1. Fidget Cube AGO4749

    Fidget Cube
    The latest craze in reducing stress and increasing concentration, this is the perfect gift for...

    From£2.70 Each

  2. Fidget Spinner AGO4612

    Fidget Spinner
    The latest craze in reducing stress, this is the perfect gift for someone that fidgets a lot or...

    From£1.87 Each

  3. Credit Card Magnifier AGO1004

    Credit Card Magnifier
    Promotional Credit card sized magnifier. Branded with your company's artwork. Prices based on 1...

    From£0.28 Each

  4. Large Character Logobug AGO2348

    Large Character Logobug
    Large character Logobug. Comes with full colour ribbon and self adhesive base. Whale, elephant,...

    From£0.39 Each

  5. Large Hand Clapper AGO2294

    Large Hand Clapper
    Large plastic hand clapper available in three colours. Branded with your company's artwork. Prices...

    From£0.55 Each

  6. Logobug AGO2347

    Original Advertising Logobug with your promotional message printed in Full Colour on Ribbon. large...

    From£0.19 Each

  7. Logobug Bookmark AGO2351

    Logobug Bookmark
    Bookmarks with Character. Complete range of standard character bodies. Choose from Owl, Dog, Cat,...

    From£0.30 Each

  8. Plastic Flat Whistle AGO2295

    Plastic Flat Whistle
    Flat plastic whistle with neck cord. Available in Blue,White,Red. Branded with your company's...

    From£0.66 Each

  9. Pop i AGO644

    Pop i
    A brilliant novelty product designed to bring fun to any promotional campaign.This fun and funky...

    From£1.01 Each

  10. Rubiks 2 x 2 Cube Large AGO805

    Rubiks 2 x 2 Cube Large
    Refreshingly and remarkably different. Measuring 57mm the tiles are larger than the standard Rubiks...

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  11. Rubiks 2 x 2 Cube Small AGO811

    Rubiks 2 x 2 Cube Small
    A handy size for the promotional market. The small 2 x 2 Rubiks Cube offers a unique way to promote...

    £7.45 Each

  12. Rubiks 4 x 4 Cube AGO806

    Rubiks 4 x 4 Cube
    The ultimate challenge, taking the original Rubiks Cube design to a whole new level. Give your...

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  13. Rubiks Highlighter Set AGO816

    Rubiks Highlighter Set
    The promotional Rubiks highlighter set includes three highlighters (green pink and yellow) and is...

    £7.75 Each

  14. Rubiks Keychain AGO804

    Rubiks Keychain
    Make sure your name is always close to hand with the Rubiks Keychain. This popular product is a...

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  15. Rubiks Led Flashlight AGO814

    Rubiks Led Flashlight
    The ultimate keychain companion. This and compact Rubiks can attach to your keyrings. Includes one...

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  16. Rubiks Led Flashlight AGO813

    Rubiks Led Flashlight
    A brighter way to promote your message. Product includes three bright LED bulbs. Requires 3 x AAA...

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  17. Rubiks Mini Snake AGO820

    Rubiks Mini Snake
    A miniature version of the Rubiks Snake offers a fun way to promote your message. The Mini Snake is...

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  18. Rubiks Pen Pot AGO795

    Rubiks Pen Pot
    The Rubiks Pen Pot is a funky addition to anyones desktop. Its sure to be a promotional gift that...

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  19. Rubiks Puzzle Pen AGO812

    Rubiks Puzzle Pen
    A useful promotional gift. The Rubiks Cube style lid has a unique lock and un lock function. Simply...

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  20. Rubiks Snake AGO817

    Rubiks Snake
    Promote your message with this fun and unique product.The Rubiks Snake is a twisting puzzle...

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  21. Rubiks Usb AGO807

    Rubiks Usb
    Simply twist and plug in. The perfect combination of fun and functionality. This products keeps...

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  22. Scratchcards AGO2731

    100x50mm LANDSCAPE Scratch card with URN created Finished Size: 100x50mm Material: Silk 250gsm FSC...

    From£20.59 Each

  23. Standard Animal Logobug AGO2349

    Standard Animal Logobug
    Standard animal Logobug. Comes with full colour ribbon and self adhesive base. Scottie dog, sheep,...

    From£0.33 Each

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