1. 10W Wireless Car Charging Set AGO7842

    10W Wireless Car Charging Set
    The extra strong mobile holder has an integrated 10W wireless charger to allow extra fast wireless...

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  2. 1 Port Car Charger AGO2287

    1 Port Car Charger
    1 port adapter in-car charger for mobile phone or ipad (USB wire and adaptors NOT included) - for...

    From£1.17 Each

  3. 2 in 1 Keyring Charging Cable AGO5171

    2 in 1 Keyring Charging Cable
    The promotional 2-in-1 keyring charging cable is the practical way to carry a charging cable with...

    From£1.38 Each

  4. 2pc Glass & Screen Cleaning Kit AGO3566

    2pc Glass & Screen Cleaning Kit
    Suitable for plastic and glass lenses. Kit includes a microfibre cleaning cloth and 30ml glasses...


  5. 3-in-1 Flowing Light Cable AGO6151

    3-in-1 Flowing Light Cable
    Modern 3 in 1 cable with flowing light effect when charging. With type C and double-sided connector...

    From£4.94 Each

  6. 3-in-1 Reel Charger AGO6069

    3-in-1 Reel Charger
    3-in-1 USB cable to easily carry and store three chargers in one handy device. Type C, 5 pin...

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  7. 3pc Glass and Screen Cleaning Kit AGO3563

    3pc Glass and Screen Cleaning Kit
    Set includes an anti-static glass cleaner suitable for all types of glasses, sunglasses, mobile...


  8. 5pc All Purpose Gadget Kit AGO3564

    5pc All Purpose Gadget Kit
    An all you need gadget cleaning kit, includes Anti-static cleaner, micro fibre cloth, stylus and...


  9. 8000 mAh Wireless 5W Powerbank with Type C AGO5587

    8000 mAh Wireless 5W Powerbank with Type C
    This powerbank includes the latest technologies in charging: type C and wireless charging. The...

    From£24.73 Each

  10. 9ml Computer Screen Spray AGO3567

    9ml Computer Screen Spray
    Ideal for use in the office or at home. Suitable for use on PC's, TV's & Laptops. Branded with...


  11. Adjustable Tablet Case with Multi Position Stand AGO8150

    Adjustable Tablet Case with Multi Position Stand
    Tablet Case with adjustable tabs to fit a variety of makes and models, with a black elastic strap...

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  12. Allroundo USB AGO5715

    Allroundo USB
    The all-in-one charging cable enables connections to all common mobile devices with an available...

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  13. Auto Clamping Phone Holder 5W Wirless Charger AGO6194

    Auto Clamping Phone Holder 5W Wirless Charger
    5W wireless car charger with state of the art infrared sensor. The sensor will detect your phone...

    From£29.30 Each

  14. Backbone AGO5713

    Whether you're taking pictures, talking on the phone or texting – Backbone gives you a secure and...

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  15. Bamboo Wireless Charger AGO7781

    Bamboo Wireless Charger
    Wireless charger in bamboo. Connect device to your computer, place smartphone on it and allow it...

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  16. Bespoke Selfie Stick AGO2674

    Selfie stick with bespoke PVC logo moulded in up to 4 colours.

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  17. Braided 3 in 1 Charging Cable AGO8205

    Braided 3 in 1 Charging Cable
    This braided multi cable is perfect for charging smartphones or tablets on the go. Lightning, micro...

    From£2.87 Each

  18. Branded USB Gadget Travel Gift Set AGO4217

    Branded USB Gadget Travel Gift Set
    This branded USB gift set is all that you need whilst travelling. It includes a USB Power Bank, USB...

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  19. Buzz Brush AGO962

    Buzz Brush
    Keyboard Cleaner with Microfibre Screen Cleaner. The patent pending Buzz Brush reaches in between...

    From£1.52 Each

  20. Chaos Foldable Headphones AGO6252

    Chaos Foldable Headphones
    Lightweight foldable headphones with flat noodle cable design and music controller (compatible with...

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  21. Charging Cable AGO5142

    LIGHT UP MULTI CHARGING CABLE This multi charger features USB-C and Micro USB connectivity its body...

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  22. Charging Cable Loop AGO5132

    The Troup 4-in-1 Charging Cable with Type-C. USB data and charging cable with 4 connectors. A USB...

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  23. Chipolo Classic Bluetooth KeyGadget Finder AGO4194

    Chipolo Classic Bluetooth KeyGadget Finder
    Chipolo Classic is the world’s smallest and most advanced Bluetooth item tracker. It will help you...

    From£14.50 Each

  24. Computer Power Sweeper AGO598

    Computer Power Sweeper
    A practical promotional desk item.Computer screen wipe on one side with keyboard brush on the...

    From£1.10 Each

  25. Curvy Wireless Mouse AGO6160

    Curvy Wireless Mouse
    Wireless optical mouse in shiny ABS plastic. Requires 2 AAA batteries. Prices based on 1 colour...

    From£7.00 Each

  26. Custom Shaped Cardboard Wireless Charger AGO5445

    Custom Shaped Cardboard Wireless Charger
    This bespoke shaped cardboard desktop wireless charger is an easy way to charge your mobile phone...

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  27. Desktop Wireless Charger AGO5691

    Desktop Wireless Charger
    Charge your phone the easy way - wirelessly with our Desktop Wireless Charger! There’s no need for...

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  28. Draw 2-in-1 Charging Cable AGO6068

    Draw 2-in-1 Charging Cable
    Our Draw USB Charging Cable comes in a handy tape measure style case, ready to unroll quickly when...

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  29. Dual Cup Holder AGO4498

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  30. Duo Wireless Charger AGO7798

    Duo Wireless Charger
    The Duo Wireless Charger is a multi-functional promotional product that supports full colour...

    From£5.00 Each

  31. ELeather Tablet Sleeve AGO8042

    ELeather Tablet Sleeve
    Made from recycled leather waste, bonded with water pressure to form a soft embossable ELeather...

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  32. Flip Smartphone Holder and Stand AGO7884

    Flip Smartphone Holder and Stand
    Flip smartphone holder with folding stand. Desktop sticky pad mobile phone holder with folding...

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  33. Foldable Headphones AGO6026

    Cheaz foldable headphones. Ideal for all your music needs. These headphones are lightweight,...

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  34. Gdock Phone Stand AGO5190

    Gdock Phone Stand
    Digitally printed G Dock, comes flat packed for self assembly. Lead time approx 3 weeks....

    From£0.97 Each

  35. Hawk Wireless Charger AGO8694

    Hawk Wireless Charger
    Ultra modern wireless charger suitable for charging mobile phone devices equipped with wireless...

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  36. High Five USB AGO5714

    High Five USB
    High Five is a 5in1 charging cable for a key ring. Altogether, there are five different connections...

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  37. Hinge Phone Pop Stand AGO5833

    Hinge Phone Pop Stand
    This phone stand is a useful grip aid which stick sto the back of your mobile device, and is...

    From£0.53 Each

  38. Induction Wireless Charger AGO7728

    Induction Wireless Charger
    Wireless charger. Connect device to your computer, lay down smartphone on it and let it charge....

    From£4.22 Each

  39. Iphone 5/5s/5c Headcases AGO978

    Iphone 5/5s/5c Headcases
    Rugged iPhone 5/5s/5c bottle opener phone case. Featuring a stainless-steel opener the iPhone cases...

    From£11.97 Each

  40. Iphone 5 Cases AGO975

    Iphone 5 Cases
    Hard Shell iPhone 5 and 5s case made from durable plastic Superb promotional giveaway which is sure...

    From£1.19 Each

  41. Iphone 5 Credit Card Case AGO977

    Iphone 5 Credit Card Case
    New iPhone 5 case with a twist. Credit Card storage on the reverse makes this a desirable and handy...

    From£1.99 Each

  42. Jellyfish Charging & Data Transfer Cable AGO7812

    Jellyfish Charging & Data Transfer Cable
    Premier quality charging and data transfer cable, featuring Micro-USB, Type-C, and Lightning cable....

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  43. Keep Fit Activity Tracker AGO7999

    Keep Fit Activity Tracker
    Track your activity, calories burned and sleep pattern with this activity tracker. Get insight into...

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  44. Kickstand Wireless Charger AGO5446

    Kickstand Wireless Charger
    This lightweight accessory combines a wireless charger with a hand desktop stand suitable for any...

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  45. Kobe Phone Stand/Screen Cleaner AGO5305

    Kobe Phone Stand/Screen Cleaner
    The Kobe is a plastic smart phone holder and screen cleaner in 1, available in red blue and black....

    From£0.59 Each

  46. Laxo Folding Device Stand AGO6117

    Laxo Folding Device Stand
    Budget folding mobile phone and tablet stand with silicone slots to protect your device against...

    From£0.57 Each

  47. Leatherette Iphone 5 Case AGO979

    Leatherette Iphone 5 Case
    Deluxe soft feel iPhone 5 and 5s case with three credit card pockets within. Weight: tbc Print...

    From£4.96 Each

  48. LED Charging Cable AGO8708

    LED Charging Cable
    Black 6-in-1 cable with USB Typa A, 2 x Micro USB, USB Type C, Lightning and Mini USB attachments....

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  49. Light Up Logo 5W Wireless Charging Pen Holder AGO6111

    Light Up Logo 5W Wireless Charging Pen Holder
    Charge your mobile devices without connecting a cable with this unique two in one desk accessory....

    From£17.30 Each

  50. Logo Charger AGO492

    Logo Charger
    Charge your mobile phone or other devices in your car with this useful gadget. Simply plug the...

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