Highlighters and Marker Pens

What better way to highlight your brand than with a promotional highlighter? We have a variety of shapes for you to add your company logo to, from flowers to fish, and can print from a minimum order quantity of just 25.

Branded highlighters are useful for students and anyone working in an office and will sit on your client's desk for a while too!

If you can't see your perfect corporate highlighter please speak to the sales team on 01782 571950 who will be happy to help you source your ieal item. 

  1. BIC Mark-It Permanent Marker AGO5331

    BIC Mark-It Permanent Marker
    Fade-resistant, bright and quick drying ink. Textured rubberised grip. Available in black or blue...

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  2. Chimay Highlighter Pot AGO4839

    Chimay Highlighter Pot
    The promotional Chimay highlighter pot contains 5 mini highlighters in blue, pink, yellow, green...

    From£2.06 Each

  3. Crayon Set of highlighters AGO3478

    A set of 3 wax highlighters that come in Green, pink and yellow wax with a great print area in this...

    From£1.19 Each

  4. Curvy Highlighter AGO740

    Curvy Highlighter
    The promotional Curvy Highlighter pen is a great dual purpose product combining a ballpoint pen...

    From£0.42 Each

  5. Datafrost Highlighter AGO3474

    A traditional shaped highlighter with a modern transparent trim, highlighter ink matches the colour...

    From£0.47 Each

  6. Duo Marker Highlighter AGO5242

    Highlighter with two different fluorescent colours, chisel tip with 2 write widths

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  7. Flower Highlighter AGO803

    Flower Highlighter
    A popular desk item.Five brightly coloured highlighters in the shape of a flower.Practical eye...

    From£0.61 Each

  8. Flower Highlighter AGO3476

    The 5 colours in 1 highlighter offers great promotional value for businesses it may suit and a...

    From£0.72 Each

  9. Hand Hi-5 Highlighter AGO865

    Hand Hi-5 Highlighter
    Promotional hand shape highlighter pen with five vibrant highlight colours in blue, green, yellow,...

    From£0.66 Each

  10. Highlighter fish AGO3007

    A fish highlighter. Printing on the fish. Can pantone match on quantities of 10,000+ One colour...

    From£0.51 Each

  11. Mini Triangle Highlighter AGO3472

    3 highlight colours (Yellow, Orange, Pink) in a mini version of an ever popular model. Prices are...

    From£0.47 Each

  12. Mondo Highlighter Pen AGO5934

    Mondo Highlighter Pen
    Mondo highlighter. Single-colour highlighter with removable cap and clip.

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  13. Mop Topper Highlighter Pen AGO4295

    Mop Topper Highlighter Pen
    This fun Mop Topper pen will put a smile on your clients faces, and is branded with your company...

    From£0.78 Each

  14. Mr Highlighter AGO6249

    Mr Highlighter
    Multifunctional highlighter with keyboard brush, screen cleaner and four coloured highlighter in...

    From£1.40 Each

  15. Pen Highlighter AGO5718

    Pen Highlighter
    This pen highlighter is a bright highlighter that is very compact making it a handy promotional...

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  16. Quattro Highlighter AGO681

    Quattro Highlighter
    The promotional Quattro highlighter includes four coloured highlighters in yellow, orange, green...

    From£0.77 Each

  17. Splash Highlighter AGO3479

    A fun shaped highlighter with 5 colour highlights (Orange, Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue) Prices are...

    From£0.84 Each

  18. Star Highlighter AGO3480

    A great print area on this ever popular 5 pointed highlighter, each point with a different colour...

    From£1.01 Each

  19. Starlight Highlighter AGO837

    Starlight Highlighter
    The promotional Starlight highlighter includes five coloured highlighters in yellow, green, orange...

    From£0.70 Each

  20. The Set AGO753

    The Set
    The promotional ‘Set’ includes three pens, a pencil and a highlighter and is branded with your...

    From£1.40 Each

  21. Triangle Highlighter AGO3473

    3 highlight colours (Green, Yellow, Pink) in this ever popular model with a modern transparent...

    From£0.51 Each

  22. Trio Gel Highlighter AGO687

    Trio Gel Highlighter
    The promotional Trio Gel Highlighter set is branded with your company logo and includes three...

    From£1.11 Each

  23. Triple Highlighter AGO797

    Triple Highlighter
    The promotional triangle highlighter includes three coloured highlighters in yellow, green and pink...

    From£0.63 Each

  24. Twist 2 IN 1 Highlighter AGO3475

    5 highlight colours and a great print area in this substantial fun highlighter

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  25. Twist Highlighter AGO3241

    Twist Highlighter
    A silver twist action pen and highlighter in one with a pull off ventilated cap. Branded with your...

    From£0.61 Each