1. 30g Bag of Popcorn AGO2308

    30g Bag of Popcorn
    Promotional 30g Bag of Popcorn with Printed Label. Available in Sweet & Salty, Sweet, Salted,...

    From£0.91 Each

  2. 30g Promotional Popcorn Box AGO4223

    A full colour printed box with a 30g bag inside filled with salted popcorn. Price is based on...

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  3. Popcorn Box AGO066

    Popcorn Box
    Promotional popcorn box, branded with your company's artwork, supplied glued and flat packed....

    From£0.75 Each

  4. 10g Bag of Snacks AGO4784

    10g Bag of Snacks
    10g foil bag filled with either mini salted pretzels or vegan savoury nibbles, pretzel snack mix....

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  5. 10g Roasted or Salted Peanuts AGO2994

    10g Roasted or Salted Peanuts
    10g promotional peanuts in a choice of roasted or salted flavours in a bag that is then branded...

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  6. 15g Bag of Pretzels AGO2641

    15g Bag of Pretzels
    15g of Delicious Sour Cream & Chive flavoured pretzels in a clear bag with a full colour print...

    From£0.74 Each

  7. 30g Salted Peanuts AGO2869

    Salted peanuts in foil bags with overprint branded with your company logo or message. Price is...

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  8. 30g Salted Peanuts with Printed Label AGO3039

    Salted peanuts in clear bag branded with a full colour printed logo for you to add your logo and...

    From£1.14 Each

  9. 90g Pretzel Box AGO2868

    90g Pretzel Box
    90g of Original Cracovian salted pretzels packed in clear foil bags and full colour printed boxes....

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  10. Apple Cubes Mini Bag AGO4920

    Apple Cubes Mini Bag
    Promotional mini bag of cruncy dried apple cubes branded with your company logo. Lead time 4 weeks....

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  11. Caramel Snack Pot AGO5290

    Caramel Snack Pot
    Delicious snacks covered in crispy caramel. Choose from sesames, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower...

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  12. Cereal bar Multi Grain AGO1830

    Cereal bar Multi Grain
    Power for that promotional message, for sporting target groups and events. cereal bar in the...

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  13. Crispy Balls in Tube AGO5289

    Crispy Balls in Tube
    100g of crispy balls in a full colour branded tube with white lid. Available in paprika, salted or...

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  14. Energy Balls AGO4276

    Brand these delicious and healthy snacks with a label to seal your packet of 3 energy balls. These...

    From£2.22 Each

  15. Flow Wrapped All Natural Granola Bar - Apple & Ginger AGO4300

    Flow Wrapped All Natural Granola Bar - Apple & Ginger
    Flow wrapped, all natural granola bar in Apple & Ginger flavour, for more flavours see AGO5366...

    From£1.22 Each

  16. Flow Wrapped All Natural Granola Bars AGO5366

    Flow Wrapped All Natural Granola Bars
    This healthy snack bring together a variety of tasty ingredients. In a variety of flavours -...

    From£1.45 Each

  17. Healthy Snack Midi Eco Pots AGO5881

    Healthy Snack Midi Eco Pots
    A midi eco pot filled with a range of 'Good 4 U' fillings, including; Tandoori Crunch, Smoky BBQ...

    From£1.21 Each

  18. Large Decorated Star Cookie AGO5528

    Large Decorated Star Cookie
    Large star shaped, honey cookie covered with confectionery mass with promotional print.

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  19. Large Glass Savoury Nuts AGO8783

    Large Glass Savoury Nuts
    Large Glass Jar with a choice of your own fillings. Choose from Baked Chilli & Lime Cahsews...

    From£4.26 Each

  20. Large Glass Truffle Nuts AGO8784

    Large Glass Truffle Nuts
    Large Glass Jar with Mixed Baked Truffle Nuts with a distinctive black truffle and sea salt

    From£5.30 Each

  21. Micro Popcorn Boxes AGO3505

    Promotional micro popcorn boxes with unique packing system that enables you to roast and salt the...

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  22. Micropops AGO3679

    A promotional 100g bag of microwavable popcorn supplied in a flow bag digitally printed with your...

    From£1.38 Each

  23. Microwave Popcorn AGO5110

    Microwave Popcorn
    A bag of microwave popcorn, available in 3 delicious flavours, supplied in a full colour printed...

    From£1.68 Each

  24. Naturally Awesome Muesli Bars AGO5365

    Naturally Awesome Muesli Bars
    Nutritious muesli bars produced only from natural ingredients, Available flavours: muesli with goji...

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  25. Peanuts in Paprika Crisp AGO5362

    Peanuts in Paprika Crisp
    Peanuts covered with a crispy layer of Paprika-flavoured crisps packed in transparent bags inside...

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  26. Peanut Tetrahedron AGO2988

    Peanut Tetrahedron
    Savoury Peanuts in tetrahedron packaging which comes with a full colour digital print. These...

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  27. Popcorn AGO5361

    Delicious salted popcorn packed in transparent foil bags in cardboard pockets branded with you...

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  28. Popcorn Box Filled AGO5432

    Popcorn Box Filled
    Promotional popcorn box, branded with your company's artwork, supplied glued and flat packed....

    From£1.65 Each

  29. Popcorn Candy Bag AGO099

    Popcorn Candy Bag
    A traditional candy bag filled with yummy popcorn. Available in Salted and Sweet. Full colour flat...

    From£1.94 Each

  30. Popcorn resealable bag AGO4551

    Popcorn resealable bag
    White block bottom paper bags with a window Branded with a self adhesive label on the front of the...

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  31. Pretzel Balls Tetrahedron AGO2989

    Pretzel Tetrahedron
    Savoury snacks in branded tetrahedron packaging. These promotional pretzel bags provides three...

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  32. Pringles Pot AGO5933

    Pringles Pot
    Original flavour 40g Pringles pot with a full colour branded wrap to the pot. 79 x 89mm. Lead time...

    From£1.96 Each

  33. Printed Popcorn Boxes AGO4005

    Printed Popcorn Boxes
    Our promotional popcorn boxes are great for exhibitions, corporate events and trade shows. They are...

    From£0.46 Each

  34. Raisins AGO2645

    Promotional 10g of raisins perfect for busineses that want to appeal to the healthier side of...

    From£1.19 Each

  35. Salty Mini Pretzels AGO1117

    Salty Mini Pretzels
    Promotional 10g bag of salty mini pretzels, branded with your company's artwork. Prices shown are...

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  36. Shortbread Box AGO8375

    Shortbread Box
    This delicious shortbread box is a rich, crisp cookie that everyone will enjoy.

    From£5.50 Each

  37. Small Glass Mixed Nuts Jar AGO8782

    Small Glass Mixed Nuts Jar
    Small Glass Jar with a choice of your own fillings. Choose from Caramelised Mixed Nuts, Baked...

    From£3.06 Each

  38. Small Glass Nuts Jar AGO8781

    Small Glass Nuts Jar
    Small Glass Jar with a choice of your own fillings. Choose from Baked Sweet Chilli Peanuts &...

    From£2.69 Each

  39. Small Glass Snack Jar AGO8780

    Small Glass Jar with a choice of your own fillings. Choose from Caramelised sesame peanuts, Baked...

    From£1.94 Each

  40. Snack Pot Cheese Savouries AGO5345

    Snack Pot Cheese Savouries
    This plastic pot is filled with 50g of cheese savouries and branded to the lid with a full colour...

    From£1.04 Each

  41. Snack Pot Pretzels AGO5369

    Snack Pot Pretzels
    This little snack pot is filled with mini Pretzels. The perfect branded snack. Branded with your...

    From£1.12 Each

  42. Snack Pot Raisins & Cranberries AGO5368

    Snack Pot Raisins & Cranberries
    This smart little pot is filled with Raisins & Cranberries. The perfect branded snack. Prices...

    From£1.45 Each

  43. Snack Pot Trail Mix AGO5367

    Snack Pot Trail Mix
    This smart little pot is filled with Trail Mix. The perfect branded snack. Prices are based on 1...

    From£1.73 Each

  44. Snack Roll AGO8726

    Snack Roll
    Transparent or silver PET can with full colour paper label applied. Filled with a choice of 55g...

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  45. Snack Tin AGO8727

    Snack Tin
    Made from 98% recyclable tin sheet, the climate neutral tin is the perfect sustainable promotional...

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  46. Soup Set AGO4280

    Promotional Soup Snack Box containing; instant tomato soup sachet, savoury mini breadsticks all in...

    From£3.40 Each

  47. Spicy Wasabi Peanuts AGO1121

    Personalised Spicy Wasabi Peanuts
    Promotional bag of delicious hot wasabi peanuts, branded with your company's artwork. Prices shown...

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  48. Spreads in Branded Envelope AGO5291

    Spreads in Branded Envelope
    Choose from a variety of delicious spreads, all of which are supplied in a full colour, digitally...

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  49. Student Mix AGO5360

    Student Mix
    A healthy, unsalted combination of peanuts, walnuts, cashew nuts and raisins, other filling options...

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