Metal Pens



  1. Aji Metal Ballpen AGO5519

    Aji Metal Ballpen
    Distinctive twist action metal ball pen, with matt black soft touch rubber finish and contrasting...

    From£2.56 Each

  2. Alpine Chrome Ball Pen AGO4905

    Alpine Chrome Ball Pen
    The promotional Alpine ballpen is a traditional cap action ballpen with chrome trim and jumbo...

    From£0.26 Each

  3. Ambassador Ballpoint Pen AGO3359

    Ambassador Ballpoint Pen
    A substantial capped roller pen with a hinged clip and great print area. Can be supplied on its own...

    From£4.99 Each

  4. Ambassador Roller Pen AGO3360

    Ambassador Roller Pen
    A well balanced, twist action ball pen with a hinged clip. Supplied on its own or as a set with the...

    From£5.32 Each

  5. Ballad Chrome BP AGO3377

    Ballad Chrome BP
    Style, elegance and a weighty feel in this prestigious capped roller pen. has a chrome undercoat...

    From£4.07 Each

  6. Ballad Chrome Roller AGO3378

    Ballad Chrome Roller
    Style, elegance and a weighty feel in this prestigious ball pen with a real gold plate finish. Can...

    From£4.70 Each

  7. Beck/Electra Pen AGO4476

    Beck/Electra Pen
    The Beck/Electra metal ball pen is an incredible value metal pen that can be printed or engraved...

    From£0.69 Each

  8. Beck Gold AGO5828

    Beck Gold
    A gold trim version of our best selling metal ball pen. Print area 50 x 10mm. Lead time 2 weeks...

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  9. Bella Ballpen AGO5197

    Bella Ballpen
    Beautiful aluminium push-button ballpen with appealing contemporary design. Choose from a wide...

    From£0.54 Each

  10. Bella Ballpen AGO6148

    Bella Ballpen
    Beautiful aluminium push-button ballpen with appealing contemporary design. Choose from a wide...

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  11. Blade Pen AGO5015

    Blade Pen
    Black twist action ball pen with a soft touch rubberised finish with chrome trim, branded with your...

    From£2.20 Each

  12. Bowie Ballpen AGO4866

    Bowie Ballpen
    Soft-touch Bowie ballpen with a contemporary gunmetal trim. This promotional pen can be laser...

    From£1.51 Each

  13. Bowie Black Ballpen AGO5416

    Bowie Black Ballpen
    Introducing the new special edition soft touch All Black Bowie pen with matt black trim, This...

    From£0.99 Each

  14. Brosnan Ballpen AGO5700

    Brosnan Ballpen
    Brosnan soft-touch ballpoint pen features a tactile soft touch rubberised barrel and removable cap...

    From£1.24 Each

  15. Clifton Ballpen AGO5196

    Clifton Ballpen
    Aluminium ballpen with distinctive push-button design. Available in a range of anodised colours to...

    From£0.67 Each

  16. Contrast Ballpen AGO5206

    Contrast Ballpen
    Striking metal ballpen with a black enamel barrel contrasting with the metallic coloured grip and...

    From£0.69 Each

  17. Crosby Gunmetal Trim Pen AGO6052

    Crosby Gunmetal Trim Pen
    Tactile soft-touch ballpoint pen with rubberised aluminium barrel and gunmetal chrome trim....

    From£0.69 Each

  18. Crosby Shiny Ballpoint Pen AGO5669

    Crosby Shiny Ballpoint Pen
    Metal ballpen with premium Eversmooth elite® German ink refill. Choice of blue or black writing...

    From£0.70 Each

  19. Crosby Soft-Touch Ballpoint Pen AGO5670

    Crosby Soft-Touch Ballpoint Pen
    Tactile, soft-touch ballpoint pen with rubberised aluminium barrel and shiny chrome trim. Supplied...

    From£0.76 Each

  20. Cross Bailey Medalist Ballpoint Pen AGO5322

    Cross Bailey Medalist Ballpoint Pen

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  21. Delgado Metallic Rollerball AGO5377

    Delgado Metallic Rollerball
    Metal Senator rollerball pen. Both barrel and clip can be printed or laser engraved. Available in...

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  22. Delta Grip Ballpen AGO5318

    Delta Grip Ballpen
    Popular All Metal Push Action Ball Pen. Matt Silver or Gloss Colour Barrel with Bright Silver...

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  23. Dylan Gel Pen AGO4956

    Dylan Gel Pen
    The Dylan is a smooth-writing gel pen with a traditional, upscale design. It features a soft...

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  24. Electra Classic Soft Touch Ballpen AGO6101

    Electra Classic Soft Touch Ballpen
    With an aluminium body and soft touch rubberised outer, this push-button ballpen is available in a...

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  25. Electra Grip Ballpen AGO5332

    Electra Grip Ballpen
    Versatile aluminium push-button ballpen ideal for any promotional use. The white barrel is the...

    From£0.55 Each

  26. Electra Noir Ballpen AGO4845

    Electra Noir Ballpen
    A bold twist on the promotional Electra ballpen, the promotional Electra Noir ballpen has a high...

    From£0.56 Each

  27. Ergo Soft Ballpen AGO6037

    Ergo Soft Ballpen
    Aluminium ballpen. Push button action ballpen. Soft touch rubberised barrel. Available in a wide...

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  28. Esprit Ball Pen AGO5956

    Esprit Ball Pen
    The return of an old favourite - brought back by popular demand this pen is a classic design with a...

    From£1.06 Each

  29. Folk Soft Ball Pen AGO5521

    Folk Soft Ball Pen
    Tactile twist action metal ball pen with matt black soft touch rubber finish and contrasting silver...

    From£2.39 Each

  30. Jagger Soft Touch Ballpoint Pen AGO5814

    Jagger Soft Touch Ballpoint Pen
    The Jagger metal ballpoint pen has a luxury tactile feel and contemporary black trim. Laser...

    From£1.45 Each

  31. Jasmine Ballpen AGO5689

    Jasmine Ballpen
    A soft feel ball pen with a substantial feel. Under-chromed for a fantastic finish when engraved....

    From£1.00 Each

  32. Konos Stylus Ballpen AGO6215

    Konos Stylus Ballpen
    An executive metal ball pen with a stylish mesh fabric stylus. The smooth twist action mechanism...

    From£1.67 Each

  33. Legant BP (add £0.15 for an engraved finish on softfeel) AGO3357

    Legant BP (add £0.15 for an engraved finish on softfeel)
    This elegant capped roller pen has that quality feel! The gloss pens can be printed whilst the...

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  34. Lennon Ballpoint Pen AGO5671

    Lennon Ballpoint Pen
    The Lennon Ballpen is elegant and distinguished. A high end soft touch twist action pen and...

    From£1.38 Each

  35. Lysander Rose Gold Ballpen AGO5284

    Lysander Rose Gold Ballpen
    A contemporary twist action, high gloss ballpen made to a high quality. Available in black and...

    From£3.32 Each

  36. Midas-i Glow Ballpen AGO6104

    Midas-i Glow Ballpen
    Bring a touch of illuminated magic to any promotion with this metal ballpen’s stunning light-up...

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  37. Mole Mate Pen AGO5806

    Mole Mate Pen
    A tactile satin-matt finish pen in a range of colours, either digitally printed or laser engraved...

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  38. Olivier Ballpen AGO4867

    Olivier Ballpen
    Click-action ballpen with a matte finish and contemporary styling. The Olivier ballpen also...

    From£0.79 Each

  39. Parker Im Ballpen (non-standard Colours) AGO732

    Parker Im Ballpen (non-standard Colours)
    The IM Ballpen offers a modern design and the high quality the Parker brand is known for. Ballpen...

    From£11.16 Each

  40. Parker Jotter Ballpen AGO699

    Parker Jotter Ballpen
    The Parker Jotter Ballpen is a promotional favourite thanks to its classic styling and large...

    From£4.34 Each

  41. Parker Jotter Steel Ballpen AGO735

    Parker Jotter Steel Ballpen
    Jotter fully stainless steel ballpoint pen. Jotter stands as an authentic design icon of the last...

    From£7.10 Each

  42. Parker Urban Ballpen AGO733

    Parker Urban Ballpen
    Urban ballpoint pen. Cool, new generation pen that redefines modern writing and reinvents the...

    From£20.15 Each

  43. Pierre Cardin Beaumont Rollerball Pen AGO4971

    Pierre Cardin Beaumont Rollerball Pen
    The timeless classic style of the Promotional Beaumont Roller makes it ideal for those who value...

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  44. Prince Ballpen AGO5992

    Prince Ballpen
    The tactile, soft-touch rubber barrel and handy stylus functionality make this a much desired...

    From£0.98 Each

  45. Senator Star Tec AGO5245

    Senator Star Tec
    Push ball pen in brushed metal with black soft grip. Blue ink as standard.

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  46. Sinatra Ballpen AGO4870

    Sinatra Ballpen
    With its beautiful matte finish, the Sinatra ballpoint pen is a strikingly elegant choice....

    From£0.44 Each

  47. Solo Ballpen AGO5317

    Solo Ballpen
    Luxurious Twist Action Ball Pen. High Gloss Colour or Matt Silver Barrel with Bright Silver Chrome...

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  48. Stellite Rollerball Pen AGO5278

    Stellite Rollerball Pen
    Elegant rollerball pen comes with satin colour finish, available in black, blue, silver and chrome....

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  49. Stratos Softfeel AGO4992

    Stratos Softfeel
    An elegant soft-feel substantial pen which is marked by engraving to produce a wonderful mirror...

    From£4.67 Each

  50. Sunbeam Ballpen AGO5424

    Sunbeam Ballpen
    An all-black pen with the choice of 3 contrasting mirror finishes when engraved – chrome, blue or...

    From£0.92 Each