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  1. 100g Soap Bar with Label AGO2646

    100g Soap Bar with Label
    White hotel sized round pleat wrapped soap. Other shapes and sizes available subject to minimum...

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  2. 10ml Foot Balm in a Tin AGO3587

    Special blend of soothing ingredients to help revitalise tired or overworked feet. Supplied in a...


  3. 10ml Sleep Balm in a Tin AGO3588

    A 10ml relaxing Sleep balm with aromatherapeutic benefits of Lavender and Patchouli to help you...


  4. 10 Plain Plasters & Wet Wipe in a Printed Sleeve AGO3585

    Pack of 10 assorted plasters and a single wet wipe in a full colour printed sleeve. Plasters and...


  5. 15ml Alcohol Free Waterless Sani Stick Spray AGO3551

    AGO3551 (2)
    Alcohol Free antibacterial hand sanitiser ready to use whilst on the go. The 15ml bottle clips into...


  6. 19cm Adults Toothbrush AGO3592

    Available from stock in 4 colours: black/white, blue/white, green/white and red/white. Can be...


  7. 20ml Credit Card Size Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Spray AGO3546

    Protect yourself from germs with this handy size credit card size waterless hand sanitiser spray....


  8. 25g Pleat Soap AGO2647

    25g Pleat Soap
    White hotel sized round pleat wrapped soap. Other shapes and sizes available subject to minimum...

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  9. 25ml Round Slimline Hand Sanitiser Spray AGO3547

    A waterless hand sanitiser, complies with BS EN 1500. Available in 4 colours from stock; natural...


  10. 30 2-Ply Tissue Drinks Cup AGO3568

    A unique and practical full colour printed Tissue Cup. Each cup holds 30 2-ply white tissues and...


  11. 30ml Aloe Vera Hand Cream AGO3589

    A non-greasy Aloe Vera Hand cream provides instant protection and helps condition nails, soften...


  12. 30 wet wipes in a mini tub AGO3594

    Micro cylinder box ot 30 wet wipes, each wipe measure 66mm x 150mm Weight: TBC Print type: 1 colour...


  13. 50ml Aloe Vera Lotion in a Tube AGO3598

    A non-greasy Aloe Vera Hand cream provides instant protection and helps condition nails, soften...


  14. 50ml Desktop Hand Sanitiser Gel AGO3553

    A handy desktop pocket size hand sanitiser gel for clean hands on the go, gives you protection...


  15. 50ml Hand Sanitiser on a Clip AGO3548

    Clean hands on the go with this antibacterial waterless hand sanitiser gel, complies with BS EN1500...


  16. 50ml Waterless Hand Sanitiser On A Roll Clip AGO3550

    Clean hands on the go with this antibacterial waterless hand sanitiser gel, complies with BS EN1500...


  17. 50ml Waterless Hand Sanitiser on a Standard Clip AGO3554

    AGO3554 (2)
    New improved formula, Waterless Antibacterial Hand Gel, complies with BS EN1500, also tested and...


  18. 5 Wet Wipes In Pocket Size Resealable Pack AGO3595

    A handy Pack of 5 wet wipes in a mini pocket size soft resealable pack. Pull back label can be...


  19. 7.5ml Air Freshener Spray AGO3593

    The perfect pocket-sized air freshener ideal for use in the home or the office. Comes in a clear...


  20. 7.5ml Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Spray AGO3552

    The perfect pocket-sized sanitiser spray ideal for use in the home, the office or whilst...


  21. 7.5ml Deodorant Spray AGO3597

    The perfect pocket-sized deodorant for use on the go. Comes in a clear bottle, spray and cap...


  22. 9ml Antibacterial Sani-Stick Spray AGO3549

    A slim pen shaped waterless hand sanitiser spray, perfect for anyone on the go. Hand Sanitiser...


  23. Box of 100 2-ply White Tissues in Printed Box AGO3569

    Box of 100 2-ply White Tissues in Printed Box, Each 2-ply tissue measures approx 200 x 210mm....


  24. Chrome Keyring Mirror AGO3601

    Shiny silver colour compact mirror style keyring Weight: TBC Print type: 1 colour print Print Area:...


  25. Cold Pack AGO927

    Cold Pack
    Price covers 4 shapes Star 92mm x 90mm, Rectangle 110mm x 60mm, Round 90mm dia and eyemask 205 x...

    From£0.92 Each

  26. Conference Gift Pack AGO2170

    Conference Gift Pack
    Perfect for Hectic Networking, Hand Sanitiser or Minty Mouth Lip Balm plus Peppermint Foot Gel and...

    From£7.47 Each

  27. Earbud Set AGO969

    Earbud Set
    Premium earphone set with three different earbud sizes encased within an elegant gift box. Weight:...

    From£2.11 Each

  28. Exfoliating Wash Glove AGO3524

    Single exfoliating gloves ideal for removing dry skin and impurities to leave your skin feeling...


  29. Folding brush and mirror AGO3609

    Metallic coloured plastic folding brush and compact mirror, handbag and travel must have. Weight:...


  30. Gionali AGO4086

    Pocket sized nail file with discreet fold our mirror. Available in pink or white. Weight: TBC Print...

    From£1.37 Each

  31. Glass Nail Files AGO3602

    These glass nail file are ideal for finishing off that immaculate manicure and perfect pedicure,...


  32. Hand Cleanser AGO597

    Hand Cleanser
    A great product for anyone to keep in their bag desk or pocket. The slimline hand sanitiser spray...

    From£0.59 Each

  33. Hand Sanitiser AGO553

    Hand Sanitiser
    Our hand sanitiser is available with a selection of brightly coloured lids to help your brand stand...

    From£0.59 Each

  34. Heart Pedometer AGO611

    Heart Pedometer
    Keep hearts healthy with the heart shaped pedometer. Monitors the number of steps taken with an...

    From£2.33 Each

  35. Hot Pack AGO933

    Hot Pack
    Liquid filled hot pack. Available in a selection of shapes; Heart 80mm, Rectangle 90mm x 60mm, Oval...

    From£1.05 Each

  36. Oval Pedometer Full Colour AGO846

    Oval Pedometer Full Colour
    Oval pedometer with step counter LCD display. Auto shut off after 1 minute. Takes 1 AG13 battery...

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  37. Pack of 5 3-Ply Tissues AGO3591

    Pack of five tissues in a clear poly wrap wit a printed insert card Weight: TBC Print type: 1...


  38. Pedometer AGO556

    A functional promotional gift with an attractive design. Functions include a count for the number...

    From£2.82 Each

  39. Peppermint Foot Gel 25ml Tired Toes AGO2205

    Peppermint Foot Gel 25ml Tired Toes
    Cooling minty gel revives and pampers tired legs and toes. BRITISH made in RECYCLABLE Aluminium...

    From£1.83 Each

  40. Plaster Dispenser AGO961

    Plaster Dispenser
    Promotional set of five latex free plasters. Weight: tbc Print type: Full colour printing available...

    From£0.58 Each

  41. Pocket Mini Hangover Kit AGO3596

    Banish the hangover! whether it is from a birthday bash, a wild wedding, or just a mad night out...


  42. Promotional Eye Mask AGO2224

    Promotional Eye Mask
    Elasticated eye mask

    From£0.54 Each

  43. Promotional Folding Mirror AGO1035

    Promotional Folding Mirror
    A compact plastic folding mirror, branded to the lid with your artwork. Can be printed in full...

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  44. Promotional Folding Mirror AGO2266

    Promotional Folding Mirror
    Metal Foldable mirror in sleek design

    From£0.86 Each

  45. Promotional Massager AGO4286

    Promotional battery powered hand held three legged massager. Batteries included. Weight: TBC Print...

    From£4.87 Each

  46. Promotional Mini Care Kit AGO4085

    Give your customers beautiful nails by giving them this product. It contains a mirror, cuticle...

    From£2.31 Each

  47. Promotional Nail File AGO1036

    Promotional Nail File
    A Promotional Nail File with two files and two buffers, branded with your artwork to the top....

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  48. Scented Candle Pod AGO2200

    Scented Candle Pod
    Lighten your mood and unwind. 5 tealights presented in a brushed aluminium corked pod. Variety of...

    From£1.29 Each

  49. Shoe Pedometer AGO635

    Shoe Pedometer
    The Shoe Pedometer attaches to the wearers shoe laces to count the number of steps taken. Splash...

    From£2.67 Each

  50. Silver Pedometer AGO563

    Silver Pedometer
    A simple and practical promotional gift. Easy to read display shows the number of steps taken. Now...

    From£1.86 Each

  51. Single Antibacterial Wet Wipe Sachet AGO3590

    Can be supplied with alcohol or alcohol free. Can be branded with up to 4 colours Weight: TBC Print...


  52. Soft Pocket Wet Wipes with 15 Standard Wipes in a each pack AGO3600

    A handy pack of 15 wet wipes in a soft resealable pack, ideal for the home, office or holiday...


  53. Soothing Aloe Gel 25ml AGO2208

    Soothing Aloe Gel 25ml
    Multi-purpose soothing facial gel contains organic aloe vera. An instant rescue when skin needs...

    From£1.83 Each

  54. Voca Mini Massager AGO2253

    Voca Mini Massager
    Three legged portable mini massager. 3 x AAA batteries included.

    From£2.36 Each

  55. Winter Fit Kit AGO3586

    It's the season of colds and flu, maybe a friend will hand you the rhinovirus perhaps a stranger...


  56. Wooden Roller Massager AGO3523

    Massage all your aches and pains away with this wooden massager, perfect to relax away the stresses...


  57. Wooden Tripod Massager AGO3522

    Massage all your aches and pains away with this wooden massager, perfect to relax away the stresses...


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