Express Items

  1. 5 Neapolitan Chocolate Pillow Pack AGO1027

    5 Neapolitan Chocolate Pillow Pack
    Five Neapolitan chocolates in either milk or dark chocolate packed within a pillow pack and full...

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  2. Flow Wrapped Value Neapolitans AGO2313

    Flow Wrapped Value Neapolitans
    Top Value at a bargain price, these Best Value Promotional Chocolate Neapolitans offer something...

    From£0.10 Each

  3. Kennedy Aluminium Sports Bottle AGO3168

    Kennedy Aluminium Sports Bottle
    1 litre single walled, glossy aluminium sports bottle with a black PP plastic screw cap and black...

    From£5.55 Each

  4. 1 Port Car Charger AGO2287

    1 Port Car Charger
    1 port adapter in-car charger for mobile phone or ipad (USB wire and adaptors NOT included) - for...

    From£0.30 Each

  5. 330ml Bottled Water AGO1171

    330ml Bottled Water
    330ml bottled water branded with your logo or message, sourced from an area of outstanding natural...

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  6. 500ml Bottled Water AGO1170

    500ml Bottled Water
    500ml Natural Mineral Water. High quality, still mineral water bottled at a UK source. Can be...

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  7. A5 Intimo NotePad AGO3659

    A5 Intimo NotePad
    A5 Intimo NotePad is made from recycled materials, wiro bound and has a slot for a pen. Branded...

    From£1.80 Each

  8. Aeroplane Stress Toy AGO2281

    Aeroplane Stress Toy
    Airplane shaped stress toy available only in white. Branded with your company's artwork to the top....

    From£1.74 Each

  9. Ancoats Stainless Steel Travel Mug AGO3169

    Ancoats Stainless Steel Travel Mug
    450ml double walled, stainless steel tumbler with PP plastic interior, coloured base, top and lid....

    From£4.15 Each

  10. AS Plastic tumbler AGO3174

    AS Plastic tumbler
    450ml double walled, AS plastic tumbler with matching coloured straw. Not suitable for hot drinks....

    From£2.92 Each

  11. Boston Bottle Opener Keyring AGO3166

    Boston Bottle Opener Keyring
    Flat metal bottle opener with rounded edges. Branded with your company's artwork. Price is based on...

    From£1.77 Each

  12. Bottle Opener AGO2245

    Bottle Opener
    Durable metal bottle opener includes a silver spilt ring attachment. Branded with your company's...

    From£0.68 Each

  13. Brain Stress Toy AGO2280

    Brain Stress Toy
    Brain shaped stress toy. Branded with your company's artwork. Prices based on 1 colour print to 1...

    From£1.71 Each

  14. Cabot Ice Scraper AGO2227

    Cabot Ice Scraper
    Promotional ice scraper keyring, useful for those unexpected icy situations. Branded with your...

    From£0.72 Each

  15. Car Shaped Mint Container AGO1045

    Car Shaped Mint Container
    Car shaped mint container containing approximately 50 mints, branded with your artwork in full...

    From£0.44 Each

  16. Coloured/Frosted Credit Card Shape Mint Card AGO1088

    Coloured/Frosted Credit Card Shape Mint Card
    Promotional credit card shaped mint card digitally printed with your company logo. Available in:...

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  17. Cow Stress Toy AGO2279

    Cow Stress Toy
    A fun stress item in the shape of a cow. PU Plastic foam. Branded with your company's artwork to...

    From£2.26 Each

  18. Dalton Aluminium Sports Bottle AGO3167

    Dalton Aluminium Sports Bottle
    500ml single walled, matt frosted effect aluminium sports bottle with a black PP plastic screw cap...

    From£3.77 Each

  19. Domed Ski Pass Holder AGO2285

    Domed Ski Pass Holder
    Plastic recessed ski pass holder with belt clip. Available Colours: Black, Blue, Green, Purple,...

    From£0.97 Each

  20. Flow Wrapped Sweets Low Quantity AGO2309

    Flow Wrapped Sweets Low Quantity
    Flow Wrapped Sweets in 1 colour printed wrapper. Price is per 1,000. Choose from: Fruit Boiled...

    From£42.50 Each

  21. Foldable Frisbee AGO2296

    Foldable Frisbee
    Folding nylon flying disc in pouch. Available in a variety of colours. Branded with your company's...

    From£0.75 Each

  22. Globe Stress Toy AGO2277

    Globe Stress Toy
    Globe shaped stress ball. Branded with your company's artwork. Prices based on 1 colour print. Lead...

    From£1.41 Each

  23. Heart Shape Lollipop AGO2642

    Heart Shape Lollipop
    Not just for Valentines Day, our Heart Shape Lollipop are popular all year round. A deliciously...

    From£0.31 Each

  24. Heart Stress Toy AGO2276

    Heart Stress Toy
    Heart shaped stress toy. Branded with your company's artwork. Prices based on 1 colour print. Lead...

    From£1.41 Each

  25. House Shape Mint Card AGO1089

    House Shape Mint Card
    Novelty Mint Container in the shape of a house. Relay photographic quality images directly onto the...

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  26. Hudson Ice Scraper AGO2228

    Hudson Ice Scraper
    Plastic ice scraper with handle. Available in various colours. Branded with your company's artwork....

    From£1.02 Each

  27. Instant Shine Shoe Buffs AGO2265

    Instant Shine Shoe Buffs
    Instant Shoe Shine. Buffs your shoes up nicely. Branded with your company's artwork. Prices based...

    From£0.86 Each

  28. Key Shaped Keyring AGO3162

    Key Shaped Keyring
    Key shaped bottle opener keychain. Branded with your company's artwork. Prices based on single...

    From£0.57 Each

  29. Kingston 16GB DataTraveler USB AGO3729

    Kingston 16GB DataTraveler USB
    Small form executive USB Flash Drive with stylish metal case and large sturdy ring enabling easy...

    From£14.10 Each

  30. Lagan Ice Scraper AGO2229

    Lagan Ice Scraper
    Plastic ice scraper with rubber covered handle. Branded with your company's artwork. Prices based...

    From£1.74 Each

  31. Large Hand Clapper AGO2294

    Large Hand Clapper
    Large plastic hand clapper available in three colours: blue, red, white. Branded with your...

    From£1.50 Each

  32. Large Sanitizer AGO2257

    Large Sanitizer
    Hand sanitizer gel in convenient clip on tube. Contains 62% alcohol. Available Colours: Blue,...

    From£1.35 Each

  33. Mini Hinge Jelly Bean Tin AGO1043

    Mini Hinge Jelly Bean Tin
    Promotional hinged tin filled with approximately 30g of jelly beans. Tin lid is branded with your...

    From£1.23 Each

  34. Mini Hinge Mint Tin AGO1044

    Mini Hinge Mint Tin
    A promotional hinge mint tin, branded with your artwork to the lid and filled with approximately...

    From£0.92 Each

  35. Mini Sanitizer AGO2260

    Mini Sanitizer
    18ml Compact sanitizer housed inside PVC casing. Contains 62% alcohol. Available colours: Black,...

    From£1.29 Each

  36. Penny Eco Desk Set AGO3188

    Penny Eco Desk Set
    NATURAL eco coloured pencil and pad set. Includes - 12 coloured pencils, Plain white paper notepad,...

    From£4.55 Each

  37. Pen Sanitizer AGO2258

    Pen Sanitizer
    10ml Hand sanitizer gel pen with easy to use pump. Contains 62% alcohol. Branded with your company...

    From£0.89 Each

  38. Piggy Money Box AGO2267

    Piggy Money Box
    Plastic Piggy Bank in translucent colours: Amber, Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red,...

    From£2.90 Each

  39. Piglet Mini Money Bank AGO2273

    Piglet Mini Money Bank
    Mini plastic piglet bank with pointy ears and a curly tail. Empty using the twist base cap. Branded...

    From£1.26 Each

  40. Pillow Pack with Sweets AGO3487

    Our promotional pillow packs filled with sweets are perfect for customers who need a product from a...

    From£1.01 Each

  41. Plastic Flat Whistle AGO2295

    Plastic Flat Whistle
    Flat plastic whistle with neck cord. Available in Blue, Red, White. Branded with your company's...

    From£0.38 Each

  42. Poncho in a Plastic Ball AGO2261

    Poncho in a Plastic Ball
    Poncho in a plastic ball with a snap hook attachment. Available in Amber, Blue, Green, Pink, Red,...

    From£1.47 Each

  43. Pooch Doggy Bags AGO3182

    Pooch Doggy Bags
    PP Plastic waste bag dispenser with white hook. Includes 15 bags. Branded with your company's...

    From£1.13 Each

  44. Promotional Eye Mask AGO2224

    Promotional Eye Mask
    Promotional sleeping mask. This eye mask has a large branding area on the front and also has an...

    From£0.95 Each

  45. Promotional Sunglasses AGO2292

    Promotional Sunglasses
    These promotional sunglasses are perfect for the summer! Protect your eyes while you promote your...

    From£1.42 Each

  46. Pythagoras Calculator AGO2234

    Pythagoras Calculator
    Plastic pocket sized basic function calculator, available in a variety of colours: Amber, Blue,...

    From£1.30 Each

  47. Rectangular Mint Roll AGO1056

    Rectangular Mint Roll
    Promotional Rectangular mint roll containing 13 mints in a wrapper with a wraparound label that is...

    From£0.45 Each

  48. Rubber Nose Piggy Bank AGO2270

    Rubber Nose Piggy Bank
    Rubber nosed piggy bank with soft feel body. Available in various colours: Amber, Blue, Green,...

    From£1.96 Each

  49. Ski Pass Holder AGO2284

    Ski Pass Holder
    Round retractable flat Ski pass holder. Belt clip included. Branded with your company's artwork....

    From£0.72 Each

  50. Speechbubble Note Block AGO3186

    Speechbubble Note Block
    Hard back book with speech bubble design on front cover. Contains 100 white speech bubble shaped...

    From£1.18 Each