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Plastic Pens



  1. Prodir Ds5 Ballpen AGO6276

    Prodir Ds5 Ballpen
    High quality twist action ballpen. Bold Swiss styling featuring an unusual clip. Available in...

    From£0.79 Each

  2. QR AGO3239

    Not only is this a great pen for advertising it is also a fantastic quality pen that has a flexible...

    From£0.48 Each

  3. Quad 4 colour AGO3225

    Quad 4 colour
    Why have 1 ink colour when you can have 4! A very well made pen that any recipient would be pleased...

    From£0.36 Each

  4. Quill Pen AGO5294

    Quill Pen
    Genuine goose feather pen, available in...

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  5. Racer Frost + GT AGO3209

    Racer Frost + GT
    An outstanding value, twist action ball pen with vibrant frost colours and excellent writing...

    From£0.25 Each

  6. Rodeo AGO3264

    A transparent plastic pen made up of 5 pen parts all of which can be supplied in the colour choice...

    From£0.69 Each

  7. Rodeo M AGO3281

    Rodeo M
    A transparent push action plastic pen with a chrome nose cone and centre part. Three plastic parts...

    From£1.09 Each

  8. Rodeo MM AGO3284

    Rodeo MM
    A transparent push action plastic pen with a chrome nose cone, centre part and clip. Two plastic...

    From£1.47 Each

  9. Rodeo MMT AGO3285

    Rodeo MMT
    A very special textured finish with satin metal clip with a metal satin chrome nose cone. Each pen...

    From£1.51 Each

  10. Rodeo MT AGO3282

    Rodeo MT
    A metallic looking plastic barrell and clip with a metal satin nose cone. Both parts can be...

    From£1.13 Each

  11. Rodeo T AGO3265

    Rodeo T
    A frost plastic barrel and clip with a metal satin chrome nose cone. Both parts can be supplied in...

    From£0.70 Each

  12. S45 FT Pen AGO7913

    S45 FT Pen
    The S45 range featuring a futuristic design and giving maximum print exposure to barrel and clip....

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  13. Santorini AGO3222

    A stunning looking retractable pen with a quality feel and available in metallic finish! White...

    From£0.31 Each

  14. Senator Challenger Polished Plastic Ballpen AGO9367

    Senator Challenger Polished Plastic Ballpen
    Senator® Challenger polished plastic ballpen Opaque high-gloss finish ball pen with distinctive...

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  15. Senator Duo AGO6102

    Senator Duo
    Polished plastic multifunction ballpen and highlighter. Opaque high-gloss finish featuring matching...

    From£0.63 Each

  16. Senator Liberty Ballpen Xtreme Branding AGO5496

    Senator Liberty Ballpen Xtreme Branding
    Senator Liberty plastic ballpen with Xtreme full colour branding. Plastic ballpen with metal clip...

    From£1.09 Each

  17. Senator Super Soft Basic Ballpen AGO3685

    Senator Super Soft Basic Ballpen
    Senator Super Hit Basic retractable ballpen with ribbed Senator push-clip. Tactile soft grip...

    From£0.28 Each

  18. Shanghai Classic AGO3217

    Shanghai Classic
    A curvy push action ball pen with a huge choice of barrel colours. Branded with your company's...

    From£0.22 Each

  19. Shanghai Silver AGO3219

    Shanghai Silver
    A curvy push action ball pen with a silver finish and coloured trim. Branded with your company's...

    From£0.22 Each

  20. Skater FT Ballpen AGO9905

    Skater FT Ballpen
    Ultra modern push button plastic ballpen, with a solid white barrel, silver coloured nose cone and...

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  21. Smiley Ballpoint Pen AGO7977

    Smiley Ballpoint Pen
    Ballpoint pen with click action mechanism and novely topper. Branded with your artwork. Lead time 2...

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  22. Softflow Fountain Pen AGO4282

    Softflow Fountain Pen
    Refillable plastic fountain pen with unique smooth ink delivery system. Branded with your company's...

    From£1.24 Each

  23. Spectrum Ballpen AGO8571

    Spectrum Ballpen
    Quality push-button retractable ballpen with chrome trim and a comfortable rubber grip in a range...

    From£0.32 Each

  24. Spirit Biofree Ballpen AGO8303

    Spirit Biofree Ballpen
    Biofree additive is moulded into this pen for continuous antibacterial and antifungal protection....

    From£0.47 Each

  25. Star AGO3221

    Especially designed under license this stylish pen has excellent writing quality from a jumbo...

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  26. Stiloliniea S45 Total Ballpen AGO7866

    Stiloliniea S45 Total Ballpen
    Pushaction plastic ballpen, coloured barrel and clip, black ink. Branded with your company logo to...

    Enquire Now

  27. Stratford Ballpoint Pen AGO4100

    Stratford Ballpoint Pen
    Distinct silhouette with classic CROSS styling. Prices are based on 1 colour print. 2 Weeks from...

    From£13.47 Each

  28. Super Hit Matt Ballpen AGO10224

    Super Hit Matt Ballpen
    The original bestseller. Super design is a hit with everyone. Push ball pen. Matt finish and...

    Enquire Now

  29. Superhit Polished Basic Pen AGO4073

    Superhit Polished Basic Pen
    The Senator superhit pen is a great quality cost effective ball pen, available in a wide range of...

    From£0.23 Each

  30. Supersaver Extra Ballpen AGO5918

    Supersaver Extra Ballpen
    Retractable ballpen with a large print area. As part of the incredible value Supersaver Range, the...

    From£0.13 Each

  31. Supersaver Fine Roller Pen AGO4821

    Supersaver Fine Roller Pen
    Budget friendly capless roller featuring our smooth-flow Inkredible refill for a premium writing...

    From£0.22 Each

  32. Supersaver Pastel Ballpen AGO5910

    Supersaver Pastel Ballpen
    Budget-friendly plastic ballpen in a range of mellow pastel colours. With its uncluttered design...

    From£0.14 Each

  33. Supersaver Softfeel Ballpen AGO9439

    Supersaver Softfeel Ballpen
    Popular, cost-effective Supersaver® plastic ballpen with a soft-touch rubberised coating and...

    From£0.24 Each

  34. Supersaver Twist Frost Ballpen AGO9280

    Supersaver Twist Frost Ballpen
    Budget-friendly twist-action ballpen with frosted finish.

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  35. Tek AGO3216

    A twist action ball pen with a contrasting trim under the clip and chromed nose cone for a very...

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  36. Tilt Ballpen AGO2884

    Tilt Ballpen
    A great value for money pen with a large white barrel, great for your logo or a message. Tasteful...

    From£0.19 Each

  37. Toro Lux AGO3228

    Toro Lux
    Available in vibrant metallic finishes, this pen is extremely well made. Great print area! Branded...

    From£0.46 Each

  38. Torpedo BP AGO3234

    Torpedo BP
    An elegant modern looking ball pen with a wide range of comfort grip colours and metal barrel....

    From£0.56 Each

  39. Trio Softy Multi-Ink Pen AGO10274

    Trio Softy Multi-Ink Pen
    The Trio Softy Multi-Ink Pen is like having three pens in one, with click-activated ballpoints in...

    From£1.12 Each

  40. Tropic Pride Ballpen AGO8308

    Tropic Pride Ballpen
    Plastic ballpen with a rainbow pattern to the barrel and a coloured button & ring - choose from...

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  41. Turbo Ballpoint Pen AGO9800

    Turbo Ballpoint Pen
    Ballpoint pen with click action mechanism and rubber grip.

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  42. Twister GT AGO3195

    Twister GT
    A low cost twist action pen with a great quality refill and large barrel print area. Prices are...

    From£0.17 Each

  43. Twister GT Trans AGO3196

    Twister GT Trans
    A low cost twist action pen with a great quality refill in vibrant colours and large barrel print...

    From£0.17 Each

  44. Uni-Ball Grip Rollerball Pen AGO4922

    Uni-Ball Grip Rollerball Pen
    The uni-ball Grip is a rollerball pen in a contemporary design branded with your company logo....

    From£1.39 Each

  45. Union Jack Badge Pen AGO2891

    Union Jack Badge Pen
    Pen with Union Jack badge attached. Available in red or blue. Great promotional product with your...

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  46. Valentino Noir Roller AGO3370

    Valentino Noir Roller
    A modern-look, substancial twist action ball pen with Hi-Chrome finish offered as engrave only...

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  47. Value Twist Ballpen AGO8333

    Value Twist Ballpen
    Slimline twist-action plastic ballpen with chrome trim, available in blue, burgundy, black or...

    From£0.17 Each

  48. Volare Pen AGO9848

    Volare Pen
    A plastic pen with a black rubberized, textured comfort grip and a black rubberized clip - the...

    From£0.56 Each

  49. Waterford Roller AGO3355

    Waterford Roller
    A twist action ball pen with a soft feel matt black barrel and chrome undercoat which is offered as...

    Enquire Now

  50. X3 Ballpen AGO10367

    X3 Ballpen
    Unique ballpoint pen distinguished by its fascinating diamond pattern. New version with smooth...

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