. Individually packed in a black carton gift box.

    Enquire Now

  46. House Trolley Keyring AGO545

    House Trolley Keyring
    High quality metal keyring in the shape of a house. Removable coin contained within the keyring...

    £1.89 Each

  47. Hygiene Hook Keyring AGO8304

    Hygiene Hook Keyring
    The Hygiene Hook Keyring is an essential unique day-to-day item that will be in constant use as a...

    £1.45 Each

  48. I1 Keyring AGO514

    I1 Keyring
    The I1 is a tactile round keyring. A popular shape that offers lots of design possibilities....

    £0.97 Each

  49. Jooma Bottle Opener Keyring AGO547

    Jooma Bottle Opener Keyring
    A brilliant promotional keyring that your customers are sure to love. This keyring features a...

    Enquire Now

  50. Jumbo Ad Loop AGO524

    Jumbo Ad Loop
    Easy to use and almost impossible to lose.Our Jumbo Ad Loop is perfect for displaying a longer...

    £0.59 Each

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