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  1. Neptune Set (Power Bank and Long Cable) AGO9693

    Neptune Set (Power Bank and Long Cable)
    A power bank and cable set, combination of 5000mAh rubberised power bank and a long multi charging...

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  2. Odyssey 5000mAh High Density Powerbank AGO9535

    Odyssey 5000mAh High Density Powerbank
    Pocket size powerbank with a 5000mAh high density battery. Type-C input (5V/2A), and dual USB-A...

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  3. Ontario 3-in-1 Retractable Cable AGO6180

    Ontario 3-in-1 Retractable Cable
    Compact and retractable ECO 3 in 1 charging cable with type C and double-sided connector for IOS...

    From£5.31 Each

  4. Opal Screen Cleaner AGO7751

    Opal Screen Cleaner
    White plastic cuboid lens & 16ml screen cleaner with black cleaning cloth all in one compact...

    From£1.63 Each

  5. Panoflex Promotional Charging Cable AGO4284

    This promotional full colour printed cabel has both a Lightning end and also a micro usb end so,...

    From£5.60 Each

  6. Phone Arm Band AGO6047

    Phone Arm Band
    Abs Phone Arm Band with Velcro Closing. Made from ABS. Branded with you company artwork. Lead time...

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  7. Phone Camera Lens Set AGO10176

    Phone Camera Lens Set
    Phone Camera Lens Set is universal to any mobile phone and is perfect for anyone wanting to improve...

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  8. Phone Fan AGO5307

    Phone Fan
    Auto Spinning Phone Fan. iPhone & Micro USB Adaptors to Work with the Majority of Devices

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  9. Phone Hug AGO4293

    Phone Hug
    Our Promotional Phone Hug is perfect for keeping your phone attached to you at all times, these are...

    From£2.15 Each

  10. Polar Wireless Charger AGO10180

    Polar Wireless Charger
    Built-in magnets hold the phone at the perfect angle for viewing whilst charging (iPhone 12/iPhone...

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  11. Pop Socket AGO5635

    Pop Socket
    Mobile Phone Stand. Ideal When You Need Grip, Phone Stand or Something to Play With, Popsockets...

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  12. Pop Stands AGO5801

    Pop Stands
    Pop Stand are a great utility product. Simply pop it out and it can be used as a grip aid allowing...

    From£0.52 Each

  13. Pop Up VR Glasses AGO8739

    Pop Up VR Glasses
    Patented Pop Up VR Glasses Gen 2.0 Lenses Easy Assembly Just gently press and it will pop up !...

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  14. Portrait 4k Wifi Action Camera AGO7786

    Portrait 4k Wifi Action Camera
    Portrait 4k wifi action camera, comes equipped with a 4K lens and a 5cm LCD screen. The action...

    From£69.85 Each

  15. PowerColour 6-in-1 Multi Charging Cable AGO4111

    PowerColour 6-in-1 Multi Charging Cable
    Our printed 6-in-1 charging multi adaptor with multi coloured cables is brandedto the head with...

    From£3.30 Each

  16. Powerlink Multi Cable AGO4303

    Powerlink Multi Cable
    Our promotional PowerLink 6in-1 Multi Cable makes a great corporate gift for your client which will...

    From£3.75 Each

  17. PowerReel Multi-Cable AGO5413

    PowerReel Multi-Cable
    Perfect for connecting all of your devices by USB, whether it be a power bank, usb plug or your...

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  18. Power Set AGO6161

    Power Set
    Computer accessories in a EVA/PU pouch that includes: 1 wireless mouse, 4 port USB 2.0 hub, 1 EU...

    From£25.40 Each

  19. Privacy Tech Kit AGO10016

    Privacy Tech Kit
    This giftbox, which is available in customisable full colour print, contains three smart gadgets,...

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  20. Prixton AT300 Activity Tracker AGO7976

    Prixton AT300 Activity Tracker
    he perfect activity tracker for your outdoor activities. The display allows you to keep track of...

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  21. Pro Charging Gift Set AGO10070

    Pro Charging Gift Set
    The perfect corporate gift for the smartphone addict! Packed full of the latest in charging tech...

    From£19.00 Each

  22. PVC Embossed Wireless Charger AGO9940

    PVC Embossed Wireless Charger
    Charge your phone wirelessly and effortlessly with our PVC Desktop Wireless Charger! There’s no...

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  23. PVC Phone Holder AGO8028

    PVC Phone Holder
    Moulded PVC Phone Holders are a flexible, funky and simple desk top solution for storing your...

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  24. rABS 10W Wireless Charging Pad AGO9760

    rABS 10W Wireless Charging Pad
    rABS 10W wireless charging pad branded with LED light up logo. Dimensions: 75mmD x 10mm Print area:...

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  25. rABS 5000mAh Wireless Charger AGO9764

    rABS 5000mAh Wireless Charger
    A 5000 mAh wireless charging power bank made from recycled ABS, branded with LED light up logo....

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  26. rABSTP 5W & 10W Wireless Charger AGO9702

    rABSTP 5W & 10W Wireless Charger
    Wireless charger with tempered glass finish branding. Lead time: 3-4 weeks from artwork approval....

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  27. rABS TP Multi Charger AGO9701

     rABS TP Multi Charger
    3 in 1 multi charger with Type C, Micro USB and Lightning adapter, rABS with rPET cable and...

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  28. rABS Wireless Charger and Pen Holder AGO9763

    rABS Wireless Charger and Pen Holder
    10W Wireless Charging pad with USB port and pen holder. The product is also available without USB...

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  29. Radik Wireless Charger AGO6006

    Radik Wireless Charger
    Suitable for most mobile phones with the inductive charging function, a micro USB cable is...

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  30. Rainbow Multi-Cable AGO4218

    Rainbow Multi-Cable
    This branded Multi-Cable is a quality but great value cable. It comes as standard with a USB...

    From£5.29 Each

  31. Rainbow USB Desk Fan AGO5904

    Rainbow USB Desk Fan
    This fantastic looking Rainbow USB Desk Fan makes a fantastic promotional item, especially durin...

    From£4.70 Each

  32. RCS recycled plastic 10W Wireless Charger AGO9936

    RCS recycled plastic 10W Wireless Charger
    10W wireless fast charger with two USB ports made with RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certified...

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  33. RCS standard recycled plastic 10W Wireless Charger AGO9938

    RCS standard recycled plastic 10W Wireless Charger
    10W wireless charger with dual connector cable (USB A and USB C) where the case is made out of RCS...

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  34. Rectangle Bamboo And Wheat Straw Keyring AGO9858

    Rectangle Bamboo And Wheat Straw Keyring
    Charge your phone in style with this eco, high quality rectangle bamboo charger with wheat straw...

    From£3.80 Each

  35. Reflective strap with lights AGO5903

    Reflective strap with lights
    Reflective strap with 4 red led lights and Velcro strip. Batteries included.

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  36. Ring Selfie Light AGO9801

    Ring Selfie Light
    Portable selfie light 28 LEDs that can easily be installed on a phone or laptop screen with an clip...

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  37. Rise Foldable Laptop Stand AGO9629

    Rise Foldable Laptop Stand
    Universal, compact and foldable laptop stand made of aluminium alloy. The stand can be adjusted to...

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  38. Rizo 3 in 1 Charging Cable AGO9381

    Rizo 3 in 1 Charging Cable
    Key ring with 1A micro USB and type C charging cable. Available in black, silver and blue. Branded...

    From£2.30 Each

  39. rPET Small Multi Charging Cable AGO9756

    rPET Small Multi Charging Cable
    A small multi charging cable with LED logo on both sides, made from rPET, comes with micro USB,...

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  40. RPET Tech Tidy AGO10453

    RPET Tech Tidy
    Keep everything safe and organised in the compact Tech Tidy. The durable recycled PET material...

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  41. Rubik's® mobile charging cable set AGO8103

    Rubik's® mobile charging cable set
    A practical promotional gift with iconic Rubik’s styling. The mobile charging cable attaches to...

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  42. Sargas Earbuds with Microphone AGO9626

    Sargas Earbuds with Microphone
    Deluxe earbud set includes a built-in cable microphone that allows you to go hands free with your...

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  43. Screen Cleaner 25ml AGO2156

    Screen Cleaner 25ml
    Keep your Windscreen clean and clear with this versatile screen cleaner and microfibre cloth pack....

    From£1.43 Each

  44. SCX Design Light up Multi Cable AGO9994

    SCX Design Light up Multi Cable
    Light-up logo charging cable with rubber and metal finish fitted with three connectors (Type-C,...

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  45. Seconds Wireless Charging Clock AGO8724

    Seconds Wireless Charging Clock
    The Seconds wireless charging clock with alarm function can be used on any desk or night stand....

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  46. Short Biodegradable Multi-charging Cable AGO9731

    Short Biodegradable Multi-charging Cable
    A biodegradable Multi-charging cable, comes with two inputs (USB A and USB C) and three outputs USB...

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  47. Silicone Iphone 5 Case AGO974

    Silicone Iphone 5 Case
    Silicone iPhone 5 cases available in a range of colours. Suitable for single colour printing only....

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  48. Silicone Phone Pocket AGO4864

    Silicone Phone Pocket
    The silicone phone pocket sticks to the back of your phone and the handy pockets means you can keep...

    From£1.28 Each

  49. Silicone Phone Wallet with Stand AGO5011

    Silicone Phone Wallet with Stand
    Silicone Phone Wallet with Stand. This soft protective silicone wallet with adhesive tape can be...

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  50. Silicon Ipad Holder AGO950

    Silicon Ipad Holder
    This promotional silicon case can be made to fit any gadget. Weight: 23g Print type: 1 colour print...

    From£2.69 Each

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