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Health & Well-being

  1. Emery Board 18cm Long foam backed AGO3526

    Foam backed 2-sided emery board / nail polish buffer comes in a plastic transit sleeve. Also...


  2. Exfoliating Wash Glove AGO3524

    Single exfoliating gloves ideal for removing dry skin and impurities to leave your skin feeling...


  3. Express Lip Balm Stick AGO10010

    Express Lip Balm Stick
    Transparent lip balm stick with SPF15 protection. Available in a range of colours. Colours: Green,...

    From£0.90 Each

  4. Folding brush and mirror AGO3609

    Metallic coloured plastic folding brush and compact mirror, handbag and travel must have. Pricing...


  5. Football Ball Shaped Lip Balm AGO3556

    A 9ml vanilla flavoured football shaped lip balm. Whatever the weather, lips need caring for as the...


  6. Glass Nail Files AGO3602

    These glass nail file are ideal for finishing off that immaculate manicure and perfect pedicure,...


  7. Golf Ball Shaped Lip Balm AGO3555

    A 9ml vanilla flavoured golf ball shaped lip balm. Whatever the weather, lips need caring for as...

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  8. Hand Cream 25ml Finger Food AGO2206

    Hand Cream 25ml Finger Food
    Easy to apply non greasy and fast acting. Intensive Relief Hand Cream helps to deeply hydrate and...

    From£1.46 Each

  9. Hand Made Aromatherapy Soap, 100g AGO2885

    Hand Made Aromatherapy Soap, 100g
    A range of hand made aromatherapy soaps with essentials oils, including Lavender Dreams, Fig &...

    From£1.63 Each

  10. Hand Sanitiser 100ml Atomiser AGO8539

    Hand Sanitiser 100ml Atomiser
    100ml atomiser containing HSE licensed UK made liquid hand sanitiser consisting of a 75% alcohol...

    From£1.00 Each

  11. Happy Balm in an Aluminium Jar (10ml) AGO10431

    Happy Balm in an Aluminium Jar (10ml)
    Always start the day happy, perfect for the harsh winters and hot summers this multi-purpose balm...

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  12. Hemp Drawstring Bag AGO3538

    A natural hemp drawstring bag. Pricing for 4 colour print.


  13. Hot Pack AGO933

    Hot Pack
    Liquid filled hot pack. Available in a selection of shapes; Heart 80mm, Rectangle 90mm x 60mm, Oval...

    From£1.05 Each

  14. Large Sanitizer AGO2257

    Large Sanitizer
    Hand sanitizer gel in convenient clip on tube. Contains 62% alcohol. Available Colours: Blue,...

    From£1.44 Each

  15. Lip Balm AGO982

    Lip Balm
    Compact pot filled with 10g of vanilla scented lip balm.Full colour printing available at an...

    From£0.64 Each

  16. Lip Balm And Mints In A Jar AGO3539

    Ideal dual purpose give-away sized lip balm and mints in a clear jar & lid. Lip Balm available...


  17. Lip Balm Cube AGO5325

    Lip Balm Cube
    Lip balm cube branded with your company logo. 35 x 35 x 35mm. Lead time 2 weeks. Price based on 1...

    From£0.89 Each

  18. Lip Balm Sun Block Stick AGO3541

    A handy, useful and practical 2 in 1 travel lip balm and sun block stick, on a lanyard. Perfect for...


  19. Lip Balm Triangular Tin AGO5324

    Lip Balm Triangular Tin
    Lip balm in a triangular aluminium tin with hinged lid, tin is branded with your company logo in 1...

    From£1.05 Each

  20. Lip Balm With Beeswax AGO2132

    Lip Balm With Beeswax
    Create the perfect pout with this British made natural Lip Balm packed with protective ingredients...

    From£1.04 Each

  21. Lip Gloss In A Bottle AGO3542

    A sumptuous black cherry flavoured clear or pink coloured lip gloss in a bottle. Pricing for full...


  22. Mango & Peach Shampoo 50ml AGO8165

    Mango & Peach Shampoo 50ml
    An invigorating mango and peach shampoo. Comes in a clear bottle with a white cap. Also available...

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  23. Mini Sanitizer AGO2260

    Mini Sanitizer
    18ml Compact sanitizer housed inside PVC casing. Contains 62% alcohol. Available colours: Black,...

    From£1.50 Each

  24. Natural Foam Bath 50ml AGO8287

    Natural Foam Bath 50ml
    A relaxing foam bath made with natural ingredients, paraben free formula, with branded full colour...

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  25. Nylon Travel Bag AGO3535

    AGO3535 (2)
    Black, Purple or Pink nylon zippered toiletry bag. Perfect to carry all your essentials. Easy...


  26. Oval Pedometer Full Colour AGO846

    Oval Pedometer Full Colour
    Oval pedometer with step counter LCD display. Auto shut off after 1 minute. Takes 1 AG13 battery...

    Enquire Now

  27. Pack of 5 3-Ply Tissues AGO3591

    A pack of five 3-ply white tissues in a clear polywrap, branded with a full colour printed insert....


  28. Paxton Sanitiser AGO9459

    Paxton Sanitiser
    50ml instant hand sanitiser in a clear PET plastic bottle with a secure push down lid. Contains...

    From£1.26 Each

  29. Pen Sanitizer AGO2258

    Pen Sanitizer
    10ml Hand sanitizer gel pen with easy to use pump. Contains 62% alcohol. Branded with your company...

    From£1.08 Each

  30. Peppermint Oil Mouthwash AGO8008

    Peppermint Oil Mouthwash
    Green coloured fresh peppermint mouthwash, clear bottle and a white cap. Branded with your artwork....

    Enquire Now

  31. Perfume Atomiser AGO3525

    5ml Chrome Finish Perfume Atomiser. Supplied empty – can be supplied filled with fragrance subject...


  32. Personal Work Cleaning Kit in a Clear PVC Bag AGO10151

    Personal Work Cleaning Kit in a Clear PVC Bag
    A handy kit of personal products for work and your work area. Set includes, 50ml hand sanitiser,...

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  33. Plas Cosmetic Bag AGO6073

    Plas Cosmetic Bag
    Cosmetic bag in microfiber and PVC 6 Phthalate free, with wrist handle. Available in black, red and...

    From£3.35 Each

  34. Plaster Dispenser AGO961

    Plaster Dispenser
    Promotional set of five latex free plasters. Weight: tbc Print type: Full colour printing available...

    From£0.58 Each

  35. Plastic Compact Mirror AGO3528

    What every woman needs, a handy sized White double mirror plastic compact mirror. Pricing is for 4...


  36. Pocket Mini Hangover Kit AGO3596

    Banish the hangover! whether it is from a birthday bash, a wild wedding, or just a mad night out...


  37. Promotional Bamboo Compact Mirror AGO9841

    Promotional Bamboo Compact Mirror
    A round compact mirror in an eco-friendly bamboo casing with your choice of engraving or print to...

    From£1.30 Each

  38. Promotional Eye Mask AGO2224

    Promotional Eye Mask
    Elasticated sleeping mask. This eye mask has a large branding area on the front and also has an...

    From£1.18 Each

  39. Promotional Large Nail File AGO4074

    Promotional nail files in large size printed both sides with your company logo, and supplied...

    From£0.28 Each

  40. Promotional Nail File AGO1036

    Promotional Nail File
    Promotional nail file offering two files and buffers. Fantastic product ensuring your brand is...

    From£0.78 Each

  41. Promotional Wet Wipes AGO3009

    Individually wrapped, promotional wet wipes, personalised with your company logo. Pricing listed...

    From£0.16 Each

  42. Rectangle Thermometer Card AGO4892

    Rectangle Thermometer Card
    Rectangle 86 x 54mm promotional thermometer card branded both sides with your company logo. Price...

    From£0.48 Each

  43. Refillable Glasses and Screen Cleaning Spray (40ml) AGO10425

    Refillable Glasses and Screen Cleaning Spray (40ml)
    A handy refillable pocket size spray. Ideal for use in the office or at home. Suitable for use on...

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  44. Relaxing Lavender & Vetivert Pillow Spray (50ml) AGO10434

    Relaxing Lavender & Vetivert Pillow Spray (50ml)
    A pillow spray blended with Lavender & Vetivert oils to provide a relaxing spray when you find...

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  45. Relaxing Pillow Spray (8ml) AGO10433

    Relaxing Pillow Spray (8ml)
    The perfect pocket-sized relaxing pillow spray ideal for the traveler who finds it hard to relax....

    Enquire Now

  46. Relaxing Roll On Pulse Point (10ml) AGO9748

    Relaxing Roll On Pulse Point (10ml)
    Relaxing Roll On Pulse Point (10ml) formulated with a blend of lavender, ylang ylang & neroli...

    Enquire Now

  47. Rescue Kit For Hands in a Printed Sleeve AGO10430

    Rescue Kit For Hands in a Printed Sleeve
    A great little rescue kit for the hands. Set includes a sachet of hand cream, cleansing wet wipe...

    Enquire Now

  48. Rose Gold Double Compact Mirror AGO10312

    Rose Gold Double Compact Mirror
    Double compact mirror in a rose gold colour, ideal for any handbag. Also available in Silver....

    Enquire Now

  49. Scented Candle Pod AGO2200

    Scented Candle Pod
    Lighten your mood and unwind. 5 tealights presented in a brushed aluminium corked pod. Variety of...

    From£2.00 Each

  50. Single Antibacterial Wet Wipe Sachet AGO3590

    Can be supplied with alcohol or alcohol free. Pricing for single colour print.


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