When it comes to promotional chocolate, we know our stuff! We have an item for every budget, from low cost small personalised chocolate neapolitans, to high end branded tins filled with delicious chocolate truffles. We can brand our chocolate in a number of ways including digital printing, embossing and printed ribbon. Branded chocolate bars, promotional chocolate truffle boxes and printed chocolate coin nets are all part of the range plus many, many more. We make sure our promotional chocolate is the best quality and taste test everything before it goes on the website. 

If you don't see what you are looking for please give us a call as we specialise in promotional chocolate and can recommend something to suit your budget and your branding requirements. 



  1. Beanies Small Pouch AGO2806

    Beanies Small Pouch
    Our clear promotional small pouch, branded with your company's artwork in full colour on a domed...

    From£0.82 Each

  2. Beanie Sweet Tube AGO2824

    Our sweet tube, with a fully branded flat wrap label. Branded with your company logo. Prices based...

    From£1.14 Each

  3. Neapolitan Chocolates AGO1058

    Neapolitan Chocolates
    Milk or Dark Chocolate squares, wrapped in either silver or gold foil and a full colour printed...

    From£0.17 Each

  4. 2D Chocolate Football AGO3696

    Promotional solid milk chocolate football, comes with fully personalisable header card. Available...

    From£0.92 Each

  5. Chocolate Coin Bag AGO2960

    Small organza bag filled with 10 foiled chocolate coins and fully branded with a double sided tag....

    From£1.14 Each

  6. Chocolate Medals 66mm with Ribbon AGO5370

    Medals made from Belgian chocolate wrapped in gold or silver foil, satin ribbon (1,2 – 2 cm wide,...

    From£0.91 Each

  7. Football Lollipops 60mm in Cardboard Box AGO5392

    Football-shaped 60mm lollipops on a wooden stick, made from high quality Belgian chocolate. Prices...

    From£0.76 Each

  8. Lindor Set AGO5387

    Lindor Set
    Lindt chocolate box with 12 excellent-quality pralines made of Lindt chocolate with smooth...

    From£9.23 Each

  9. Lindt Set - 20 Mini Pralines AGO5391

    20 high-quality pralines made from excellent Lindt chocolate with delicious fillings in 9 flavours....

    From£9.66 Each

  10. Lindt Set - 36 Mini Pralines AGO5388

    36 high quality pralines made from excellent Lindt chocolate with delicious fillings in 9 flavours....

    From£16.70 Each

  11. Lindt Set - Creation Dessert AGO5390

    18 high-quality pralines made from excellent Lindt chocolate with delicious fillings in 7 flavours....

    From£15.47 Each

  12. Lindt Set - Creation Dessert Premium AGO5389

    40 high-quality pralines from the Lindt creations range made from excellent Lindt chocolate with...

    From£27.10 Each

  13. Premium Chocolate Football 120mm AGO5394

    2-colour football made from high-quality milk (44% cocoa) and white Belgian chocolate placed on a...

    From£2.89 Each

  14. Standard Chocolate Football 120mm AGO5393

    Two-colour football made from high quality Belgian chocolates: milk 44% and white.16 pieces placed...

    From£1.98 Each

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