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Tools & Torches

  1. Spork AGO5802

    Made from recycled plastic and printed with a full colour logo. Price is based on white. Also...

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  2. Stubby Multi-Screwdriver Pen AGO10403

    Stubby Multi-Screwdriver Pen
    Aluminum multitool with 6 accessories in a bright metallic colors: black, blue, red. With non-slip...

    From£2.73 Each

  3. Stylovino Bottle Opener & Corkscrew AGO5477

    Stylovino Bottle Opener & Corkscrew
    Unfolding waiters friend, made of stainless steel and aluminium. With corkscrew, bottle opener and...

    From£2.48 Each

  4. Swish Lighter AGO4472

    Swish Lighter
    Promotional slim electronic refillable lighter branded with your company logo. Available in white,...

    From£0.48 Each

  5. Tailors Tape Measure AGO4874

    Tailors Tape Measure
    The promotional tailors tape measure with red button (1.5m) is available in white colour and is...

    From£0.95 Each

  6. Tape Measure, 5m AGO2907

    Tape Measure, 5m
    5m plastic tape measure with a wrist strap and belt clip attachment. Up to 4 colour print option...

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  7. Tape Measure Keyring AGO4875

    Tape Measure Keyring
    This promotional 1.5m tape measure keyring has a black stop button and is branded with your company...

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  8. Titan Torch Keyring AGO531

    Titan Torch Keyring
    A compact metal keyring torch with a unique triangular shape.The top section of the torch lifts up...

    From£1.33 Each

  9. Toon Torch AGO4546

    Toon Torch
    Flat cartoon style torch with 2 LED of illumination and magnetic area on the reverse. Batteries...

    From£0.59 Each

  10. Triangular 3 in 1 Tool Set AGO1096

    Triangular 3 in 1 Tool Set
    A compact 3 in 1 tool set containing a tape measure and four different screw driver attachments....

    From£1.23 Each

  11. TT3 Tape Measure AGO4760

    TT3 Tape Measure
    Promotional 3m tape measure. Professional quality tape measure with an ergonomic grip and shock...

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  12. TUFFPRO Stark Water Proof Head Torch AGO10402

    TUFFPRO Stark Water Proof Head Torch
    ABS +PC high quality head torch (3 *LED) with super bright white light (150 lumens). 7 separate...

    From£5.80 Each

  13. Vivid LED Torch Keyring AGO3616

    Vivid LED Torch Keyring
    Personalised bright push-button LED torch keyring. Product made of plastic and metal. Branded with...

    From£0.46 Each

  14. Watford Tape Measure Keying AGO8056

    Watford Tape Measure Keying
    Flexible 1m steel ruler in square shape plastic with a split keyring fitting. Branded with your...

    From£1.03 Each

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