Carrier Bags

  1. Brookvale Carrier Bag AGO4132

    Recyclable 80gsm non woven PP catalogue Bag with built in handles and machine heat sealed finish...

    From£0.72 Each

  2. Chatham Gift Bag AGO2554

    Chatham Gift Bag
    Environmentally friendly small gift bag. Made from partly recycled 70 gsm Non Woven Polypropylene

    From£0.83 Each

  3. Pp Carrier Bag AGO618

    Pp Carrier Bag
    A budget friendly carrier bag made from non woven recyclable PP material. Available in a wide range...

    From£0.71 Each

  4. Promotional Laminated Bags AGO2570

    Promotional Laminated Bags
    Made from recycled paper Laminated Paper Bags designed as per your specifications

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  5. Varigauge Polythene Handle Bag AGO2331

    Varigauge Polythene Handle Bag
    Varigauge Handle Promotional Polythene Carrier Bags are a favourite with businesses attending trade...

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