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Shopping & Tote Bags

  1. 5oz Natural Cotton Shopper AGO579

    5oz Natural Cotton Shopper
    Our bestselling reusable bag, it features long handles and is made from 5oz natural cotton. Budget...

    From£0.93 Each

  2. Andro Non Woven Shopper AGO4133

    Andro Non Woven Shopper
    The Andro non woven PP recyclable 80g shopper bag is with a gusset and long handles. Available in...

    From£1.50 Each

  3. Brighton Jute Bag For Life AGO2714

    Brighton Jute Shopper with coloured gusset and handles as seen on the set of upcoming film Bridget...

    From£2.30 Each

  4. Tucana Non Woven Shopper AGO4134

    Tucana Non Woven Shopper
    Recyclable 80g non woven PP shopper with long handles. Available in Amber, Black, Cyan, Green, Navy...

    From£1.32 Each

  5. 5oz Coloured Cotton Shopper AGO10036

    5oz Coloured Cotton Shopper
    Our bestselling reusable bag, it features long handles and is made from 5oz coloured cotton,...

    From£1.34 Each

  6. 8oz Natural Cotton Shopper AGO10144

    8oz Natural Cotton Shopper
    This lightweight, reusable canvas bag is ideal for retail and marketing purposes and can be...

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  7. Bayford Folding Shopper AGO4139

    Bayford Folding Shopper
    210D polyester large shopper bag which folds into a pouch in the corner of the bag and seals with a...

    From£1.80 Each

  8. Berwyn Shopper AGO4815

    Berwyn Shopper
    Natural laminated juco shopper with gusset and long flat cotton webbing handles. Available in...

    From£4.10 Each

  9. Bowcast Shopper AGO10044

    Bowcast Shopper
    Natural coloured 6oz cotton shopper with bright rainbow striped handles. Branded with your artwork....

    From£1.70 Each

  10. Broomfield Cotton Tote Bag AGO2545

    Broomfield Cotton Tote Bag
    Durable Cotton Canvas bag with short rope handles. With PP laminate backing. Available in natural...

    From£4.60 Each

  11. Chelsfield 6oz Tote Shopper AGO7778

    Chelsfield 6oz Tote Shopper
    6oz naturally produced cotton tote shopper with long handlese and 5cm gusset. Lead time 2 weeks.

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  12. Chow Jute Shopping Bag AGO4135

    Chow Jute Shopping Bag
    The clasic shopper bag is made from natural jute and in landscape profile. Features include rope...

    From£4.30 Each

  13. Contrast Mini Shopper AGO634

    Contrast Mini Shopper
    Contrast small non-woven shopping tote bag. A shopping bag made from white non-woven PP material...

    From£0.85 Each

  14. Cranbrook 10oz Cotton Canvas Tote AGO2544

    Cranbrook 10oz Cotton Canvas Tote
    Canvas Tote shopper with long handles and a large gusset.Made from Natural cotton Canvas with a...

    From£2.81 Each

  15. Dargate Jute Tote AGO2560

    Dargate Jute Tote
    Large, environmentally friendly, Eco tote shopper bag made from 14x15 natural jute c/w L.D.P.E...

    From£2.71 Each

  16. Dunham 10oz Shopper AGO8151

    Dunham 10oz Shopper
    Coloured 10oz portrait shaped canvas shopper with long handles and gusset. Available in natural,...

    From£4.60 Each

  17. Eastwell 4.5oz Cotton Tote Bag AGO8017

    Eastwell 4.5oz Cotton Tote Bag
    140gsm natural cotton tote with contrast colour. Branded with your artwork - prices based on a 1...

    From£1.14 Each

  18. Eldon Shopper AGO4429

    Eldon Shopper
    This large promotional laminated jute shopper has short rope handles and a strong gusset. This bag...

    From£4.55 Each

  19. Eliss Foldable Shopper AGO4141

    Eliss Foldable Shopper
    210D polyester shopper bag which conveniently folds into the side pouch of the bag and seals with a...

    From£1.72 Each

  20. Fairbourne Natural Gift Bag AGO4879

    Fairbourne Natural Gift Bag
    7oz cotton shopper with cotton webbing handles. Available in natural. Available for printing with...

    Enquire Now

  21. Glossy Laminated Non-Woven Bag AGO8203

    Glossy Laminated Non-Woven Bag
    Non woven PP bag, available in a range of sizes. 140gsm after laminated. Print from 1 spot colour...

    Enquire Now

  22. Groombridge 10oz Cotton Canvas Tote AGO5981

    Groombridge 10oz Cotton Canvas Tote
    Durable canvas gusseted tote shopper bag. Made from all natural, environmentally friendly 10oz...

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  23. Halton Jute Bag AGO4136

    Halton Jute Bag
    Medium sized natural jute bag with gusset, rope handles, natural or coloured jute trim and...

    From£3.50 Each

  24. Juco Bag AGO9322

    Juco Bag
    Tote bag made up of jute and canvas. Main sides are canvas and the rest is jute. Lead time 2-3...

    Enquire Now

  25. Kleuren Beach, Shopping Bag AGO9811

    Kleuren Beach, Shopping Bag
    Canvas 280gr/m² shopping beach bag with coloured bottom detail andmatching handles (inside pocket)....

    Enquire Now

  26. Laminated Non-Woven Shopper AGO5083

    Laminated Non-Woven Shopper
    Laminated non-woven shopper, made from recyclable material. Available in a variety of colours to...

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  27. Large Contrast Shopper AGO10046

    Large Contrast Shopper
    Recyclable 80gsm non woven PP mini shopper with gusset and coloured handles to match the edge trim....

    From£1.43 Each

  28. Large Jute Bag AGO10009

    Large Jute Bag
    This large jute shopper is a great sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bags. It’s a great...

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  29. Liberty Non Woven Grocery Tote AGO5398

    Liberty Non Woven Grocery Tote
    Grocery tote with open main compartment with supportive bottom board. Drop down height handles 25.4...

    Enquire Now

  30. Maple Foldable Non Woven Tote Bag AGO5987

    Maple Foldable Non Woven Tote Bag
    Open main compartment and open pocket on the front. Plastic snap button closure. Available in...

    From£0.99 Each

  31. McIntyre Shopping Bag AGO9691

    McIntyre Shopping Bag
    80gsm non-woven PP landscape shopper with long handles to match the edge trimming. Available in...

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  32. Medium Jute Bag AGO9998

    Medium Jute Bag
    This 30 x 30 x 20cm jute bag is ideal for sustainable gifting and product packaging. You can add...

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  33. Medium Jute Shopper Bag AGO7867

    Medium Jute Shopper Bag
    Medium jute shopper bag with short cotton handles. 390 x 350 x 150mm. Print area 280 x 250mm. Lead...

    From£1.83 Each

  34. Menorca Beach, Shopping Bag AGO9812

    Menorca Beach, Shopping Bag
    Beach bag or shopping bag in cotton with cord handle. 220 gr/m². Available colours: Blue, Red,...

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  35. Mini Jute Bag AGO9995

    Mini Jute Bag
    This mini jute bag is great for sustainable gift wrapping and product packaging. If your business...

    Enquire Now

  36. Natural 10oz Canvas Shopper with Gusset AGO9707

    Natural 10oz Canvas Shopper with Gusset
    Natural 10oz long handled Canvas Shopper with Gusset. Screen printed 1 colour to 1 position. Lead...

    From£2.35 Each

  37. Nevada Cotton Shopper AGO9136

    Nevada Cotton Shopper
    Cotton tote bag with coloured handles, 30cm handles, 100gsm. Branded with company logo.

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  38. Odessa Cotton Tote Bag AGO8709

    Odessa Cotton Tote Bag
    Tote with gusset and open main compartment. Drop down height of handles is 30 cm. Cotton, 220 g/m2....

    From£2.49 Each

  39. Panama Beach Tote Bag AGO5961

    Panama Beach Tote Bag
    Multi purpose bag with zippered main compartment and small zipper pocket inside, 34cm handles, made...

    From£3.44 Each

  40. Pantai Beach, Shopping Bag AGO9813

    Pantai Beach, Shopping Bag
    Beach bag or shopping bag in canvas with cord handle and jute detail. 280 gr/m². Available in Beige...

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  41. Pheebs Recycled Cotton Tote Bag AGO8201

    Pheebs Recycled Cotton Tote Bag
    Recycled 150 g/m² cotton tote with a dropdown handle length of 30 cm. This bag folds easily to fit...

    From£1.61 Each

  42. Polyester Full Colour Tote Bag AGO5888

    Polyester Full Colour Tote Bag
    38 x 42cm 190T polyester tote bag with edge-to-edge double sided full colour print. Design can be...

    Enquire Now

  43. Polyester Shopping Bag with Gusset AGO5084

    Polyester Shopping Bag with Gusset
    Polyester shopping bag with gusset. Supplied in a range of colours to suit your branding. Print...

    Enquire Now

  44. Rainbow Canvas Shopper AGO10088

    Rainbow Canvas Shopper
    Rainbow striped 10oz canvas shopper with natural, long, cotton webbing handles. A high quality, eye...

    From£4.85 Each

  45. Rainbow Shopper AGO8273

    Rainbow Shopper
    Eco-friendly 80gsm non woven PP shopper with horizontal rainbow print, gusset and long handles....

    From£1.95 Each

  46. Rpet Tote Bag AGO10045

    Rpet Tote Bag
    RPET 210d polyester shopper made from post-consumer plastics. Available Colours: Amber, Black,...

    From£1.72 Each

  47. Scrunchy Foldable Bag AGO5813

    Scrunchy Foldable Bag
    Foldable 190T polyester bag with 50cm handles. Supplied unfolded. 370 x 400mm. Can be printed in...

    Enquire Now

  48. Twill cotton two-tone beach bag AGO8117

    Twill cotton two-tone beach bag
    Twill cotton two-tone beach bag with open compartment with light-coloured interior. Available in...

    Enquire Now

  49. Walton Mini Jute AGO4431

    Walton Mini Jute
    This promotional mini natural jute bag has a 125mm gusset, rope handle and jute trim. The trim can...

    From£2.56 Each

  50. Wareing Shopper Bag AGO9690

    Wareing Shopper Bag
    Recycled 80gsm non woven shopper with long grey handles, integrated carry handles and ring...

    Enquire Now

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