Stylus Pens

The promotional stylus pen is the perfect branded gift if you are looking to give away something both cost effective and useful. It probably goes without saying that the promotional pen is the most used branded giveaway and it doesn't look like that is going to change anytime soon, so why not stand out from the crowd and show your client that you are in touch with the modern age with a promotional stylus pen branded with your company logo? 

Our branded stylus pens come in a huge range of colours whether you are looking for a teal or gun metal grey, we can source the pen for you. We have a personalised stylus pen to suit every budget ranging from low cost plastic giveaway stylus pens up to high end executive branded stylus pens. For more information on printed stylus pens please email or speak to one of the friendly sales team on 01782 571 950.



  1. 4 in 1 Curvy Multi Ink Stylus Pen AGO4801

    4 in 1 Curvy Multi Ink Stylus Pen
    The promotional 4 in 1 Curvy Stylus pen is an update on our standard Curvy Stylus, the brilliant...

    From£0.36 Each

  2. Agent Stylus AGO760

    Agent Stylus
    Twist action plastic ballpen with a soft feel stylus tip. Coloured barrels with metal styling and...

    From£0.38 Each

  3. Aston Stylus Ball Pen AGO4477

    Our promotional Aston stylus metal ballpen is a heavy well-weighted twist action pen, branded with...

    From£1.64 Each

  4. Beck Stylus Ball Pen AGO4765

    Beck Stylus Ball Pen
    A 'tech' version of the great value promotional Beck pen, this pen includes a stylus end piece at...

    From£0.82 Each

  5. Bing Stylus Pen AGO4811

    Bing Stylus Pen
    Our promotional Bing stylus pen is a soft touch pen branded with your company logo and has a lovely...

    From£0.89 Each

  6. Brayden Stylus Ballpoint Pen AGO4827

    Brayden Stylus Ballpoint Pen
    Classic metal stylus ballpoint pen by Avenue. With this pen you can easily switch from writing...

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  7. Cayen BP AGO3311

    Cayen BP
    A stylish twist action aluminium pen with a soft stylus end piece - ideal for touch sensitive...

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  8. Cooper Stylus Light Pen AGO4812

    Cooper Stylus Light Pen
    Our promotional Cooper ballpen is a soft touch multifunctional pen with LED light and stylus with...

    From£1.59 Each

  9. Crystal HL Stylus Pen AGO3332

    Crystal HL Stylus Pen
    The promotional crystal HL ballpen is a mid sized twist action pen branded with your company logo,...

    From£1.37 Each

  10. Curvy Candy Stylus Pen AGO2953

    Our promotional curvy Candy stylus ball pen comes in a fab range of colours and is branded with...

    From£0.41 Each

  11. Curvy Stylus Pen AGO756

    Curvy Stylus Pen
    Give your customers a promotional pen that they'll really appreciate with our best selling...

    From£0.46 Each

  12. Dart Soft Stylus Ballpen in Metal Case AGO3342

    Dart Soft Stylus Ballpen in Metal Case
    A high quality soft touch promotional stylus pen, the Dart pen has a rubber feel barrel and is...

    From£3.27 Each

  13. Duo Soft Stylus AGO3327

    Duo Soft  Stylus
    This promotional Duo Soft Stylus ballpen is a slim twist action promotional stylus pen that...

    From£1.29 Each

  14. Elise Stylus AGO3315

    Elise Stylus
    This promotional Elise Stylus pen is a twist action stylus pen with a comfortable grip and branded...

    From£1.29 Each

  15. FL Soft Stylus AGO3312

    FL Soft Stylus
    Incredible matt metallic colours in a truly modern look pen - real wow factor.

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  16. Flute Softfeel Stylus Pen AGO3337

    Flute Softfeel Stylus Pen
    This promotional Flute Softfeel Stylus Pen is a great quality metal stylus pen made by Klio Eterna....

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  17. Flute Soft Stylus Ball Pen AGO3331

    Flute Soft Stylus Ball Pen
    All the quality you would expect from Klio Eterna in this well-priced promotional Flute Soft Stylus...

    From£1.37 Each

  18. HL Soft Stylus Pen AGO3301

    HL Soft Stylus Pen
    The promotional HL Soft Stylus ballpen is a stylish twist action midi ballpen with a soft stylus...

    From£0.95 Each

  19. Index Stylus AGO766

    Index Stylus
    The promotional Index stylus pen is a nifty tool for you to send out to your clients. The handy...

    From£0.40 Each

  20. Mop Head Stylus Pen AGO4807

    Mop Head Stylus Pen
    This promotional Mop Head stylus pen is a useful & fun promotional pen branded with your...

    From£0.92 Each

  21. Olivier Stylus Pen AGO4813

    Olivier Stylus Pen
    Our promotional Olivier stylus pen has a handy soft touch stylus and is branded with your company...

    From£0.88 Each

  22. Osaka Stylus Pen AGO690

    Osaka Stylus Pen
    A promotional premium quality metal ballpen with a soft-feel stylus tip to the top perfect for use...

    From£3.29 Each

  23. Select Stylus Pen AGO4810

    Select Stylus Pen
    The promotional Select stylus pen has a unique push action clip to release the pen nip and features...

    From£0.36 Each

  24. Shanghai Metal Stylus Pen AGO3318

    The promotional Shanghai Metal stylus pen is a metal pen with a soft stylus in a colour to match...

    From£1.24 Each

  25. Sprint Stylus Pen AGO4808

    Sprint Stylus Pen
    The promotional Sprint Stylus Ballpen is a lightweight pen with a modern design, offering amazing...

    From£0.25 Each

  26. Supersaver-I Ballpen AGO4900

    Supersaver-I Ballpen
    Promotional low cost twist action ballpen with capacitive stylus suitable for use with tablets and...

    From£0.23 Each

  27. Venus Stylus Ballpen AGO4809

    Venus Stylus Ballpen
    The promotional Venus Stylus ballpen has a stylish design and features a handy stylus tip,...

    From£0.32 Each