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Tools & Torches

  1. 10m Tape Measure AGO9426

    10m Tape Measure
    10m/30ft professional quality trade tape measure with ergonomic rubber grip & super wide 25mm...

    From£5.30 Each

  2. 1M Plastic Keyring Tape Measure AGO10388

    1M Plastic Keyring Tape Measure
    1 metre keychain flexometer with metal blade and locking mechanism. Measuring system in...

    From£1.54 Each

  3. 300mm Metal Scale Ruler AGO5983

    300mm Metal Scale Ruler
    Aluminium scale ruler. Shape & scales of this item can be as bespoke as you like. Tough and...

    From£4.34 Each

  4. 3W Lightweight Torch AGO9197

    3W Lightweight Torch
    Bright and lightweight 3W torch which is perfect to bring on trips. The ABS torch with aluminium...

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  5. 5m Tape Measure AGO9283

    5m Tape Measure
    5m/16ft professional quality tape measure with an ergonomic rubber grip and shock proof case....

    From£3.35 Each

  6. 7 in 1 Multi Function Pen AGO10391

    7 in 1 Multi Function Pen
    7-in-1 ball pen with twist mechanism in a wide range of bright tones. With holder for mobile...

    From£1.28 Each

  7. Allen Multi-Key Pocket Tool AGO8298

    Allen Multi-Key Pocket Tool
    Compact Allen key set tool that combines essential tools in a convenient folding design. It...

    From£3.09 Each

  8. Aspen Torch AGO7944

    Aspen Torch
    COB LED aluminium torch with black wrist strap and push button activation. Batteries included....

    From£3.15 Each

  9. Barry Large Bottle Opener AGO7957

    Barry Large Bottle Opener
    Elegant and curved bottle opener in robust stainless steel. Can be engraved or printed with your...

    From£1.80 Each

  10. Beech Torch AGO8096

    Beech Torch
    The hand held dynamo torch is powered by squeezing the lever meaning there is no need to worry...

    From£2.33 Each

  11. Blue 5m Tape Measure AGO7956

    Blue 5m Tape Measure
    5m Tape measure with a scale in both inches and centimetres in a soft feel rubber casing with lock,...

    From£3.05 Each

  12. Bottle Opener Lighter AGO4473

    Bottle Opener Lighter
    Promotional lighter and bottle opener combo branded with your company logo. Available in black,...

    From£0.41 Each

  13. Bottle Opener Tool AGO9449

    Bottle Opener Tool
    Metal waiters knife with bottle opener, foil cutter and corkscrew with 2 lifting levels. We will...

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  14. Branded Carabiner AGO4156

    Branded Carabiner
    Reflect-or LED keychain light with carabiner. Reflecting carabiner with chrome clip and LED light...

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  15. Brimson Bottle Opener AGO5682

    Brimson Bottle Opener
    Brushed metal credit card shaped bottle opener in silver colour. Branded with your company's...

    From£1.50 Each

  16. BT5-B Bamboo and Plastic 5m Tape Measure AGO10389

    BT5-B Bamboo and Plastic 5m Tape Measure
    Nature line 5 metre flexometer, made in a combination of bamboo and ABS with rubber touch. Metal...

    From£5.80 Each

  17. Casper 8-function multi-tool with LED flashlight AGO7802

    Casper 8-function multi-tool with LED flashlight
    8 function multi tool includes single LED flashlight. Includes nylon pouch with belt loop and...

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  18. Champion Bottle Opener AGO10263

    Champion Bottle Opener
    Durable plastic bottle opener offering huge branding area for your logo. Fridge magnet on reverse...

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  19. Corkscrew and bottle opener in one. AGO4175

    Corkscrew and bottle opener in one.
    Black or white options corkscrew and bottle opener in 1. Pad print only maximum print 4 spot...

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  20. Credit Card Torch AGO928

    Credit Card Torch
    Promotional credit card sized torch. Weight: 18g Print type: Printed 1-4 colours to 1 side Credit...

    From£0.83 Each

  21. Duty adjustable multi-tool wrench with LED light AGO7804

    Duty adjustable multi-tool wrench with LED light
    Compact design multi-tool with adjustable wrench and LED light ideal for quick repairs. Also...

    Enquire Now

  22. Eco Torch AGO986

    Eco Torch
    Eco friendly torch which requires no batteries. Pumping the storable lever for 30 seconds will...

    Enquire Now

  23. Ellwood Cutting Board AGO9315

    Ellwood Cutting Board
    Large cutting board with groove, manufactured in EU from Alder wood. Made from 1 piece of wood,...

    From£5.05 Each

  24. Fix Multitool AGO10464

    Fix Multitool
    Aluminium multitool, handle with black details, 14 functions, packed in black 600D pouch. Available...

    Enquire Now

  25. Forza 4-Function Screwdriver Set AGO8157

    Forza 4-Function Screwdriver Set
    Forza 4-function screwdriver set. Slide-out compartment contains 2 sizes flathead and 2 sizes...

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  26. Handy Tool Set AGO4925

    Handy Tool Set
    Four screw driver attachments contained within this compact handy tool set. Ideal for businesses...

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  27. Kiev Measuring Tape AGO8055

    Kiev Measuring Tape
    3m/16mm tape measure with wrist strap and belt clip. Lead time 2 weeks

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  28. Kitchen Timer AGO5000

    Kitchen Timer
    Plastic kitchen timer and clock with digital display and magnets. Available in white, yellow, blue...

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  29. LED 3W Focus Torch With COB AGO6113

    LED 3W Focus Torch With COB
    Pocket size but high performance aluminum LED and COB light. Fits easy in your pocket to produce a...

    From£7.47 Each

  30. Led Keyring Light AGO856

    Led Keyring Light
    LED Keyring light complete with extra bright pre focused bulb. Black anodized split ring. Takes 4 x...

    From£0.93 Each

  31. Light Up Logo Torch AGO8809

    Light Up Logo Torch
    Plastic torch with LED bulb on keyring. 3 AG3 batteries included. The barrel includes an LED light...

    From£1.27 Each

  32. Measuring Spoon Set AGO6084

    Measuring Spoon Set
    This handy set of measuring spoons covers 1, 2.5, 5, and 15ml attached to a ring. A great addition...

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  33. Medium Tool Inbag AGO1748

    Medium Tool Inbag
    Medium sized tool Inbag with room for a knife a folding rule screwdrivers pliers etc. A foldaway...

    From£9.00 Each

  34. Meter Box/Radiator Tool Key AGO4075

    Meter Box/Radiator Tool Key
    This promotional radiator tool/meter box key is very useful for a variety of industries. Black with...

    From£0.67 Each

  35. Milo Waitress Knife AGO7877

    Milo Waitress Knife
    Waitress knife with bottle opener, corkscrew and foil cutter. Available in black or white. Lead...

    From£1.36 Each

  36. Mini Fix Multitool AGO10463

    Mini Fix Multitool
    13 functions, stainless steel multitool with aluminium anodised handle. Including black pouch....

    Enquire Now

  37. Multi-Functional Tool AGO9739

    Multi-Functional Tool
    Metal and plastic multi-functional tool with two sizes of flat head and Philips head screwdrivers...

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  38. Multi Tool AGO5824

    Multi Tool
    11 piece pocket knife with pair of scissors; knife; 1 large and 1 small saw; can opener; bottle...

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  39. Multitool and Torch Set AGO10465

    Multitool and Torch Set
    Set with 14 functions, stainless steel multitool with aluminium anodised handle and aluminium torch...

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  40. Multi Tool Card AGO5029

    Multi Tool Card
    Our promotional Multi Tool Card is an extremely useful credit card sized tool with 18 functions....

    From£0.90 Each

  41. Orion Softy - 13-LED Light Torch AGO10292

    Orion Softy - 13-LED Light Torch
    Let your business shine bright with this new portable flashlight ! This giveaway winner delivers...

    From£3.95 Each

  42. Pizza Cutter and Bottle Opener AGO8124

    Pizza Cutter and Bottle Opener
    The standard pizza cutter is now a thing of the past with this revolutionary pizza cutter bottle...

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  43. Pizza Cutter With Plastic Handle AGO9607

    Pizza Cutter With Plastic Handle
    This colour coded pizza cutter is hugely popular with restaurants and fast food diners. Its...

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  44. Pizza Slicer (Metal Blade) AGO9608

    Pizza Slicer (Metal Blade)
    This Pizza Cutter is the must have essential in any kitchen. Round wheel design blade is easy to...

    Enquire Now

  45. Precise Digital Kitchen Scale AGO10179

    Precise Digital Kitchen Scale
    Digital kitchen scale made from bamboo. Perfect for measuring ingredients and food by weight in the...

    From£10.85 Each

  46. Promolight Lighter AGO4474

    Promolight Lighter
    Promotional refillable electronic lighter branded with your company logo. Available in black, blue,...

    From£0.55 Each

  47. Sofia Bottle Opener AGO4535

    Sofia Bottle Opener
    Plastic torch keyring with a single LED light and a bottle opener, the batteries included....

    From£1.33 Each

  48. Solid Multitool AGO10462

    Solid Multitool
    Strong and durable multitool with 12 functions. With aluminium case and stainless steel tools....

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  49. Sparrow Bottle Opener AGO10178

    Sparrow Bottle Opener
    This eco-friendly bottle opener is made from recycled ABS plastic with a bamboo handle for a...

    From£2.50 Each

  50. Spidey Screwdriver Set with Torch AGO9632

    Spidey Screwdriver Set with Torch
    Spidey 8-in-1 screwdriver with torch. Perfect to keep this tool around the house, it has 1 LED...

    Enquire Now

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