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  1. 3mm Rubber Coaster AGO5942

    3mm Rubber Coaster
    Practical and light coaster. Full colour dye sublimation onto a gloss white surface. 3mm overall...

    From£1.19 Each

  2. Armadillo Counter Mat AGO8001

    Armadillo Counter Mat
    Tough top layer welded to a 2mm thick, soft cling base, a construction which forms an ideal counter...

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  3. Bamboo Coaster AGO9475

    Bamboo Coaster
    5mm thick caramel finish bamboo coasters made from sustainable Moso® bamboo. 92mm square or round....

    From£1.80 Each

  4. Beer Mats AGO2763

    Beer Mats
    Full colour printed promotional beer mats made from 100% recyclable wood-pulp fibre board....

    From£0.11 Each

  5. Blane 2-in-1 Bottle Opener Coaster AGO10149

    Blane 2-in-1 Bottle Opener Coaster
    Eco-friendly bamboo 2-in-1 square coaster with a built-in iron bottle opener to keep the drinks...

    From£1.72 Each

  6. Brite-Mat Coaster AGO8086

    Brite-Mat Coaster
    Brite-Mat® square or round coaster. Coaster offerering stunning colour reproduction on a low...

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  7. Brite-Mat® Rectangular Mouse Mat AGO447

    Brite-Mat® Rectangular Mouse Mat
    One of the bestselling hard top mouse mats on the market. It offers unrivalled quality due to our...

    From£0.55 Each

  8. Ceramic Coaster AGO6164

    Ceramic Coaster
    Ceramic with cork backing. Can be supplied separately or in packs of four. These tasteful and high...

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  9. Coaster Bottle Opener AGO5681

    Coaster Bottle Opener
    Square plastic coaster with a built-in bottle opener in one corner and a foam grip backing....

    From£0.96 Each

  10. Cork Back Coaster AGO4972

    Cork Back Coaster
    Standard cork backed coaster is one of the most eco-friendly promotional products on the market!...

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  11. Crystal Engraved Square Coaster AGO5037

    Crystal Engraved Square Coaster
    10cm Jade Crystal Glass Square Coaster The coaster can be personalised with any crest, logo or...

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  12. Duplas Calendar Mouse Mat AGO1456

    Duplas Calendar Mouse Mat
    Mouse mat and calendar in one. Durable hard top and a 3mm non-slip foam base. Bulk packed. Branded...

    From£0.87 Each

  13. Duplas Mouse Mat AGO1457

    Duplas Mouse Mat
    Printed to the under surface of a strong clear top and bonded to a black 3mm non slip foam base....

    From£0.86 Each

  14. Duplas Picture Mouse Mat AGO1461

    Duplas Picture Mouse Mat
    Screen printed to the under surface of a strong clear top and bonded to a black 3mm non slip foam...

    From£1.32 Each

  15. DuraTough Counter Mat AGO6070

    DuraTough Counter Mat
    The DuraTough Counter Mat shows stunning print quality in either spot or full colour graphics....

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  16. Flex Coaster AGO4986

    Flex Coaster
    Flexible coaster with low profile cork backing. 150gsm uncoated edixion with scratch resistant...

    From£1.50 Each

  17. Full colour sublimation mouse mat AGO8760

    Full colour sublimation mouse mat
    Full color, economical and made from open cell natural rubber. Size: H180 x W218 x D3mm Print area:...

    From£2.86 Each

  18. Glass Coaster Dye-Sublimated AGO8725

    Glass Coaster Dye-Sublimated
    Dye-sublimated glass coasters can be printed with your logo, marketing message or high resolution...

    From£2.10 Each

  19. Green & Good 2mm Tyre Coaster – Recycled AGO6166

    Green & Good 2mm Tyre Coaster – Recycled
    This coaster is made from recycled tyres and is availavble in round and square shapes. Branded with...

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  20. Green & Good Full Colour Plastic Coasters – Recycled AGO6165

    Green & Good Full Colour Plastic Coasters – Recycled
    Coaster made from recycled plastic available in white only. Full colour print - round or square as...

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  21. Hardtop Coaster AGO4932

    Hardtop Coaster
    The promotional Hardtop coaster has a everlasting undersurface print which is bonded to a high...

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  22. Hardtop Mousemat and Coaster Set AGO4933

    Hardtop Mousemat and Coaster Set
    Popular and effective advertising tool! Sets comprise one HardTop mat and two matching coasters....

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  23. Hardwood Coaster High Gloss AGO4987

    Hardwood Coaster High Gloss
    These premium coasters ensure your logo and company message will not only be eye catching, but...

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  24. Lenticular Coaster AGO937

    Lenticular Coaster
    PET plastic coaster mounted onto 3mm to 5mm thick EVA foam board in black or white. Weight: 5g...

    From£0.63 Each

  25. Lenticular Mousemat AGO939

    Lenticular Mousemat
    Lenticular mousemat PET plastic mounted onto 3mm to 5mm thick EVA foam board in black or white....

    From£1.28 Each

  26. Lightweight Metal Coasters AGO5220

    Lightweight Metal Coasters
    Our Real Metal Coasters are screen printed in pantone matched spot colours or 4 colour process....

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  27. Lightweight Mousemat AGO7946

    Lightweight Mousemat
    Exceptionally thin non-slip, light weight mouse mat constructed from an adhesive base and mark...

    From£1.36 Each

  28. Metal Coaster AGO5591

    Metal Coaster
    Our Real Metal Coasters are screen printed in pantone matched spot colours or 4 colour process....

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  29. Metal Rim Coaster AGO5321

    Metal Rim Coaster
    Metal rim round coaster with cork base, branded with full colour glossy resin doming. Large print...

    From£1.34 Each

  30. Metal Rimmed Coaster AGO170

    Metal Rimmed Coaster
    A round metal rimmed coaster. Up to full colour digital printed domed label to the top surface....

    From£1.27 Each

  31. Micro Mat AGO7945

    Micro Mat
    The Micro-mat is a slimline 2 in 1 mousemat, manufactured with a top layer of microfibre material...

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  32. Mousemat Hardtop AGO901

    Mousemat Hardtop
    Hardtop Mousemat with 3mm foam back and PVC laminated. 235 x 200mm or 200mm round/square. Print...

    From£0.75 Each

  33. Real Wood Coasters AGO5744

    Real Wood Coasters
    A great way to permanently represent your environmental consideration to your customers, these...

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  34. Rectangular Melamine Coaster AGO8250

    Rectangular Melamine Coaster
    115 x 90mm Gloss or Matt Melamine Surface Heat Resistant to 145°C Sustainably sourced Eucalyptus...

    From£2.03 Each

  35. Recycled Acrylic Coaster AGO4767

    Recycled Acrylic Coaster
    Acrylic coasters are made from recycled acrylic and are laser cut so can be any shape or size,...

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  36. Renzo Round Plastic Coaster AGO6239

    Renzo Round Plastic Coaster
    Solid plastic coaster with a bevelled edge. GPPS Plastic.

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  37. Renzo Square Plastic Coaster AGO6240

    Renzo Square Plastic Coaster
    Solid plastic coaster with a bevelled edge. GPPS Plastic.

    Enquire Now

  38. Round Crystal Glass Coaster AGO5038

    Round Crystal Glass Coaster
    10cm Jade Crystal Glass Round Coaster This coaster can not only be sandblast engraved but also...

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  39. Round PU Coaster AGO5159

    Round PU Coaster
    Round Coaster with turned edges and a velveteen backing, finished in soft touch PU with an...

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  40. See Thru Counter Mat AGO5215

    See Thru Counter Mat
    A2 (595 X 420mm) or A3 (420 x 297mm) hardtop counter mat with a clear liftable flap fixed along one...

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  41. Slate Coaster AGO9261

    Branded slate coasters made from 100% natural material, heat resistant, environmentally friendly,...

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  42. Square Cork Coaster AGO5621

    Square Cork Coaster
    Square coaster with glossy paper to front, MDF and cork backed. Branded with your artwork. Prices...

    From£0.87 Each

  43. Subliwood Coaster AGO3624

    Subliwood Coaster
    Our heat resistant HardWood coaster is the perfect partner for your hot liquid-filled mug. Made...

    From£2.30 Each

  44. Textile Mat AGO5045

    Textile Mat
    Textile topped mouse mat permanently printed in full colour by dye sublimation for exceptionally...

    Enquire Now

  45. ToughMat Counter Mat AGO6071

    ToughMat Counter Mat
    The ToughMat is a construction that's built to last. Robust and durable counter mat sure to stay in...

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  46. Tyre Brite-Mat Rectangular Mouse Mat AGO7618

    Tyre Brite-Mat Rectangular Mouse Mat
    Mouse mat designed to work with standard balled and optical mice. Made from 99.5% recycled...

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  47. Vinyl Welded Coaster AGO5055

    Vinyl Welded Coaster
    Promotional coasters are a great and inexpensive way to get your message and company logo noticed...

    From£0.56 Each

  48. Wax Back Coasters AGO4520

    Wax Back Coasters
    Wax back coaster branded with your company logo. Promotional Wax Backed Coasters – AGO4520

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