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  1. Size 0 Mini Promotional Football 1.2mm PVC AGO2327

    Size 0 Mini Promotional Football 1.2mm PVC
    Promotional mini footballs or mini rugby balls, 12cm diameter football or 15cm width rugby ball,...

    From£2.45 Each

  2. Size 1 Promotional football PVC AGO2328

    Size 1 Promotional football PVC
    Ideal for Football Clubs, souvenirs and mass promotions. Made from 2 Ply PVC. 14cm diamater. Hand...

    From£2.78 Each

  3. Size 5 Match Ready PU AGO2324

    Size 5 Match Ready PU
    Standard match footballs are hand sewn in the high quality PU and all balls are manufactured to...

    From£10.00 Each

  4. Size 5 Promotional Football 1.2mm PVC AGO2326

    Size 5 Promotional Football 1.2mm PVC
    Our promotional grade ball makes the perfect promotional gift or souvenir. Ideal for promotions and...

    From£5.05 Each

  5. Size 5 Training Quality PVC AGO2325

    Size 5 Training Quality PVC
    Our training quality footballs are made to meet high stands to endure the consistent use they...

    From£8.40 Each

  6. 2D Chocolate Football AGO3696

    Promotional solid milk chocolate football, comes with fully personalisable header card. Available...

    From£0.92 Each

  7. 3D Chocolate Football AGO2870

    3D Chocolate Football
    A 60 mm football, made from high quality Belgian chocolate (44% cocoa) and packed in plastic...

    Enquire Now

  8. Chocolate Football Cube AGO5238

    Chocolate Football Cube
    Kick off this years World Cup with this clear Cube filled with Chocolate Footballs. Filled with 24...

    From£2.12 Each

  9. Chocolate Football Net AGO028

    Chocolate Football Net
    A net filled with foiled chocolate footballs, branded in full colour to a swing tag with your...

    From£1.06 Each

  10. Chocolate Footballs Organza Bag AGO3617

    Chocolate Footballs Organza Bag
    Organza bag filled with chocolate footballs and personalised with a full colour printed swing tag,...

    From£1.33 Each

  11. Chocolate Footballs Sweet Tube AGO5237

    Chocolate Footballs Sweet Tube
    Kick off this years World Cup with this Sweet Tube, filled with Chocolate Footballs. Branded with a...

    From£1.03 Each

  12. Chocolate Medals 66mm with Ribbon AGO5370

    Chocolate Medals 66mm with Ribbon
    Medals made from Belgian chocolate wrapped in gold or silver foil, satin ribbon (1,2 – 2 cm wide,...

    Enquire Now

  13. Express Size 5 Football AGO5336

    Express Size 5 Football
    The Curve football is a double layer 31 panel football with extra large decoration panel. Size 5....

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  14. Football Ball Shaped Lip Balm AGO3556

    A 9ml vanilla flavoured football shaped lip balm. Whatever the weather, lips need caring for as the...


  15. Football Chocolate Coin AGO5236

    Football Chocolate Coin
    Kick off this years World Cup with these fun chocolate Football Coins. Branded on one side with a...

    From£0.94 Each

  16. Football Lollipop with Label AGO5249

    Football Lollipop with Label
    50mm football shaped lollipop on a wooden stick. Made from high quality 44% Belgian chocolate....

    Enquire Now

  17. Impact Size 5 Football AGO6260

    Impact Size 5 Football
    Double layer 32-panel football. Size 5. Compliant with EN71. PVC.

    Enquire Now

  18. Maxi Eco Pot - Milk Chocolate Footballs AGO5453

    Maxi Eco Pot - Milk Chocolate Footballs
    Eco-Friendly Compostable Pots are the perfect smart packaging! Certified Compostable means these...

    From£1.75 Each

  19. Metal Football Keyring AGO9351

    Metal Football Keyring
    Silver coloured metal keyring, fitted with metal swivel connector and split ring. Clear acrylic...

    From£1.65 Each

  20. Mini Chocolate Footballer AGO3698

    Mini Chocolate Footballer
    Solid belgian milk chocolate footballer shape in a clear cellophane bag with a full colour,...

    From£0.93 Each

  21. Premium Chocolate Football 120mm AGO5394

    Premium Chocolate Football 120mm
    2-colour football made from high-quality milk (44% cocoa) and white Belgian chocolate placed on a...

    Enquire Now

  22. Rugby Ball AGO4868

    Rugby Ball
    Custom printed rugby ball

    Enquire Now

  23. Size 3 Football AGO6258

    Size 3 Football
    Our size 3 football is available 3 quality levels - promotional, training, and match ready....

    From£4.73 Each

  24. Size 4 Promotional Football AGO7986

    Size 4 Promotional Football
    Size 4 Promotional Football. Our promotional grade ball makes the perfect promotional gift or...

    From£4.91 Each

  25. Standard Chocolate Football 120mm AGO5393

    Standard Chocolate Football 120mm
    Football shaped Belgian chocolate 44% cocoa, on a gold or slver tray, packed inside a full colour...

    Enquire Now

  26. Standard Football 120 mm AGO9259

    Standard Football 120 mm
    16 pieces placed on a gold or silver tray. Packed in clear foil envelope and in cardboard box with...

    Enquire Now

  27. Victory size 5 football AGO6259

    Victory size 5 football
    Double layer 32-panel football in retro design. Size 5. PVC.

    Enquire Now

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