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Promotional lollies are a great promotional merchandise gift and have the feel good factor. We have a wide range of personalised lollipops and have a product to suit every occasion - whether it is a low cost small printed lolly that you're looking to give away at an event - or a large branded swirly lollipop that gives you maximum brand visibility - we have the printed lolly for you!

Our lollies can be branded in a variety of ways, we can add a printed tag, personalise the wrapper, emboss the lolly directly and even make up promotional lollies in a colour of your choice to match your corporate branding.



  1. Ball Lollipop AGO2318

    Ball Lollipop
    Promotional ball lollipops with a branded wrapper. Wrapper starts out white and can be flood...

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  2. Box Lollipop AGO2986

    Box Lollipop
    Promotional 8g fruit flavoured ball lolly wrapped in transparent foil inside cardboard box branded...

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  3. Domed Label Swirly Pop AGO2669

    Domed Label Swirly Pop
    Promotional swirly lollipop with full colour domed label. Available in a range of flavours. Choose...

    £1.14 Each

  4. Flat Label Swirly Pop AGO2670

    Flat Label Swirly Pop
    85g promotional swirly lollipop with full colour flat label. Available in banana, berry fruits,...

    £0.87 Each

  5. Football Lollipops 60mm in Cardboard Box AGO5392

    Football Lollipops 60mm in Cardboard Box
    Football-shaped 60mm lollipops on a wooden stick, made from high quality Belgian chocolate. Prices...

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  6. Heart Shaped Fruit Lolly AGO2866

    Heart Shaped Fruit Lolly
    Promotional Large Heart shaped fruit lollipops in a range of colours. Comes on a 115mm long wooden...

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  7. Heart Shaped Lollipop in Box AGO2903

    Heart Shaped Lollipop in Box
    Promotional heart shaped lollies in printed boxes. Lollies are individually wrapped in clear bags....

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  8. Heart Shape Lollipop AGO2642

    Heart Shape Lollipop
    Not just for Valentines Day, our Heart Shape Lollipop are popular all year round. A deliciously...

    £0.40 Each

  9. Jolly Lollipops AGO2867

    Fruit flavoured promotional Jolly Pops available in either flower or heart shape, wrapped in...

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  10. Label Lollies AGO067

    Label Lollies
    Promotional lollipop with full colour printed label. Mixture of flavours and colours available:...

    £0.85 Each

  11. Logo Lollies AGO2322

    Logo Lollies
    Promotional large round logo 90mm lollipops on a wooden stick. Available in a variety of colours,...

    £0.82 Each

  12. Lollipop in Paper Wrapper AGO2978

    Lollipop in Paper Wrapper
    Promotional 8g fruit flavoured lolly wrapped in paper wrapper branded with your company logo. Shelf...

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  13. Mini Lollies AGO2964

    Mini Lollies
    Promotional mini lollies are a great low cost way to promote your company's artwork or message....

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  14. Picture Lolly Pops AGO2323

    Picture Lolly Pops
    Promotional picture lollipops with a full colour edible transfer print. Lolly is white as standard,...

    £0.92 Each

  15. Pyramid Box Lollipops AGO2985

    Promotional colourful, ball-shaped, fruit flavoured lollipops, wrapped in transparent foil inside a...

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  16. Star Lollipop AGO9157

    Star Lollipop
    Star – shaped lollipops packed in transparent foil bags closed with decorative clasp (gold, silver...

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