1. 1 Port Car Charger AGO2287

    1 Port Car Charger
    1 port adapter in-car charger for mobile phone or ipad (USB wire and adaptors NOT included) - for...

    From£1.15 Each

  2. 2 in 1 Keyring Charging Cable AGO5171

    2 in 1 Keyring Charging Cable
    The promotional 2-in-1 keyring charging cable is the practical way to carry a charging cable with...

    From£1.37 Each

  3. 2pc Glass & Screen Cleaning Kit AGO3566

    2pc Glass & Screen Cleaning Kit
    Suitable for plastic and glass lenses. Kit includes a microfibre cleaning cloth and 30ml glasses...


  4. 3pc Glass and Screen Cleaning Kit AGO3563

    3pc Glass and Screen Cleaning Kit
    Set includes an anti-static glass cleaner suitable for all types of glasses, sunglasses, mobile...


  5. 5pc All Purpose Gadget Kit AGO3564

    5pc All Purpose Gadget Kit
    An all you need gadget cleaning kit, includes Anti-static cleaner, micro fibre cloth, stylus and...


  6. 9ml Computer Screen Spray AGO3567

    9ml Computer Screen Spray
    Ideal for use in the office or at home. Suitable for use on PC's, TV's & Laptops. Branded with...


  7. Bespoke Selfie Stick AGO2674

    Selfie stick with bespoke PVC logo moulded in up to 4 colours.

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  8. Branded USB Gadget Travel Gift Set AGO4217

    Branded USB Gadget Travel Gift Set
    This branded USB gift set is all that you need whilst travelling. It includes a USB Power Bank, USB...

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  9. Buzz Brush AGO962

    Buzz Brush
    Keyboard Cleaner with Microfibre Screen Cleaner. The patent pending Buzz Brush reaches in between...

    From£1.52 Each

  10. Chipolo Plus AGO4194

    A Chipolo is a tracking gadget which allows you to locate anything that you attach it to. If you...

    From£17.60 Each

  11. Computer Power Sweeper AGO598

    Computer Power Sweeper
    A practical promotional desk item.Computer screen wipe on one side with keyboard brush on the...

    From£1.10 Each

  12. Custom Shaped Cardboard Wireless Charger AGO5445

    Custom Shaped Cardboard Wireless Charger
    This bespoke shaped cardboard desktop wireless charger is an easy way to charge your mobile phone...

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  13. Deluxe Car Set AGO4207

    A promotional set of gadgets, a gift set with a usb port for your car and also a phone mount. Price...

    From£12.80 Each

  14. Iphone 5/5s/5c Headcases AGO978

    Iphone 5/5s/5c Headcases
    Rugged iPhone 5/5s/5c bottle opener phone case. Featuring a stainless-steel opener the iPhone cases...

    From£11.97 Each

  15. Iphone 5 Cases AGO975

    Iphone 5 Cases
    Hard Shell iPhone 5 and 5s case made from durable plastic Superb promotional giveaway which is sure...

    From£1.19 Each

  16. Iphone 5 Credit Card Case AGO977

    Iphone 5 Credit Card Case
    New iPhone 5 case with a twist. Credit Card storage on the reverse makes this a desirable and handy...

    From£1.99 Each

  17. Kickstand Wireless Charger AGO5446

    Kickstand Wireless Charger
    This lightweight accessory combines a wireless charger with a hand desktop stand suitable for any...

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  18. Kobe Phone Stand/Screen Cleaner AGO5305

    Kobe Phone Stand/Screen Cleaner
    The Kobe is a plastic smart phone holder and screen cleaner in 1, available in red blue and black....

    From£0.59 Each

  19. Leatherette Iphone 5 Case AGO979

    Leatherette Iphone 5 Case
    Deluxe soft feel iPhone 5 and 5s case with three credit card pockets within. Weight: tbc Print...

    From£4.96 Each

  20. Logo Charger AGO492

    Logo Charger
    Charge your mobile phone or other devices in your car with this useful gadget. Simply plug the...

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  21. Microfibre Cleaning Cloth 150 X 150mm AGO983

    Microfibre Cleaning Cloth 150 X 150mm
    Microfibre cleaning cloth made from 180gsm microfibre material full colour printed to one side with...

    From£0.43 Each

  22. Microfibre Screen Cleaning Cloth AGO3562

    An anti-static microfibre cleaning cloth printed full colour, suitable for glasses, sunglasses,...


  23. Mini 2 Piece Screen and Glasses Cleaning Kit (7.5ml) AGO3561

    An Anti-static glass cleaner suitable for all types of glasses, sunglasses, mobile phone, kindles...


  24. Mini Computer Mouse AGO900

    Mini Computer Mouse
    Wired Computer Mouse printed 1 Colour. USB Plug. Packed in White Boxes. Weight: TBC Print type: One...

    From£7.49 Each

  25. Mini Selfie Stick AGO3191

    Wired extendable selfie stick with hand strap. Price is based on one colour print

    From£2.80 Each

  26. Mobile Phone Fish Eye/Wide Angle Lens AGO4769

    Mobile Phone Fish Eye/Wide Angle Lens
    One fisheye lens 180degrees and one wide angle lens, 0.4x, both can be screwed onto clip which can...

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  27. Oxford In-Car Charger AGO3190

    Black dual car port phone charger head adaptor with coloured trim. Price is based on one colour...

    From£3.25 Each

  28. Panoflex Promotional Charging Cable AGO4284

    This promotional full colour printed cabel has both a Lightning end and also a micro usb end so,...

    From£5.60 Each

  29. Pembury Tablet Pc Case AGO2437

    Pembury Tablet Pc Case
    Reach compliant Tablet PC case made from PU Imitation leather with elasticated closure. Can...

    From£5.25 Each

  30. Pembury Tablet Pc Folio AGO2438

    Pembury Tablet Pc Folio
    Zipped A4 sized Tablet PC Folio made from Reach compliant PU Imitation leather. Can accommodate...

    From£8.93 Each

  31. Penshurst Tablet Sleeve AGO2462

    Penshurst Tablet Sleeve
    REACH compliant Zipped imitation leather tablet sleeve with contrast stitching. soft jersey fabric...

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  32. Phone Pocket and Stand AGO4865

    Phone Pocket and Stand
    This versatile product combines a phone pocket with a phone stand. It attaches to the back of your...

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  33. Powerlink Multi Cable AGO4303

    Our promotional PowerLink 6in-1 Multi Cable makes a great corporate gift for your client which will...

    From£3.88 Each

  34. Promotional 6-in-1 Multi Charging Cable AGO4111

    Our printed 6-in-1 charging multi adaptor with multi coloured cables is brandedto the head with...

    From£3.19 Each

  35. Promotional Activity Tracker AGO4017

    Promotional water resistant fitness band with large LED display and lithium ion battery. This...

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  36. Promotional Bespoke PVC Multi USB Adaptor AGO4112

    Our printed 4-in-1 charging adaptor has a bespoke PVC head for you to add your company design. The...

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  37. Promotional Phone Hug AGO4293

    Our Promotional Phone Hug is perfect for keeping your phone attached to you at all times, these are...

    From£2.15 Each

  38. Promotional Sandringham Nappa Leather Adjustable Tablet Case AGO4053

    Promotional Sandringham Nappa Leather Adjustable Tablet Case with Multi Position Stand, has...

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  39. Promotional Seeker Bluetooth Phone and Key Finder AGO4077

    Promotional Seeker Bluetooth Phone and Key Finder
    Never lose your valuables again. Simply sync your phone with the Seeker and keep track of your...

    From£7.28 Each

  40. Promotional Virtual Reality Glasses AGO3974

    Promotional virtual reality glasses branded all over with your company logo. These great new...

    From£1.58 Each

  41. Promotional Virtual Reality Glasses AGO4046

    Promotional virtual reality glasses printed with your company logo, this product is up to date with...

    From£6.38 Each

  42. Promotional VR Headset AGO4287

    Promotional VR Headset
    Virtual Reality glasses for the ultimate VR experience. The glasses are made out of lightweight ABS...

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  43. Rainbow Multi-Cable AGO4218

    This branded Multi-Cable is a quality but great value cable. It comes as standard with a USB...

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  44. Rasmal Phone Holder AGO4871

    Rasmal Phone Holder
    The promotional Rasmal phone holder is a black adjustable window mounted phone holder suitable for...

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  45. Screen Cleaner 25ml AGO2156

    Screen Cleaner 25ml
    Clean Screen. Keep your Windscreen clean and clear with this versatile screen cleaner and...

    From£2.00 Each

  46. Silicone Iphone 5 Case AGO974

    Silicone Iphone 5 Case
    Silicone iPhone 5 cases available in a range of colours. Suitable for single colour printing only....

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  47. Silicone Phone Pocket AGO4864

    Silicone Phone Pocket
    The silicone phone pocket sticks to the back of your phone and the handy pockets means you can keep...

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  48. Silicon Ipad Holder AGO950

    Silicon Ipad Holder
    This promotional silicon case can be made to fit any gadget. Weight: 23g Print type: 1 colour print...

    From£2.69 Each

  49. Silver Lilly Torch AGO2947

    Silver Lilly Torch
    LED Aluminium Torch. Comes complete with 1 x AAA battery and a wrist strap. Comes in a plain white...

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  50. Sliding Webcam Cover AGO5259

    Sliding Webcam Cover
    Our Webcam Covers are a practical and safe way of protecting your privacy. Complete with sliding...

    From£1.27 Each

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