Christmas Confectionery





  1. 200g Branded Biscuit Tube AGO2648

    200g Branded Biscuit Tube
    Our promotional 200g branded biscuit tube has a full colour printed wraparound for you to add your...

    From£2.75 Each

  2. 10 Bell Chocolate Box AGO2759

    Fully printed box filled with 10 chocolate bells. Net weight 50g Dimensions 164mm x 131mm x 18mm

    From£2.24 Each

  3. 14 Chocolate Christmas Tree Set AGO2753

    14 Chocolate Christmas Tree Set. Choose from milky, dessert or white chocolate christmas trees...

    From£9.48 Each

  4. 3 Decorated Chocolate Bauble Set AGO2751

    3 delicious decorated chocolate baubles with embossed card box. Box dimensions are 262mm x 82mm x...

    From£5.24 Each

  5. 9 Chocolate Christmas Tree Set AGO2752

    9 Chocolate Christmas Tree Set, choose from milky, dessert or white chocolate (or a mix)....

    From£6.09 Each

  6. Branded Box Of Chocolate Flakes AGO4192

    This box of delicious chocolate flakes is completed with a printable lid and a satine ribbon....

    From£7.05 Each

  7. Branded Candy Cane Cards AGO4166

    Fully printable backing card with a candy cane fitted behind the holding band, A perfect little...

    From£0.85 Each

  8. Branded Celebrations Jar AGO2779

    Filled with 1kg of Mars Celebrations - various other filling options available Full colour CMYK...

    From£13.00 Each

  9. Candy Cane with Small Branded Card AGO4176

    Candy Cane with Small Branded Card
    Promotional 28g candy canes available in red & white or blue & white. Branded with a full...

    From£1.44 Each

  10. Champagne Truffle Box AGO2659

    Lily O Brien box filled with 8 delicious Champagne Truffles. Branded with a dome tag on the ribbon.

    From£6.79 Each

  11. Chocolate Christmas Character AGO4189

    Choose between white or milk chocolate and also between Santa and a reindeer. The card, which seals...

    From£0.51 Each

  12. Chocolate Christmas Decoration AGO2732

    Our promotional christmas decorations contain a delicious 20G chocolate bauble which is wrapped in...

    From£0.94 Each

  13. Chocolate Christmass Tree and Pralines Set AGO4185

    A large chocolate christmas tree surrounded by mini pralines in a full colour printed box. Weight:...

    From£6.30 Each

  14. Chocolate Coin Money Tin AGO2977

    Promotional money tin filled with approx. 30 foiled chocolate coins. Branded with your company...

    From£3.79 Each

  15. Chocolate Covered Christmas Gingerbread AGO2756

    Gingerbread shapes hand-decorated with chocolate and fully printed label. Star dimensions are 120mm...

    From£2.91 Each

  16. Chocolate in Bauble Box AGO4975

    Chocolate in Bauble Box
    Single chocolate in various shapes and flavours, choose from Pistacchio square, Vanilla star or...

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  17. Chocolate Santa And Reindeer Set AGO4184

    Full colour printed box filled with 4 chocolate reindeers and one chocolate Santa. price may vary...

    From£3.52 Each

  18. Chocolate Snowman Decoration AGO4186

    Chocolate snowman in christmas tree shaped holder made from gold or silver card. Weight: 25g Print...

    From£2.20 Each

  19. Chocolate Star Cube AGO048

    Chocolate Star Cube
    A acetate cube filled with milk chocolate foiled stars and branded with a full colour print wrap....

    From£2.05 Each

  20. Chocolate Tree in Box AGO2761

    Christmas Tree made from Belgian chocolate with sugar decorations. Decoration variants includes...

    From£2.70 Each

  21. Christmas Candy Bag AGO2801

    Striped or spotted sweet bag containing a mix of christmas chocolates and sweets. Weight: 50g CMYK...

    From£0.90 Each

  22. Christmas Chocolates Balls in Organza Bag AGO4122

    Promotional organza bag filled with either gold & silver foil wrapped chocolate balls, or...

    From£1.24 Each

  23. Christmas Chocolates Flow Bag with Label AGO2697

    Christmas Chocolates Flow Bag with Label
    Promotional Christmas flow bags branded with your company design to a label applied to the bag and...

    From£1.09 Each

  24. Christmas Mini Tree Tin AGO2693

    Christmas Mini Tree Tin
    Promotional Christmas tree shaped tin with a full colour domed label on the top branded with your...

    From£1.89 Each

  25. Christmas Shortbread Treat Tin AGO2821

    Promotional treat tin filled with 9 delicious mini shortbread biscuits, and branded to the lid with...

    From£3.61 Each

  26. Christmas Themed Chocolate Bar AGO4191

    A lovely christmas scene printed onto a bar of Belgian chocolate and stored in a fully brandable...

    From£1.67 Each

  27. Digitally Printed Christmas Chocolate Flow Bag AGO2696

    8 Christmas Chocolates Digital Printed Bag
    Promotional digitally printed bags branded with your company design directly to the bag and filled...

    From£0.91 Each

  28. Gold Walnut Whirl AGO4910

    Gold Walnut Whirl
    A delicious walnut whirl containing vanilla marshmallow inside, decorated with an edible gold spray...

    From£2.39 Each

  29. Hot Chocolate on a Spoon AGO4909

    Hot Chocolate on a Spoon
    Promotional hot chocolate on a spoon with marshmallows, packed in a clear bag and tied with a bow....

    From£1.84 Each

  30. Hot Chocolate Tin AGO4188

    A marshmallow and hot chocolate pieces filled tin with a digitally printed label applied around the...

    From£4.85 Each

  31. Jelly Beans in Maxi Christmas Tube AGO4125

    Promotional Jelly Beans in a maxi tube, branded with your logo to the lid and wrap with a choice of...

    From£2.39 Each

  32. Jelly Beans in Midi Christmas Tube AGO4126

    Promotional Jelly Beans in a midi tube, branded with your logo to the lid and wrap with a choice of...

    From£1.94 Each

  33. Jelly Beans in Mini Christmas Tube AGO4124

    Promotional Jelly Beans in a mini tube, branded with your logo to the lid and wrap with a choice of...

    From£1.79 Each

  34. Lindor Pyramid Box AGO4890

    Lindor Pyramid Box
    Personalised tree shaped pyramid box filled with 9 Lindor chocolates in a variety of flavours....

    From£4.70 Each

  35. Lindt Chocolate Santa AGO4177

    10g Lindt chocolate santa with fully printable backing card. Weight: 12g Print Type: 4 culour...

    From£0.97 Each

  36. Lindt Mini Praline Set AGO4179

    A little box with a clear lid cover and filled with 9 delicious Lindt mini pralines. Weight: 55g...

    From£3.81 Each

  37. Maxi Round Gold Chocolate Coins Pot AGO143

    Maxi Round Gold Chocolate Coins Pot
    Maxi round pot with a full colour domed label comes filled with chocolate coins. Weight: 40g Print...

    From£2.19 Each

  38. Mini Chocolate Gift Box AGO4998

    Mini Chocolate Gift Box
    Our Mini Chocolate gift box is a black ribbon tied gift box containing a Mini Christmas Tree Tin...

    From£8.33 Each

  39. Mini Gold Chocolate Coin Bag AGO2691

    Mini Gold Coin Bag
    A choice of gold or silver chocolate coins in an organza bag, with a full colour printed tag....

    From£1.14 Each

  40. Moulded Santa 100g Chocolate Bar AGO2747

    100g Chocolate Bar with moulded Santa motif. Available in 33% Milk, 44% Milk, 55% Dessert and White...

    From£1.90 Each

  41. Premium Card with chocolate figure Santa Claus AGO1837

    Premium Card with chocolate figure Santa Claus
    As an invitation to a trade fair, mailing extra, welcome greeting, sweet thank you or just simply...

    From£0.46 Each

  42. Promotional Christmas 5 Praline Box AGO3635

    Promotional Christmas box filled with 5 delicious pralines, tied with decorative ribbon and branded...

    From£3.39 Each

  43. Promotional Christmas 9 Praline Box AGO3634

    Promotional Christmas box filled with 9 delicious pralines, tied with decorative ribbon and branded...

    From£5.69 Each

  44. Promotional Christmas Pudding AGO4200

    A delicious Christmas pudding with a full colour printed wrrap ready to be personalised by you....

    From£3.09 Each

  45. Promotional Mince Pie AGO4197

    One traditional mince pie, individually packed into a digitally printed box - perfcet for branding....

    From£2.46 Each

  46. Promotional Reindeer Chocolate Bar AGO4163

    A white chocolate reindeer surrounded by 44% cocoa Belgian milk chocolate covered with suger...

    From£4.49 Each

  47. Promotional Set of 16 Pralines AGO4190

    This promotional gift comes with a fully printable box and comes filled with 16 delicious Belgian...

    From£7.99 Each

  48. Promotional set of 3 Lindor Pralines AGO4187

    A full colour printed prism filled with 3 Lindor pralines and finished with a bow. Weight: 97g...

    From£4.15 Each

  49. Quality Street Christmas Treat Tin AGO2822

    Promotional Christmas treat tin filled with 150g of Quality Street and branded to the lid with your...

    From£3.77 Each

  50. Share Tin 18 x Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookies AGO2726

    Share tin 18 x Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Gold or silver snowflake embossed tin filled with 18 delicious Belgian chocolate cookies and...

    From£7.50 Each

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