Small Chocolates

Small promotional chocolates have proven to be our most popular promotional merchandise product year after year. As our personalised individual small chocolates are low cost they make a great promotional giveaway and you can give them out at exhibitions or have them in a bowl on reception - either way, your clients will certainly be kept sweet! We have a wide range of personalised chocolates including promotional neapolitans, embossed chocolate coins and individually wrappped small branded chocolate bars. If you don't see what you are looking for please give us a call as we specialise in promotional food and drinks and can recommend something to suit your budget and your branding requirements. 




  1. 5 Neapolitan Chocolate Pillow Pack AGO1027

    5 Neapolitan Chocolate Pillow Pack
    Five Neapolitan chocolates in either milk or dark chocolate packed within a pillow pack and full...

    From£0.70 Each

  2. Flow Wrapped Value Neapolitans AGO2313

    Flow Wrapped Value Neapolitans
    Top Value at a bargain price, these Best Value Promotional Chocolate Neapolitans offer something...

    From£0.06 Each

  3. Foil Wrapped Chocolate Neapolitans AGO2605

    Foil Wrapped Chocolate Neapolitans
    Promotional foil wrapped chocolate neapolitan available in a wide range of flavours. Minimum...

    From£0.07 Each

  4. Neapolitan Chocolates AGO1058

    Neapolitan Chocolates
    Milk or Dark Chocolate squares, wrapped in either silver or gold foil and a full colour printed...

    From£0.15 Each

  5. Baroness Chocolate Set AGO2850

    7 long chocolates in several different flavours, encased in a branded box. Choose between...

    From£2.75 Each

  6. Belgian Chocolate Business Card Book AGO3708

    Four belgian chocolate squares in a branded promotional business card book. Branded with your...

    From£2.42 Each

  7. Branded Mini Chocolate Bar AGO2839

    Fully branded mini chocolate bar, wrapped in a silver foil and place inside of a digitally printed...

    From£0.36 Each

  8. Chocolate Coins 35mm AGO3665

    Chocolate Coins 35mm
    Small Belgian chocolate medal/coin. Personalise with logos, text or simple graphics embossed on top...

    From£0.28 Each

  9. Chocolate Coins With 30mm Stickers AGO3055

    Small, round, foiled chocolate medals with a 30mm printed sticker applied to each coin. Branded...

    From£0.33 Each

  10. Chocolate Coin With Ribbon 75mm AGO4093

    Chocolate Coin With Ribbon 75mm
    75mm Gold milk chocolate medal with ribbon. Personalise with a full colour printed paper label to...

    From£1.08 Each

  11. Embossed Chocolate Coin in Branded Box AGO4271

    Coins made from high-quality Belgian chocolate (diameter: 120mm) with logos, text or simple...

    From£2.66 Each

  12. Four Neapolitan Chocolates In Organza Bag AGO1060

    Four Neapolitan Chocolates In Organza Bag
    Four Neapolitan chocolates in either dark or milk chocolate packed in a standard Organza bag...

    From£1.55 Each

  13. Individually Boxed Chocolate Coin AGO3128

    Small full colour printed box filled with an individual chocolate coin. Branded with your company...

    From£0.25 Each

  14. Mini Toblerone Box AGO3127

    Full colour box printed with your design, containing a single mini Toblerone. Branded with your...

    From£0.75 Each

  15. Moulded Chocolate Coin 68mm AGO3508

    Have your logo moulded on to our promotional 68mm chocolate coins. A fantastic promotional product...

    From£0.53 Each

  16. Moulded Chocolate Coins 28mm AGO2319

    Moulded Chocolate Coins 28mm
    Have your company logo moulded on a promotional 28mm chocolate coin. A fantastic promotional...

    From£0.07 Each

  17. Moulded Chocolate Coins 35mm AGO3507

    Have your logo embossed on to our promotional 35mm chocolate coins. A fantastic promotional product...

    From£0.09 Each

  18. Personalised Napoli Chocolates AGO2838

    Small personalised rectangular milk chocolates. Full colour printed paper wrapper, branded with...

    From£0.12 Each

  19. Small 8g Chocolate AGO3077

    Slightly bigger alternative to the neapolitan. Available in milk or dessert chocolate. These 8g...

    From£0.34 Each

  20. Two Neapolitan Pillow Pack AGO1059

    Two Neapolitan Pillow Pack
    A clear pillow pack filled with two Neapolitan chocolates, branded with your artwork. Choose from...

    From£0.89 Each

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