Shopping & Tote Bags

  1. Andro Non Woven Shopper AGO4133

    The Andro non woven shopper bag is a recyclable 80g PP shopper with a gusset and long handles...

    From£0.99 Each

  2. Brighton Jute Bag For Life AGO2714

    Brighton Jute Shopper with coloured gusset and handles as seen on the set of upcoming film Bridget...

    From£2.30 Each

  3. Cotton Shopper AGO579

    Cotton Shopper
    Our bestselling promotional shopper. Made from 5oz 100% woven cotton and offers value for money...

    From£0.75 Each

  4. Sandling Jute Tote AGO2562

    Sandling Jute Tote
    budget jute shopper with long cotton webbing long handles and LDPE backing. Also available in...

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  5. Tucana Non Woven Shopper AGO4134

    Recyclable 80g non woven PP shopper with long handles. Available in an abundance of different...

    From£0.87 Each

  6. Allington 12 Oz Cotton Canvas Show Bag AGO2533

    Allington 12 Oz Cotton Canvas Show Bag
    Large canvas tote shopper bag ideal for shows and exhibitions. Made from all natural...

    From£3.26 Each

  7. Appleton Glossy Shopper AGO4138

    Glossy 80gsm non woven landscape shopper and gusset with base board. Available for printing with...

    From£1.59 Each

  8. Berwyn Shopper AGO4815

    Berwyn Shopper
    Natural laminated juco shopper with gusset and long flat cotton webbing handles. Available for...

    From£2.93 Each

  9. Bungalow Foldable Tote Bag AGO5815

    Bungalow Foldable Tote Bag
    Polyester foldable tote bag with double handles. Unique fold away function gathers into corner with...

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  10. Chow Jute Shopping Bag AGO4135

    Chow Jute Shopping Bag
    Natural jute landscape shopper bag with gusset and rope handles. Available in Natural, black, red,...

    From£3.12 Each

  11. Claygate' Juco Tote Bag AGO4120

    Claygate' Juco Tote Bag
    Juco (jute/cotton mix) tote bag c/w LDPE laminate lining for added structure and cotton webbing...

    From£3.10 Each

  12. Coloured Cotton Shopper AGO593

    Coloured Cotton Shopper
    For colourful promotions, it doesn't come much better than our Coloured Cotton Shopper. This...

    From£1.50 Each

  13. Contrast Shopper AGO634

    Contrast Shopper
    White PP shopper with brightly coloured handles and trim. A spacious size with a large branding...

    From£0.85 Each

  14. Cranbrook 10oz Cotton Canvas Tote AGO2544

    Cranbrook 10oz Cotton Canvas Tote
    Canvas Tote shopper with long handles and a large gusset.Made from Natural cotton Canvas with a...

    From£2.08 Each

  15. Dargate Jute Tote AGO2560

    Dargate Jute Tote
    14x15 natural Jute tote with LDPE backing and a large gusset. A handy side pocket and cotton...

    From£2.43 Each

  16. Eco Long Handle Shopper AGO578

    Eco Long Handle Shopper
    A great value for money shopper made from recycled PP material. Available in a choice of four...

    From£1.13 Each

  17. Eldon Shopper AGO4429

    Eldon Shopper
    This large promotional laminated jute shopper has short rope handles and a strong gusset. This bag...

    From£2.97 Each

  18. Elmsted Tote Bag AGO2526

    Elmsted Tote Bag
    Environmentally friendly REACH compliant tote bag made from partly recycled 80 Gsm non woven...

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  19. Fairbourne Natural Gift Bag AGO4879

    Fairbourne Natural Gift Bag
    7oz cotton shopper with cotton webbing handles. Available in natural. Available for printing with...

    From£1.02 Each

  20. Halton Jute Bag AGO4136

    Halton Jute Bag
    Medium sized natural jute bag with gusset, rope handles and jute trim. Colours: Natural, orange,...

    From£2.54 Each

  21. Highstead Jute Tote AGO2558

    Highstead Jute Tote
    14x15 natural Jute with LDPE backing cotton and webbing handles. Also available in Natural....

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  22. Laminated Non-Woven Shopper AGO5083

    Laminated Non-Woven Shopper
    Laminated non-woven shopper, made from recyclable material. Available in a variety of colours to...

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  23. Lynx Jute Shopper AGO4427

    Lynx Jute Shopper
    This promotional jute shopper has a gusset, cotton handles, laminated backing and cotton trim and...

    From£2.43 Each

  24. Pack Away Shopper AGO592

    Pack Away Shopper
    A fantastic product for any ecofriendly promotions.The Packaway shopper is made from recycled...

    From£2.21 Each

  25. Polyester Full Colour Tote Bag AGO5888

    Polyester Full Colour Tote Bag
    38 x 42cm 190T polyester tote bag with edge-to-edge double sided full colour print. Design can be...

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  26. Polyester Shopping Bag with Gusset AGO5084

    Polyester Shopping Bag with Gusset
    Polyester shopping bag with gusset. Supplied in a range of colours to suit your branding. Print...

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  27. Popper Shopper AGO423

    Popper Shopper
    An innovative promotional bag designed to get your message seen out and about. The clever design of...

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  28. Rainham Show Bag AGO2522

    Rainham Show Bag
    Environmentally friendly meeting bag is ideal for shows and exhibitions. Made from partly recycled...

    From£1.52 Each

  29. Scrunchy Foldable Bag AGO5813

    Scrunchy Foldable Bag
    Foldable 190T polyester bag with 50cm handles. Supplied unfolded. 370 x 400mm. Can be printed in...

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  30. Trudy Shopper AGO4428

    Trudy Shopper
    This brandable 80gsm non woven PP white bag has a coloured trim, handles and gusset with baseboard....

    From£1.26 Each

  31. Walton Mini Jute AGO4431

    Walton Mini Jute
    This promotional mini natural jute bag has a 125mm gusset, rope handle and jute trim. The trim can...

    From£1.95 Each

  32. Westmarsh Denim Tote AGO2534

    Westmarsh Denim Tote
    Denim tote shopper with natural coloured webbing long handles. Made from 11oz denim canvass.

    From£2.61 Each

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