Anti-Bac Products

  1. Americano Pure Antimicrobial Travel Mug AGO8291

    Americano Pure Antimicrobial Travel Mug
    Double-wall insulated tumbler. Volume capacity is 350 ml. This Americano® Pure contains Biomaster...

    From£2.65 Each

  2. Argente biofree Pencil AGO8488

    Argente biofree Pencil
    Round wooden pencil with specially formulated biofree additive that provides continuous...

    From£0.15 Each

  3. Biofree Mechanical Pencil AGO8486

    Biofree Mechanical Pencil
    Budget priced mechanical pencil with complete antimicrobial protection that lasts the lifetime of...

    From£0.27 Each

  4. Contour biofree Ballpen AGO8485

    Contour biofree Ballpen
    This innovative range now boasts the Contour Biofree Ballpen with specially formulated biofree...

    From£0.29 Each

  5. Vogue biofree Ballpen AGO8487

    Vogue biofree Ballpen
    biofree additive is built into this pen to provide continuous antibacterial and antifungal...

    From£0.81 Each