Tools & Torches

  1. 3 minute sand timer AGO3038

    3 minute sand timer 5 colour options, colour matched sand . Plain stock or clear label vbranding to...

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  2. Birchin Screwdriver Set AGO3193

    4pc Screwdriver set with white & coloured case

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  3. Bond Stylus Torch AGO2256

    Bond Stylus Torch
    Silver stylus torch and pen in a metal presentation box

    From£2.16 Each

  4. Credit Card Torch AGO829

    Credit Card Torch
    Credit card sized torch with two bright LED lights. Flat profile makes it ideal for mailings or...

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  5. Credit Card Torch AGO928

    Credit Card Torch
    Credit Card Torch- AGO928 Promotional credit card sized torch. Weight: 18g Print type: Printed 1-4...

    From£0.83 Each

  6. Dearman Screwdriver Set AGO3194

    5pc screwdriver set with torch in trans & coloured case

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  7. Eco Torch AGO986

    Eco Torch
    Eco Torch- AGO986 Eco friendly torch which requires no batteries. Pumping the storable lever for 30...

    From£1.31 Each

  8. Led Keyring Light AGO856

    Led Keyring Light
    LED Keyring light complete with extra bright pre focused bulb. Black anodized split ring. Takes 4 x...

    From£0.93 Each

  9. Maglite AAA Torch AGO2980

    Maglite AAA Torch
    A Keychain-size torch. Individually packed with AAA battery and keyring. Available in LED or...

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  10. Malmo LED Torch Keyring AGO3160

    Figure 8 shaped plastic 1 LED keyring torch

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  11. Measuremate Tape Measure AGO858

    Measuremate Tape Measure
    Heavy durable tape measure in a choice of bright colours push button release. Length 2m. Measures...

    From£0.15 Each

  12. Medium Tool Inbag AGO1748

    Medium Tool Inbag
    Medium sized tool Inbag with room for a knife a folding rule screwdrivers pliers etc. A foldaway...

    From£9.00 Each

  13. MicroTool Multi Tool AGO2909

    MicroTool Multi Tool
    A compact stainless steel multi tool with an aluminium hand grip and a metallic look. Includes 9...

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  14. Mini pocket-knife AGO2941

    5 function pocket-knife Weight: 18g Black 4 spot colour print Delivered to one UK address

    From£1.56 Each

  15. Pocket Torch AGO857

    Pocket Torch
    Extra bright Pocket Light with pre focused high quality intensity bulb. High impact lightweight ABS...

    From£1.38 Each

  16. Professional Pen Torch AGO827

    Professional Pen Torch
    A slimline pen torch with a stylish and modern design.Battery included.

    From£0.73 Each

  17. Recycled Tyre Tread Gauge AGO3987

    Recycled Tyre Tread Gauge
    The Green & Good Tyre Tread Gauge. This is a promotional gift and not a calibrated technical...

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  18. Reflector Torch AGO828

    Reflector Torch
    Light up your promotions with this handy reflector keyring. Simply push the button to light the...

    From£0.57 Each

  19. Triangular 3 in 1 Tool Set AGO1096

    Triangular 3 in 1 Tool Set
    A compact 3 in 1 tool set containing a tape measure and four different screw driver attachments....

    From£0.87 Each

  20. Vivid LED Torch Keyring AGO3616

    Vivid LED Torch Keyring
    Personalised bright push-button LED torch keyring. Full colour print available with a large print...

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