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When it comes to promotional sweets, we know our stuff! We have an item for every budget, from low cost small personalised individually wrapped sweets, to high end branded tins filled with sweets in recognised brands such as Tooty Frooties and Skittles. We can brand our sweets in a number of ways including digital printing, branded tins, printed ribbon and sweets with direct branding. Branded jelly bean pouches, promotional flow wrapped sweets and printed retro sweet pots are all part of the range plus many, many more. We make sure our promotional sweets are the best quality and taste test everything before it goes on the website. 

If you don't see what you are looking for please give us a call as we specialise in promotional sweets and can recommend something to suit your budget and your branding requirements. 



  1. Flat Label Swirly Pop AGO2670

    Flat Label Swirly Pop
    85g promotional swirly lollipop with full colour flat label. Available in banana, berry fruits,...

    £0.87 Each

  2. Jolly Bean Small Pouch AGO2635

    Jolly Bean Small Pouch
    Our promotional small sweet pouch is filled with 25-27g of delicious jelly beans branded with your...

    £0.90 Each

  3. Large Confectionery Paint Tin AGO7759

    Large Confectionery Paint Tin
    A large Paint Tin branded with a full colour domed label to the lid and full colour cast-gloss wrap...

    Enquire Now

  4. Letterbox Energy Balls AGO8565

    Letterbox Energy Balls
    Personalised or branded box filled with Energy Balls which are vegan, dairy free, gluten free and...

    £12.00 Each

  5. Letterbox Sweets AGO8560

    Letterbox Sweets
    A firm favourite a personalised branded box filled with favourite sweets. Gift message inside the...

    £12.00 Each

  6. Marshmallow Letterbox AGO8561

    Marshmallow Letterbox
    6 Gourmet Marshmallow Squares in a branded and personalised box with a gift message inside the box.

    £12.00 Each

  7. Pick N Mix Candy Bag AGO098

    Pick N Mix Candy Bag
    A promotional striped candy bag filled with delicious old school pick and mix sweets. A flat full...

    £1.58 Each

  8. Retro Sweets Maxi Round Pot AGO4400

    Retro Sweets Maxi Round Pot
    Our promotional maxi round sweet pot is filled with 5 retro sweets and branded with your artwork in...

    £1.35 Each

  9. Retro Sweets Organza Bag 75g AGO1070

    Retro Sweets Organza Bag 75g
    Our promotional organza bag is filled with 75g of retro sweets and comes with a swing tag that is...

    £4.93 Each

  10. Vegan Fizzy Sweets Letterbox AGO8568

    Vegan Fizzy Sweets Letterbox
    Need to send a box of sweets to a friend or a colleague but they are vegan? We have created this...

    £12.00 Each

  11. Vegan Sweets Letterbox Neon AGO8567

    Vegan Sweets Letterbox Neon
    Need to send a box of sweets to a friend or a colleague but they are vegan? We have created this...

    £12.00 Each

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