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Desk Items

  1. 12 Piece Colouring Pencil Set AGO9083

    12 Piece Colouring Pencil Set
    12 coloured pencils inside a paper box.

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  2. 150mm Scale Ruler AGO9138

    150mm Scale Ruler
    Architects or Engineers oval scale ruler in white, made from recycled plastic. Professional quality...

    From£0.84 Each

  3. 15cm Insert Ruler AGO787

    15cm Insert Ruler
    Clear acrylic 15cm / 6 inch insert ruler with large print area. Can be supplied as plain stock or...

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  4. 15cm Plastic Ruler AGO785

    15cm Plastic Ruler
    Renzo 15 cm plastic ruler. Solid plastic ruler with both markings in inches and centimetres. GPPS...

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  5. 15cm Recycled Plastic Ruler AGO9578

    15cm Recycled Plastic Ruler
    15cm ruler. Made in the UK from recycled plastic and digitally printed up to full colour as...

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  6. 19 Piece Colouring Set AGO6214

    19 Piece Colouring Set
    9 coloured wax crayons and 10 colouring pencils in card box. Price based on 1 colour print to box....

    From£1.16 Each

  7. 300mm Scale Ruler AGO3734

    300mm Scale Ruler
    Architects or Engineers oval scale ruler in white, made from recycled plastic. Professional quality...

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  8. 300m Scale Ruler AGO9139

    300m Scale Ruler
    300mm ScaleRule-Architects.Scalesare1:1,1:100,1:5,1:50,1:500,1:1000,1:250 & 1:2500 or Engineers...

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  9. 30cm Full Colour Ruler AGO1065

    30cm Full Colour Ruler
    Low cost 30cm/12 inch ruler digitally printed to both sides and made from 300gsm Never Tear...

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  10. 30cm Insert Ruler AGO786

    30cm Insert Ruler
    Clear acrylic 30cm / 12 inch insert ruler with large print area. Can be supplied as plain stock or...

    From£1.09 Each

  11. 30cm Plastic Ruler AGO784

    30cm Plastic Ruler
    Our solid plastic rulers have a bevelled edge and are available in an extended range of vibrant...

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  12. 4 Piece Colouring Pencil Set AGO6212

    4 Piece Colouring Pencil Set
    4 coloured pencils inside a paper box, box is branded 1 colour. Lead time 2 weeks.

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  13. 6 Colouring Pencil Box AGO9285

    6 Colouring Pencil Box
    Cardboard box with 6 colouring pencils. 45 x 90 x 9 mm

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  14. 8 Piece Colouring Set AGO6213

    8 Piece Colouring Set
    Includes 6 colouring pencils, a sharpener and colouring book. Price based on 1 colour print to box....

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  15. A4 Smart Binder Maxi AGO1495

    A4 Smart Binder Maxi
    800 micron white or clear frosted polypropylene ring binder. Fitted with a 25mm capacity 2 ring...

    From£1.66 Each

  16. Baby Colouring Pencil Set AGO6002

    Baby Colouring Pencil Set
    7 natural colouring pencils in natural cardboard box with transparent lid available ni yellow,...

    From£0.57 Each

  17. Bamboo Block Calendar AGO5535

    Bamboo Block Calendar
    Bamboo block desktop calendar, can be printed or engraved to up to 4 positions. Prices based on 1...

    From£7.90 Each

  18. Bamboo Ruler AGO10174

    Bamboo Ruler
    15cm (6in) bamboo ruler with centimetre and inch marking. Made from 100% bamboo, this ruler is a...

    From£1.17 Each

  19. Belluno Pu Pencil or Cosmetics Case AGO5135

    Belluno Pu Pencil or Cosmetics Case
    Zipped case ideal for pens, pencils or cosmetics, finished in soft touch PU with an excellent...

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  20. Binderpod AGO5532

    Hardbacked binder (paper over board) with 2 ring D-mechanism as standard. A4 and A5 available.

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  21. Book Shaped Eraser AGO1008

    Book Shaped Eraser
    An eraser in the shape of a book, available in Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White and Yellow....

    From£0.22 Each

  22. Box of 6 Crayons AGO9820

    Box of 6 Crayons
    Kraft paper box with 6 crayons. 53 x 92 x 9 mm. Branded with your company logo. Lead time 2-3 weeks.

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  23. Branded Letter Opener AGO1062

    Branded Letter Opener
    Safe paper slitter in moulded plastic hand hardened steel blade. Branded with your company's...

    From£0.43 Each

  24. Branded Pencil Crayon Set AGO4168

    Branded Pencil Crayon Set
    12 coloured pencils neatly packed into a snap close pack branded with your company logo to the lid....

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  25. Bristol A4 Clipboard AGO5964

    Bristol A4 Clipboard
    A4 sized hard backed paper clipboard with stainless steel clip. Available in red, royal blue, black...

    From£2.25 Each

  26. Brite Clock Wall Clock AGO450

    Brite Clock Wall Clock
    A wall clock with our vibrant in-mould labelling for exceptional brand exposure. The clock face is...

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  27. Brown Recycled Pencil Sharpener AGO1063

    Brown Recycled Pencil Sharpener
    Pencil Sharpener made from recycled vending cups in natural brown. Branded with your company's...

    From£0.40 Each

  28. Cami Mini Doodling Set in Tube AGO6211

    Cami Mini Doodling Set in Tube
    Set includes 5 coloured pencils and 5 colouring sheets inside a plastic tube with screw on metal...

    From£1.09 Each

  29. Card Bookmark AGO5164

    Card Bookmark
    Round or square corner bookmarks printed full colour both sides and laminated. Can be cut to a...

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  30. Clock TEAR OPEN in a tin AGO10254

    Clock TEAR OPEN in a tin
    Clock TEAR OPEN in a tin: with analogue time display, flap can only be opened once - with stand,...

    From£5.21 Each

  31. Colourful Eraser AGO1007

    Colourful Eraser
    Brightly coloured rectangular erasers, available in Green, Orange, Magenta, White or Yellow, ideal...

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  32. Credit Card Calculator AGO967

    Credit Card Calculator
    Solar powered calculator in credit card shape supplied in a PVC pouch.Delivery to one UK Mainland...

    From£0.98 Each

  33. Custom Made A4 Wooden Clipboard AGO6005

    Custom Made A4 Wooden Clipboard
    Full colour print to front side. Lead time 2-3 weeks. Made from HDF Wood.

    From£4.25 Each

  34. Desk Basket AGO6072

    Desk Basket
    "Domi" Multipurpose Basket. Basket shaped desktop pen pot. Dimensions: 110 x 102mm....

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  35. Digital Kitchen Timer AGO5705

    Digital Kitchen Timer
    Digital kitchen timer with magnetic back. Batteries included. Available in yellow, white, blue and...

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  36. Doodle Pencil Set AGO5869

    Doodle Pencil Set
    6 piece colouring set housed in a natural card casing with blue, green, brown, black, yellow and...

    From£0.92 Each

  37. ELeather Cosmetics / Pencil Case AGO8043

    ELeather Cosmetics / Pencil Case
    Cosmetics / Pencil Case finished in ELeather made from recycled leather waste, bonded with water...

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  38. Emergency Services Character Bookmark AGO6083

    Emergency Services Character Bookmark
    UK made fun bookmark. Your choice of character and foam colour, card is printed full colour to...

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  39. Enviro Pencil Case Set AGO6023

    Enviro Pencil Case Set
    7 piece pencil case set. Pencil case with ballpoint pen, pencil, ruler, pencil sharpener and...

    From£2.46 Each

  40. Eraser (circular) AGO3656

    Eraser (circular)
    This eraser has been developed to overcome the age old problem of print rubbing away from the...

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  41. Express Bookmark and Sticky Notes AGO10012

    Express Bookmark and Sticky Notes
    Bookmark made from card in either kraft or blue colour. Including 5 coloured sticky page markers, a...

    From£0.85 Each

  42. Frido Desk Clock AGO5489

    Frido Desk Clock
    Table Clock branded with logo. Available in blue, green, yellow, yed, white, black and silver. 9.5...

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  43. Fugato Wheelie Bin Pencil Sharpener AGO3185

    Fugato Wheelie Bin Pencil Sharpener
    Plastic wheelie bin shaped single pencil sharpener. Branded with your company's artwork. Prices...

    From£0.44 Each

  44. Hexagonal Money Box AGO5178

    Hexagonal Money Box
    Flat packed self-assembly money box in hexagonal shape, printed full colour with your design. Greay...

    From£2.68 Each

  45. House Money Box AGO4011

    House Money Box
    House Money Box Supplied in clear plastic. Size 130 x 90 x 87mm. Branded with your artwork. 2 Weeks...

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  46. Icon Wall Clock AGO5154

    Icon Wall Clock
    Icon Wall clock choice of trim colours, red black , blue. Full colour print to the face black hands...

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  47. Lexington Clock AGO9242

    Lexington Clock
    An all metal stylish low arched desk clock with a good quality analogue movement. Stylish...

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  48. Madame Bag Holder AGO5530

    Madame Bag Holder
    Elegant handbag holder with a segmented foldable hook for perfect adjustment. Prices are based on 1...

    From£2.18 Each

  49. Maxi Insert Smartholder AGO1448

    Maxi Insert Smartholder
    Approximately 1000 sheets of white paper with a 300gsm gloss insert. Incorporates pen rest....

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  50. Metal Ruler AGO8100

    Metal Ruler
    30cm Aluminium triangular scale ruler with 5 scales. Scales: 1:20, 1:25, 1:50, 1:75, 1:100. Branded...

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