Storm Proof Umbrellas

  1. Automatic Golf Umbrella AGO1850

    Automatic Golf Umbrella
    Professional quality golf umbrella with automatic push button opening. Flexible fibreglass...

    From£13.88 Each

  2. Budget Storm AGO1904

    Budget Storm
    All the quality of a storm proof umbrella but available at a budget price. The Budget Storm...

    From£8.55 Each

  3. Fare Jumbo Xl Square Automatic Golf AGO1874

    Fare Jumbo Xl Square Automatic Golf
    12 mm metal shaft with plastic tube in colour matchting cover fibreglas ribs windproof...

    From£11.70 Each

  4. Fibrestorm Umbrella AGO1858

    Fibrestorm Umbrella
    Best selling golf umbrella. Made in the UK. Stormproof fibreglass stem and ribs for increased...

    From£13.57 Each

  5. Fibrestorm Value Umbrella AGO5353

    Fibrestorm Value Umbrella
    Stormproof fibreglass stem and ribs for increased flexibility and stability in windy conditions,...

    From£7.19 Each

  6. Spectrum ProSport Deluxe AGO4159

    Spectrum ProSport Deluxe
    Stormproof fibreglass ribs for increased flexibility and stability in windy conditions, shorter...

    From£15.51 Each

  7. Spectrum Quadbrella AGO1890

    Spectrum Quadbrella
    First choice for merchandisers and companies that want to stand out form the crowd. A one piece...

    From£19.20 Each

  8. Spectrum Sport Golf Umbrella AGO1861

    Spectrum Sport Golf Umbrella
    The Ultimate golfing umbrella. 10 interchangeable colours to choose from in the handle tip cup stem...

    From£14.33 Each

  9. Spectrum Sport Medium AGO1862

    Spectrum Sport Medium
    The Ultimate in customisable sports umbrella in a smaller ladies size. 12 interchangeable colours...

    From£14.33 Each

  10. StormSport UK AGO1867

    StormSport UK
    The most cost effective Spectrum golf umbrella. Stormproof 75cm ribs. Black stem and black pistol...

    From£14.00 Each

  11. Supervent Golf Umbrella AGO1912

    Supervent Golf Umbrella
    Widely used on the professional circuit Supervent golf umbrellas have two canopies that incorporate...

    From£12.99 Each

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