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In a digital age, a promotional power bank is arguably the most useful product you can buy, 

Promotional powerbanks will recharge the majority of devices from a mobile phone to a Kindle, the speed depends on your printed power bank capacity however typically a personalised power bank can charge a smart phone in two hours. 

Keep your brand in the eye of your client, our branded power banks are super handy and small enough to be kept in a bag for your customer to use again and again. 

In a hurry? We have a wide range of corporate power banks branded with your logo available on an express turnaround. The majority of our promotional power banks are available from 25 pieces. 



  1. rABS 5000mAh Power Bank AGO9762

    rABS 5000mAh Power Bank
    A light-up logo power bank made from recycled ABS, available in 5000 mAh and supplied in a black...

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  2. Rainbow Power Bank AGO9265

    Rainbow Power Bank
    The Rainbow Power Bank from the Rainbow Range of products is a high quality, portable smartphone...

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  3. rPET 10,000mAh Power Bank AGO9757

    rPET 10,000mAh Power Bank
    Environmentally friendly 10,000mAh power bank made from rPET 4 x 1L plastic bottles. The product is...

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  4. Rubik's® 2500 mAh Power Bank AGO8104

    Rubik's® 2500 mAh Power Bank
    This power bank has Rubik's® style tiles for an eye-catching design. Features a 2500 mAh...

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  5. Simmon Power Bank AGO5767

    Simmon Power Bank
    2500 mAH power bank specially designed for laser engraved logo with LED backlight shine through....

    £16.25 Each

  6. Slimline Power Bank AGO4113

    Slimline Power Bank
    Ultra slim promotional power bank designed for convenience and large branding possibilities. The...

    £8.77 Each

  7. Slim Power Bank AGO8049

    Slim Power Bank
    Power your gadgets on the move with our sleek and stylish Slim Power Bank. With a rechargeable...

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  8. Solar Powered Power Bank AGO9745

    Solar Powered Power Bank
    Solar powered power bank made from FSC approved bamboo, comes in 5000 mAh and 1000 mAh battery...

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  9. Span 1200 mAh Power Bank AGO5412

    Span 1200 mAh Power Bank
    Span 1200 mAh Power Bank. The Span power bank has a 1,200 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery and...

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  10. Standard Cuboid Power Bank AGO9195

    Standard Cuboid Power Bank
    Portable cuboid shaped power bank with 2200mAh, supplied with USB cable and instruction manual. Can...

    £10.40 Each

  11. Stark rABS 5000mAh Power Bank AGO9706

    Stark rABS 5000mAh Power Bank
    Slim line power bank in 5000 mAh made from recycled ABS with Tempered glass branding. Supplied in a...

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  12. Sticky Twist Power Bank AGO4889

    Sticky Twist Power Bank
    The promotional Sticky Twist power bank is branded with your company logo and is available in blue,...

    £13.12 Each

  13. Storm rABS 10.000mAh Power Bank AGO9705

    Storm rABS 10.000mAh Power Bank
    Tempered glass power bank with 10,000 mAh battery capacity. Made from recycled ABS and tempered...

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  14. Swift Power Bank AGO6154

    Swift Power Bank
    Our Swift Power Bank has an ergonomic cylindrical design with a plastic shell over a coloured...

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  15. Swiss Peak Powerbank Wallet AGO8105

    Swiss Peak Powerbank Wallet
    Sophistication meets function in this Swiss Peak wallet with 2200 mAh powerbank to keep your...

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  16. Taylor 2200 mAh power bank AGO6196

    Taylor 2200 mAh power bank
    2200 mAh capacity power bank provides enough power to charge your smartphone (5V/1A). Includes...

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  17. Tyre Power Bank & Pen Box Set AGO5518

    Tyre Power Bank & Pen Box Set
    Soft touch matt black power bank and pen set, both branded with your company logo (mirror...

    £19.79 Each

  18. Velocity Power Bank AGO4076

    Velocity Power Bank
    The promotional velocity power bank with built in emergency flashlight, available in a wide range...

    £12.84 Each

  19. Volt Power Bank AGO5843

    Volt Power Bank
    The promotional Volt power bank is powerful, slim and fashionable. Generous 4000mAH charge...

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  20. Weave Power Bank 4000 mAh AGO8577

    Weave Power Bank 4000 mAh
    Includes a USB to Micro USB cable to recharge the battery backup or to charge devices with a...

    £18.97 Each

  21. Wireless Charger AGO8762

    Wireless Charger
    This wireless charging pad allows you to charge your smartphone wirelessly. Connect the device to...

    £4.25 Each

  22. Wireless Charger AGO8763

    Wireless Charger
    The Lean wireless charging pad allows for smartphone charging without cables. Supports wireless...

    £5.65 Each

  23. Wireless Charging Powerbank AGO5742

    Wireless Charging Powerbank
    Wireless aluminium charging power bank with 4000 mAh capacity. Includes Type C connector. Output:...

    Enquire Now

  24. WS106 Powerbank AGO5271

    WS106 Powerbank
    Powerbank WS106. By pressing the main button, an LED indicator will tell you the amount of residual...

    £7.43 Each

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