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What To Consider When Buying Promotional Umbrellas

Branded promotional umbrellas are a high visibility, useful and reusable promotional gift and whether you want a compact and lightweight umbrella, a high-quality golf umbrella or an outdoor parasol, the choice is massive.

Printing techniques now enable everything from printing in one colour on an individual panel, through to printing over the whole canopy on the underside and top.  Full-colour photographic images and stunning canopy colour combinations mean that branded umbrellas get noticed and are far more than a way to stay dry.

Umbrellas are popular because they are highly visible and have a large print area which when the umbrella is open, which means they become a mobile advert for your business.

Personalisation options mean that you can choose your canopy colours and mix and match to suit your corporate branding and even contrast or compliment this with your choice of frame, handle, tip and trim colours.  For compact umbrellas printed sleeves are another perfect opportunity to promote your brand.

Budget umbrellas are ideal low-cost general giveaways and ready-made standard designs give plenty of choice for your branding. Being a lower-priced option, you get more umbrellas for your money however it’s important to keep in mind the image you want to convey. Low-cost umbrellas often have a metal twin rib which when you look up under the canopy while looking substantial, is, in fact, a hollow tube split in two which is less resilient in severe weather conditions.

When quality is key we recommend using higher specification frames of which there are a number on the market, as these will have a solid single rib and will be more able to be pulled back into shape if the umbrella turns inside out in a strong gust of wind.  Golf umbrellas remain the best seller in terms of style, quality and branding options.

Choosing a quality umbrella is well worth the extra investment as your customer will continue to use it for many years and therefore keep your branding in front of your clients for a great deal longer.

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