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  1. Jupiter Key Ring AGO162

    Jupiter Key Ring
    Double sided rectangular keyring. Up to full colour digital printed domed label to either side....

    £2.70 Each

  2. Keep It Trolley Coin Keyring AGO527

    Keep It Trolley Coin Keyring
    This handy UK made keyring will be a real promotional favourite.Designed as a low cost promotional...

    £0.67 Each

  3. Keyring Torch AGO4490

    Keyring Torch
    This small yet powerful torch doesn't disappoint, it has a great branding area and has 5 LED lights...

    £4.30 Each

  4. Key Shaped Keyring AGO3162

    Key Shaped Keyring
    Key shaped bottle opener keychain. Branded with your company's artwork. Prices based on single...

    £2.60 Each

  5. L4 Keyring AGO549

    L4 Keyring
    Our L4 large keyring has a massive print area so that you can really get your message seen....

    £1.02 Each

  6. L6 Large Keyring AGO550

    L6 Large Keyring
    The L6 keyring is the same large size as the L4. It comes with a plastic clip attachment which...

    £1.02 Each

  7. Leatherboard Keyfob Square AGO5137

    Leatherboard Keyfob Square
    Square shaped keyfob in substitute leather material (bonded, reconditioned, imitation leather)....

    Enquire Now

  8. LED Torch Keyring AGO9679

    Pocket-sized LED flashlight with key ring. Laser engraved - the logo will be illuminated when the...

    Enquire Now

  9. Lenticular Keyring AGO938

    Lenticular Keyring
    Lenticular keyring to your own design with 50mm square or round. Supplied with chain and split...

    £1.35 Each

  10. Libra Keyring AGO872

    Libra Keyring
    Classy heavy metal keyring with stylish matt satin body and polished trims. Weight: TBC Print type:...

    £2.25 Each

  11. Lid Lifter Keyring AGO4515

    Lid Lifter Keyring
    A decorators dream keyring, no more opening tins with your tools, now you just need your set of...

    £1.26 Each

  12. Liquid Filled Keyrings AGO940

    Liquid Filled Keyrings
    Choose from 4 standard shapes. 50mm dia round 45mm square 55 x 35mm rectangle or 90 x 28mm bottle....

    £1.43 Each

  13. Magnetic Bottle Opener AGO590

    Magnetic Bottle Opener
    A great multi purpose product.The magnetic bottle opener is perfect for hanging on a fridge door...

    Enquire Now

  14. Medallion Cigar Keyring AGO5863

    Medallion Cigar Keyring
    Manufactured from quality thick bonded leather in black, with a die stamped brushed stainless steel...

    Enquire Now

  15. Metal Bottle Opener Keyring AGO601

    Metal Bottle Opener Keyring
    A useful promotional product. Compact bottle opener keyring in a range of stylish metallic colours....

    £0.42 Each

  16. Metal Keyring AGO5128

    Metal Keyring

    Enquire Now

  17. Metal Keyring AGO5129

    Metal Keyring
    Metal rectangular keyring. Individually packed in a black gift box.

    Enquire Now

  18. Metal Key Ring with Heart Detail AGO5531

    Metal Key Ring with Heart Detail
    Metal keyring with heart detail on the bottom, individually boxed. 50 x 29mm. Print area 20 x 25mm....

    £2.49 Each

  19. Mid-Rectangular Keyring AGO9033

    Mid-Rectangular Keyring
    Mid-size clear acrylic leyring. Fitted with plastic connector and metal split ring. Can be supplied...

    £1.80 Each

  20. Mini Ad Loop AGO646

    Mini Ad Loop
    A mini version of the popular Ad Loop great for a variety of uses. Available in a wide range of...

    £0.34 Each

  21. Mini Plastic Card Keyrings AGO6045

    Mini Plastic Card Keyrings
    Supplied with a punched hole to attach a key ring fitment. Can be supplied with or without the...

    Enquire Now

  22. Money Minder Keyring AGO5965

    Money Minder Keyring
    Suitable for storing rolled up bank notes. Features include screw on lid with rubber seal to help...

    Enquire Now

  23. Montana Bottle Opener AGO9328

    Montana Bottle Opener
    Compact, prctical and durable, the aluminium bottle opener has a silver split ring ready to attach...

    £2.75 Each

  24. New Pound Shaped Trolley Coin AGO4277

    One of the most practical and useful promotional items, a variety of different styles are available...

    £0.90 Each

  25. Oblong Leather Keyfob AGO4856

    Oblong Leather Keyfob
    Available in 8 different colours. Can be foil printed to 1 or both sides or digitally printed.

    Enquire Now

  26. Omar Rectangular Kechain AGO8175

    Omar Rectangular Kechain
    Classic keychain with hidden closure. Including black gift box. Engraved or printed. Lead time 2...

    £5.00 Each

  27. Oval Torch Keyring AGO4538

    Oval Torch Keyring
    Oval Shaped metallic keyring torch with 1 LED of light. Silver colour. Branded with your company's...

    £2.65 Each

  28. P6 Keyring AGO649

    P6 Keyring
    A great alternative to the best selling P5 key ring with plastic clip attachment. Great value....

    £0.78 Each

  29. Pendant Key Ring AGO164

    Pendant Key Ring
    One sided pendant key ring. Up to full colour digital printed domed label to one side Branded with...

    £2.70 Each

  30. Personal Alarm Keyring AGO8728

    Personal Alarm Keyring
    Mini personal alarm in ABS which activates when the pin is pulled it is attached to a key ring. It...

    Enquire Now

  31. Phi AGO4009

    Multi purpose keyring, built in stylus, screen cleaner and phone stand. Available in blue, red or...

    £3.44 Each

  32. Plastic Clothes Cleaning Roller with Sewing Kit AGO4020

    Plastic Clothes Cleaning Roller with Sewing Kit
    Plastic clothes brush with integrated sewing kit in the handle, the kit includes two needles,...

    £1.42 Each

  33. Pop Fidget Toy Keyring AGO9143

    Pop Fidget Toy Keyring
    Range of standard colours, 1 colour print, ball and chain fitment. Lead time 3 weeks.

    £1.31 Each

  34. Printed Plastic Card Keyring AGO945

    Printed Plastic Card Keyring
    Plastic card keyring. Printed full colour both sides. Signature strips can be added for an...

    £0.74 Each

  35. Printed Trolley Coin AGO947

    Printed Trolley Coin
    Nickel plated trolley coin with a hard enamel background in any Pantone. Coin supplied 1 pound or...

    £0.66 Each

  36. Projector Torch Keyring AGO5625

    Projector Torch Keyring
    10mm diameter compact torch keyring with a bright led that projects a full colour logo.

    Enquire Now

  37. R1 Keyring AGO782

    R1 Keyring
    The R1 is great for promotions as it combines a keyring with a strong and practical bottle opener....

    £1.03 Each

  38. Racing Car Keyring AGO4898

    Racing Car Keyring
    Promotional Injection moulded metal racing car keyring. Perfectly suited for company's involved in...

    £2.10 Each

  39. Radiator Key Ring AGO165

    Radiator Key Ring
    Chrome finish Radiator Key Ring. Branded with your company's artwork. Prices based on full colour...

    Enquire Now

  40. Ralli Aluminium Bottle and Can Opener Keyring AGO3164

    Ralli Aluminium Bottle and Can Opener Keyring
    Aluminium bottle and can opener with a split ring attachment. Available in Amber, Black, Cyan,...

    £2.50 Each

  41. Real Wood Keyrings AGO6289

    Real Wood Keyrings
    Real wood keyrings in a choice of cherry, oak or walnut. Approximately 5mm thick wood, with a...

    Enquire Now

  42. Round Acrylic Keyring AGO8441

    Round Acrylic Keyring
    Clear round keychain with full colour printed insert. 4cm diameter.

    £0.46 Each

  43. S6 Classic Keyring AGO790

    S6 Classic Keyring
    The S6 offers the same great branding area as the S5 plus a plastic clip attachment for a flat...

    £0.86 Each

  44. Saturn Keyring AGO871

    Saturn Keyring
    Satin finished metal keyring with bright frosted decorated fittings. Weight: TBC Print type: THis...

    £2.33 Each

  45. Sergio Rectangular Metal Keychain AGO5864

    Sergio Rectangular Metal Keychain
    Timeless metal key chain. Including black gift box. Engraved with your logo.

    Enquire Now

  46. Sergio Rectangular Metal Keychain AGO8177

    Sergio Rectangular Metal Keychain
    Classic style key chain.. Includes a black gift box. Prices based on 1 colour print, can be laser...

    £4.61 Each

  47. Shaped Keyrings AGO794

    Shaped Keyrings
    Our range of shaped keyrings offer something for all occasions. A clear plastic keyring with a...

    £1.06 Each

  48. Silicone Loop Keyring AGO532

    Silicone Loop Keyring
    The key to durable promotions our silicone loop keyring has a fantastic tactile design that will...

    Enquire Now

  49. Skillet Tape Measure/Spirit Level Keyring AGO4758

    Skillet Tape Measure/Spirit Level Keyring
    Promotional 1m tape measure keyring with spirit level, available in blue or white. Branded with...

    £3.35 Each

  50. Small Budget Keyring AGO9032

    Small Budget Keyring
    Small rectangle acrylic keyring. Fitted with small overlap ring. Image and text is avalible for...

    £1.62 Each

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