Valentine's Day





  1. 4 Chocolate Hearts In Box AGO4249

    4 solid belgian milk chocolate custom colour foiled hearts in a full colour, digitally printed box....

    From£2.02 Each

  2. 5 Chocolate Heart Set AGO2915

    Full colour printed box filled with 5 delicious Belgian chocolate hearts. Choose from 33% or 44%...

    From£1.52 Each

  3. Box of Chocolate Hearts AGO4250

    Box of Chocolate Hearts
    A small box filled with 10 solid belgian milk chocolate foiled hearts in acetate cube CMYK printed...

    From£2.23 Each

  4. Chocolate Heart Organza Bag AGO5695

    Chocolate Heart Organza Bag
    Organza bag filled with 6 red foil wrapped chocolate hearts and branded with full colour 40 x 45mm...

    From£1.66 Each

  5. Flow Wrapped Heart Sweets AGO2918

    Cherry flavoured heart shaped sweets in a personalised flow wrapped wrapper available in...

    From£8.69 Each

  6. Flow Wrapped Pink Chocolate Truffles AGO5663

    Flow Wrapped Pink Chocolate Truffles
    4 heart shaped, pink chocolate truffles in a digitally printed flow bag. Branded with your artwork...

    From£3.54 Each

  7. Foiled Chocolate Hearts in Eco Bag AGO5662

    Foiled Chocolate Hearts in Eco Bag
    3 red foiled chocolate hearts packed into our eco-friendly, compostable packaging. Branded with a...

    From£1.85 Each

  8. Haribo Heart Jelly Bag AGO2737

    Promotional bag of Haribo mixed coloured mini heart jellies in a bag branded with your company's...

    From£0.11 Each

  9. Heart Jelly Sweet AGO2740

    Promotional flow wrapped 8g heart jelly with a print branded to the wrapper with your company's...

    From£0.14 Each

  10. Heart Lolly With Envelope AGO4251

    5g fruit flavoured lollipop, in a fully printed envelope. Perfect for mailing out to your clients....

    From£0.57 Each

  11. Heart Shaped Fruit Lolly AGO2866

    Heart Shaped Fruit Lolly
    Promotional Large Heart shaped fruit lollipops in a range of colours. Comes on a 115mm long wooden...

    From£0.74 Each

  12. Heart Shaped Logo Lollies AGO2917

    Promotional large round logo lollipops on a wooden stick in a heart shape perfect for Valentines....

    From£0.72 Each

  13. Heart Shaped Lollipop in Box AGO2903

    Heart Shaped Lollipop in Box
    Promotional heart shaped lollies in printed boxes. Lollies are individually wrapped in clear bags....

    From£0.22 Each

  14. Jolly Lollipops AGO2867

    Fruit flavoured promotional Jolly Pops available in either flower or heart shape, wrapped in...

    From£0.38 Each

  15. Lily O'Brien 2 Chocolate Box AGO2933

    Promotional chocolate box filled with a delicious lemon meringue and sticky toffee chocolate....

    From£1.87 Each

  16. Lily O'Brien 4 Choc Box AGO2768

    Lily O'Brien 4 Choc Box
    Four delicious Lily O'Brien chocolates in a box tied with gold ribbon. Branded with a high quality...

    From£4.42 Each

  17. Lily O'Brien 8 Choc Box AGO4941

    Lily O'Brien 8 Choc Box
    Cream coloured box filled with 8 delicious chocolates from the Lily O Brien range. Tied with a gold...

    From£6.75 Each

  18. Love Heart Maxi Rectangle Pot AGO121

    Our maxi rectangle pot can be personalised with your company's artwork in full colour, filled with...

    From£1.63 Each

  19. Love Heart Mini Rolls AGO4228

    Love Heart Mini Rolls
    A mini roll of love heart sweets with a printable wrap ready to be branded with your company's...

    From£0.31 Each

  20. Love Hearts Tag Bag AGO4235

    Love Hearts Tag Bag
    Promotional tag bag, tied with ribbon in a colour of your choice and branded with a full colour...

    From£1.88 Each

  21. Promotional Valentine Chocolate Heart Net AGO073

    Promotional Valentine Chocolate Heart Net
    50g promotional net of foiled Belgian milk chocolate hearts,10 hearts per net. 10 foil colours to...

    From£2.16 Each

  22. Promotional Valentines Heart Sweet Card AGO4182

    Full colour printed card with heart shaped window containing mint or fruit flavoured red sweets....

    From£0.25 Each

  23. Valentines Candy Bag AGO2877

    A colourful retro sweet bag filled with chocolate hearts and or love hearts sweets. Weight: 50g....

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  24. Valentines Cone Bag AGO5043

    Valentines Cone Bag
    Our Valentines cone bag is filled with a mix of strawberry Millions, red foil chocolate hearts,...

    From£3.75 Each

  25. Valentines Cube Haribo Hearts AGO5660

    Valentines Cube Haribo Hearts
    Acetate cube filled with approximately 100g of Haribo Heart Throbs. Branded with a full colour...

    From£1.90 Each

  26. Valentines Cube Red Lips AGO5661

    Valentines Cube Red Lips
    Acetate cube filled with approximately 100g of Haribo Heart Throbs. Branded with a full colour...

    From£2.45 Each

  27. Valentines Haribo Heart Tin AGO5044

    Valentines Haribo Heart Tin
    Valentines heart shaped white tin, filled with Haribo Heart Throbs. Branded with your company logo...

    From£0.91 Each

  28. Valentines Midi Gift Box AGO5664

    Valentines Midi Gift Box
    Our midi white Valentines Gift Box comes filled with a Chocolate Heart Lolly, Treat Tin filled with...

    From£17.00 Each

  29. Wooden Heart Decoration AGO7962

    Wooden Heart Decoration
    Wooden heart shaped decoration hanger with red ribbon. 10 x 10 x 4cm. Either printed or engraved...

    From£0.96 Each

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