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Metal Pens



  1. Erskine Ball Pen AGO9650

    Erskine Ball Pen
    An elegantly designed, twist action ball pen available in a range of colours with chrome trims, gun...

    From£1.92 Each

  2. Esprit Ball Pen AGO5956

    Esprit Ball Pen
    The return of an old favourite - brought back by popular demand this pen is a classic design with a...

    From£1.35 Each

  3. Evoxx Polished Recycled Pen AGO10153

    Evoxx Polished Recycled Pen
    Visible parts made from >95 % R-ABS recycled material. Glossy opaque barrel. Durable senator®...

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  4. Excelsior Ball Pen AGO8060

    Excelsior Ball Pen
    A well balanced, twist action ball pen with a hinged clip. Available Colours: black, white, blue,...

    From£3.05 Each

  5. Folk Soft Ball Pen AGO5521

    Folk Soft Ball Pen
    Tactile twist action metal ball pen with matt black soft touch rubber finish and contrasting silver...

    From£2.39 Each

  6. Gio BP AGO3303

    Gio BP
    A great value pen with a positive push button and clip tension and the choice of 3 rings (12...

    From£0.95 Each

  7. Gio Rainbow BP AGO3304

    Gio Rainbow BP
    A stylish twist action pen with hinged clip and soft feel nose section - very comfortable. Branded...

    From£1.10 Each

  8. Gio Rainbow Roller AGO3336

    Gio Rainbow Roller
    all the quality you would expect from Klio Eterna in this well-priced metal pen with sleek lines...

    From£1.54 Each

  9. Gio Roller AGO3335

    Gio Roller
    comfort is the name of the game with this roller pen that features a clip with a great feel and the...

    From£1.40 Each

  10. Harris Stylus Ball Pen AGO10095

    Harris Stylus Ball Pen
    A metal twist action stylus ball pen with a striking two-tone barrel. The bottom half of the pen is...

    From£1.60 Each

  11. Hi-Chrome Ball Pen AGO3371

    Hi-Chrome Ball Pen
    A modern-look, twist action ball pen with Hi-Chrome finish offered as engrave only marking option....

    From£3.80 Each

  12. Hi-Chrome Roller engrave only AGO3372

    Hi-Chrome Roller engrave only
    A push action pen made in Spain by one of Europe's foremost promotional pen suppliers. Quality...

    From£3.94 Each

  13. Intec AGO3298

    A pen guide 'Best seller'. A modern design with chamfered ends and rings- Aluminium barrel with a...

    From£0.85 Each

  14. Intec Colour AGO3314

    Intec Colour
    White metal barrel with a choice of coloured grips, featuring a comfort grip and positive push clip...

    From£0.85 Each

  15. I-Roq BP AGO3388

    I-Roq BP
    An ultra-modern look roller with a soft feel barrel and perfect weight and balance. Branded with...

    From£4.63 Each

  16. I-Roq Roller AGO3390

    I-Roq Roller
    An ultra-modern look roller with a soft feel barrel and perfect weight and balance. Branded with...

    From£6.76 Each

  17. I-Roq Soft Touch BP AGO3389

    I-Roq Soft Touch BP
    An ultra-modern look capped roller pen with perfect weight and balance from Germany's oldest...

    From£5.50 Each

  18. I-Roq Soft touch Roller AGO3391

    I-Roq Soft touch Roller
    From only 100 pieces the 4 plastic parts can be made up from 12 solid and 14 transparent colours...

    From£7.73 Each

  19. Islander Gel Softy Rose Gold with Stylus AGO10449

    Islander Gel Softy Rose Gold with Stylus
    Soft touch gel stylus pen with rose gold trim. Available in black, burgundy, navy and taupe....

    From£0.89 Each

  20. Jagger Soft Touch Ballpoint Pen AGO5814

    Jagger Soft Touch Ballpoint Pen
    The Jagger metal ballpoint pen has a luxury tactile feel and contemporary black trim. Laser...

    From£1.70 Each

  21. Jasmine Softfeel Ballpen AGO5689

    Jasmine Softfeel Ballpen
    A model especially designed for The Printed Pen Guide which has a positive tactile quality....

    From£0.80 Each

  22. Javelin Ballpen AGO3343

    Javelin Ballpen
    A twist action ball pen with two tone chrome accents and a great print area to the lower barrel.

    Enquire Now

  23. Javelin Carbon Fibre AGO3347

    Javelin Carbon Fibre
    A substantial, compact and ergonomic twist action metal pen. The white barrel has a pearlescent...

    From£2.15 Each

  24. Javelin Chrome - Engrave only AGO3351

    Javelin Chrome - Engrave only
    A substantial prestige matt rollerball with an undercoat of chrome should engraving be required....

    From£2.21 Each

  25. Javelin Softfeel AGO3356

    Javelin Softfeel
    An exclusive design for the printed pen guide.This elegant twist action pen has that quality feel!...

    Enquire Now

  26. Kari BP AGO3367

    Kari BP
    A modern-look, capped roller pen with a carbon fibre barrel. Can be supplied on its own or as a set...

    From£3.53 Each

  27. Kari Roller AGO3368

    Kari Roller
    A classically designed, gloss lacquered, prestigious, twist action ball pen. The pen has a chrome...

    From£3.90 Each

  28. Keyes Roller With Stylus AGO9496

    Keyes Roller With Stylus
    A metallic finish capped roller with modern metal clip and soft stylus end piece. Available...

    From£0.80 Each

  29. Klio Turnus M USB metallic pen AGO3394

    Klio Turnus M USB  metallic pen
    An exclusive design from Klio Eterna that includes a USB memory stick (min memory 4GB).Contains a...

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  30. Klio Turnus M USB Pen AGO3393

    Klio Turnus M USB Pen
    An exclusive design from Klio Eterna that includes a USB memory stick (min memory 4GB).Contains a...

    Enquire Now

  31. Klio Turnus M USB Softgrip pen AGO3395

    Klio Turnus M USB Softgrip pen
    A truly prestigious writing instrument made to order in spain from Europe's foremost promotional...

    Enquire Now

  32. Klio Turnus USB Pen AGO3392

    Klio Turnus USB Pen
    An exclusive design from Klio Eterna that includes a USB memory stick (min memory 4GB).Contains a...

    Enquire Now

  33. Lafleur Ballpen AGO10143

    Lafleur Ballpen
    Designed by Pierre Cardin® to represent understated elegance, the LaFleur Ballpen is ideal for...

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  34. Legant BP (add £0.15 for an engraved finish on softfeel) AGO3357

    Legant BP (add £0.15 for an engraved finish on softfeel)
    This elegant capped roller pen has that quality feel! The gloss pens can be printed whilst the...

    Enquire Now

  35. LPC 016 Ballpen AGO8053

    LPC 016 Ballpen
    Metal twist-action ballpen with lacquered finish. Can be printed or laser engraved. Engraved finish...

    From£2.08 Each

  36. Lysander Rose Gold Ballpen AGO5284

    Lysander Rose Gold Ballpen
    A contemporary twist action, high gloss ballpen made to a high quality. Available in black and...

    From£2.90 Each

  37. Midas-i Glow Ballpen AGO6104

    Midas-i Glow Ballpen
    Bring a touch of illuminated magic to any promotion with this metal ballpen’s stunning light-up...

    From£0.70 Each

  38. Minnelli Soft-Touch Stylus Twist Action Pen AGO8057

    Minnelli Soft-Touch Stylus Twist Action Pen
    Tactile, ultra slim, twist-action ballpoint pen. Fantastic range of 10 bright soft-touch barrel...

    From£1.10 Each

  39. Mole Mate Pen AGO5806

    Mole Mate Pen
    One of our bestselling metal pens - the Mole Mate. A tactile satin-matt finish pen available in a...

    From£0.58 Each

  40. Mood® Softfeel Ballpen AGO7958

    Mood® Softfeel Ballpen
    Elegant metal ballpen featuring a soft-touch rubberised coating that provides a stunning...

    From£0.75 Each

  41. Nevada AGO3295

    An elegant, slim twist action ball pen with a soft stylus at one end for use on all those soft...

    From£0.73 Each

  42. Newton AGO3302

    Comfort is the name of the game with this pen that features a unique 3 black ring comfort grip and...

    From£0.82 Each

  43. Nimrod Tropical Softfeel Pen AGO9498

    Nimrod Tropical Softfeel Pen
    An aluminium pen with a 'soft-feel' finish - now available in a range of vibrant tropical colours...

    From£0.74 Each

  44. Pacer Ball Pen AGO3317

    Pacer Ball Pen
    A large diameter twist action pen with a weighty, quality feel. Available Colours: Black, Silver,...

    From£1.32 Each

  45. Palm Ballpen AGO4054

    Palm Ballpen
    The Palm metal promotional pen has a classic look. A twist action pen with black or silver barrel...

    From£1.08 Each

  46. Panther Roller AGO3353

    Panther Roller
    The famous '55' from Inoxcrom is a traditionally styled ball pen and is made to order in Spain from...

    From£2.63 Each

  47. Panther Roller Ball Pen AGO3352

    Panther Roller Ball Pen
    A very substantial capped metal roller pen in a stylish matt black- very tactile! The brass barrel...

    From£2.51 Each

  48. Parker Im Ballpen (non-standard Colours) AGO732

    Parker Im Ballpen (non-standard Colours)
    The IM Ballpen offers a modern design and the high quality the Parker brand is known for. Ballpen...

    From£11.16 Each

  49. Parker Jotter Ballpen AGO699

    Parker Jotter Ballpen
    The Parker icon, Jotter, is the preferred choice for active writers who need pens wherever they go....

    Enquire Now

  50. Parker Jotter Steel Ballpen AGO735

    Parker Jotter Steel Ballpen
    Jotter fully stainless steel ballpoint pen. Jotter stands as an authentic design icon of the last...

    From£7.10 Each