1. Chocolate Scary Halloween Bag AGO4105

    This spooktacular bag of Halloween goodies contains a mixture of chocolates including skull &...

    From£2.37 Each

  2. Flow Wrapped Chocolate Pumpkins AGO5523

    Flow Wrapped Chocolate Pumpkins
    For Halloween this year enjoy these delicious chocolate pumpkins. Branded on clear flow wrapped...

    From£3.45 Each

  3. Halloween 1 x 4 Set AGO2663

    Skull, ghost, pumpkin and bat chocolate shapes inside 2 piece clear blister. Choose from 33% or 44%...

    From£2.18 Each

  4. Halloween 2 x 2 Set AGO2664

    Halloween 2 x 2 Set. Skull, ghost, pumpkin and bat chocolate shapes placed on gold or silver tray....

    From£1.85 Each

  5. Halloween Candy Skulls AGO4944

    Halloween Candy Skulls
    Promotional clear box filled with 4 strawberry & cream flavour candy skulls with digitally...

    From£1.89 Each

  6. Halloween Chocolate Ball Net AGO2616

    Promotional Halloween Chocolate Ball Net
    50g of solid milk chocolate balls in a Halloween foil, with a full colour personalised tag for you...

    From£0.93 Each

  7. Halloween Jelly Bean Slim Tin AGO2653

    Halloween Jelly Bean Slim Tin
    Our Halloween slim tin is fully branded with you artwork on its flip lid with a dome label. A five...

    From£3.47 Each

  8. Halloween Jelly Bean Tag Bag AGO2654

    Halloween Jelly Bean Tag Bag
    Our Halloween tag bag is a fun product tied together with artwork colour matched ribbon and fully...

    From£2.44 Each

  9. Halloween Jelly Eyeballs AGO4945

    Halloween Jelly Eyeballs
    Promotional digitally printed card holding a spooky jelly eyeball sweet and branded with your...

    From£2.10 Each

  10. Jelly Skull Cellophane Bag AGO4946

    Jelly Skull Cellophane Bag
    Promotional digitally printed card backing card with delicious jelly skull packed into cellophane...

    From£0.94 Each

  11. Jelly Skull/Fangs Organza Bag AGO4947

    Jelly Skull/Fangs Organza Bag
    Promotional Halloween organza bag filled with a choice of 3 strawberry flavour jelly brains or 3...

    From£1.41 Each

  12. Maxi Rectangle Halloween Chocolate Beanies AGO4903

    Maxi Rectangle Halloween Chocolate Beanies
    Promotional maxi rectangle pot filled with orange and black beanies and branded to the lid with...

    From£1.64 Each

  13. Promotional Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Bag AGO4118

    Our fangtastic promotional Halloween candy bag is filled with a mix of Halloween treats (no...

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  14. Promotional Marshmallow and Jelly Eye AGO4091

    Promotional Marshmallow and Jelly Eye
    Promotional eye sweet by Trolli made of marshmallow and jelly gum. The eye is displayed in...

    From£0.60 Each

  15. Spooky Halloween Lollipops AGO2644

    Spooky Halloween Lollipops
    Halloween themed extra large lollipops in a wide range of designs, colours and fruit flavours made...

    From£0.72 Each

  16. Trick or Treat Mix AGO2617

    Trick or Treat Mix
    50g of assorted spooky sweets. Delivery is 5 working days from artwork approval . Box is branded...

    From£1.22 Each

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