1. FRANK Bluetooth Speaker AGO4322

    FRANK Bluetooth Speaker
    Promotional Bluetooth wireless speaker (3W) by designer Rodrigo Otazu. It is designed to rotate 180...

    From£28.00 Each

  2. Bamboo Speaker AGO6226

    Bamboo Speaker
    4.2 Bluetooth speaker in ABS with bamboo casing and LED light indication. 1 Rechargeable Lithium...

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  3. Bamboo X Double Speaker AGO5761

    Bamboo X Double Speaker
    Natural sound from a natural speaker. This sustainable speaker combines an amazing sound experience...

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  4. Bex Bluetooth Speaker AGO6048

    Bex Bluetooth Speaker
    Bluetooth speaker with 2-in-1 cable with mini USB, USB and 3.5mm headphone jack, micro SD card...

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  5. Bobby Bluetooth Speaker AGO2673

    Bobby Bluetooth Speaker
    Bobby Bluetooth Wirless Speaker, 4Ohm 5V, Built in Lithium battery (5V, 0.5A) With a fabric grill...

    From£10.77 Each

  6. Colour Speaker Set AGO4206

    Colour Speaker Set
    A promotional set of gadgets, a perfect partnership! Never run out of battery whilst you listen to...

    From£18.05 Each

  7. Cubix Portable Speakers AGO917

    Cubix Portable Speakers
    This small yet powerful speaker is a great idea to give to your cusatomers. Weight: TBC Print type:...

    From£10.49 Each

  8. Echo Bluetooth Speaker AGO2672

    Echo Bluetooth Speaker
    Echo Bluetooth Speaker, 4ohm 5V, Built in Lithium battery (5V, 0.5A) offering high quality sound...

    From£10.24 Each

  9. Element Mini Speaker AGO5579

    Element Mini Speaker
    Mini speaker with output of 3 watts, available in silver, gold and black. Bluetooth connectivity...

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  10. Greedo Bluetooth® Aluminium Speaker AGO6247

    Greedo Bluetooth® Aluminium Speaker
    Greedo Bluetooth® aluminium speaker. Enjoy music and movies anywhere by pairing your Bluetooth®...

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  11. Light Up Logo Fabric 3W Wireless Speaker AGO6112

    Light Up Logo Fabric 3W Wireless Speaker
    Wireless 3W fabric speaker that can be customized with your logo on the ABS surface. The logo will...

    From£21.50 Each

  12. Mini Speaker AGO5476

    Mini Speaker
    Mini soft touch speaker with cable. 1 Lithium 200mAh battery and mini USB cable included. Available...

    From£3.42 Each

  13. Nomia Bluetooth Speaker AGO5914

    Nomia Bluetooth Speaker
    Portable Bluetooth speaker with internal rechargable battery which provides up to 4 hours of non...

    From£5.93 Each

  14. PowerJam Mini Bluetooth Speaker AGO5835

    PowerJam Mini Bluetooth Speaker
    Material: ABS Plastic with Chrome trim Compatibility: Bluetooth Colours: Black & White Size:...

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  15. Rainbow Bluetooth Speaker AGO4829

    Rainbow Bluetooth Speaker
    The promotional Rainbow Bluetooth speaker is branded with your logo in full colour. Body colour is...

    From£9.27 Each

  16. Rugged Fabric Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker AGO7785

    Rugged Fabric Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
    Rugged fabric waterproof Bluetooth® speaker. Enjoy your favorite music regardless of your location!...

    From£42.05 Each

  17. Smart Trumpet AGO619

    Smart Trumpet
    The Smart Trumpet is a funky promotional product designed to get your message seen and heard. No...

    From£2.25 Each

  18. Supermini Speaker AGO5580

    Supermini Speaker
    Small enough to fit in a pocket and connects to all Mp3 and Mp4 players and smart phones. Charging...

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  19. Timbre Bluetooth Speaker AGO4828

    Timbre Bluetooth Speaker
    Timbre Bluetooth® speaker and camera shutter. Portable Bluetooth® speaker with a built in camera...

    From£10.35 Each

  20. Viancos Speaker AGO5776

    Viancos Speaker
    Compact Bluetooth docking speaker with illuminated inside. Bicolor design with smooth finish and...

    From£6.01 Each

  21. Whammo Bluetooth Speaker AGO5915

    Whammo Bluetooth Speaker
    A compact, lightweight and portable Bluetooth® speaker that runs on 3 "AAA" batteries....

    From£4.40 Each

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