Mint Tins and Pots




  1. Click Clack Mint Tins AGO994

    Click Clack Mints
    Promotional metal pop top tin filled with sugar free mints digitally printed with your company...

    From£0.59 Each

  2. Digital Print Heart Shaped Mint Tin AGO3117

    White heart shaped tin with full colour print to the lid. Filled with 23g of peppermint hearts....

    From£1.00 Each

  3. Embossed Mini Mint Hinged Tin AGO3115

    Hinged mint tin embossed with your design. Choose from white, matt white, silver, gold, grey, dark...

    From£1.64 Each

  4. Heart Shaped Mint Tin AGO3104

    Heart Shaped Mint Tin filled with 23g of heart shaped peppermints. Choose from white, silver or...

    From£1.27 Each

  5. Heart tin with heart-shaped mints AGO2738

    Promotional heart shaped mint tin filled with 18g of sugarfree peppermint hearts. Branded with your...

    From£1.42 Each

  6. High Round Mint Tin AGO3106

    High round mint tin in silver, filled with 34g of peppermints. Branded with your company artwork....

    From£1.64 Each

  7. High Tower Mint Tin AGO3105

    High Tower Mint Tin filled with 30g of peppermint, branded to the side. Branded with your company...

    From£1.19 Each

  8. Long Sliding Mint Tin AGO3109

    Long sliding mint tin filled with 8g of peppermints, branded up to 4 colours with your logo to the...

    From£1.42 Each

  9. Mini Hinge Mint Tin AGO1044

    Mini Hinge Mint Tin
    A promotional silver or white mini hinge mint tin, branded with your artwork to the lid and filled...

    From£0.89 Each

  10. Mini Mint Midi Rectangle Pot AGO4442

    Promotional midi rectangle pot filled with 23g of refreshing mini mints, branded with a resin domed...

    From£1.09 Each

  11. Mini Mint Pocket Hinged Tin AGO4440

    Promotional hinged mini mint filled with 25g of refreshing high quality mints and branded with your...

    From£1.34 Each

  12. Mini Sliding Mint Tin AGO3108

    Mini Sliding Silver Mint Tin filled with 8g of peppermint. Branded with your company artwork. Print...

    From£1.12 Each

  13. Mint Imperial Bus Tin AGO4438

    Promotional bus tin filled with 4 x 30g bags of refreshing mint imperials, branded with your...

    From£3.89 Each

  14. Mint Imperial Maxi Rectangle Pot AGO4443

    Promotional maxi rectangle pot filled with 45g of refreshing mint imperials, branded with a resin...

    From£1.58 Each

  15. Mint Imperial Maxi Round Pot AGO4441

    Promotional maxi round pot filled with 45g of refreshing mint imperials, branded with a resin domed...

    From£1.38 Each

  16. Mint Imperial Money Box AGO2955

    Promotional money box tin filled with 3 90g bags of mint imperials and branded with your company...

    From£2.79 Each

  17. Mint Imperial Money Box Tin AGO4437

    Promotional money box tin containing 3 x 30g bags of refreshing mint imperials, branded with your...

    From£2.89 Each

  18. Mint Imperials Calendar Paint Tin AGO4439

    Promotional paint tin filled with 180g of refreshing mint imperials, branded with your company logo...

    From£3.89 Each

  19. Mint Imperial Small Paint Tin AGO2951

    Promotional small paint tin filled with 60g of mint imperials and branded with your company logo...

    From£2.89 Each

  20. Mint Imperial Sweet Tin AGO2952

    Promotional white sweet tin filled with 90g of mint imperials, branded with your company logo to a...

    From£2.92 Each

  21. Mint Imperial Treat Tin AGO145

    Mint Imperial Treat Tin
    Promotional white treat tin with 3 x 30g bags of mint imperials, branded with your company logo to...

    From£2.33 Each

  22. Mint Pot AGO640

    Mint Pot
    Promotional mini round plastic pot filled with 10g of mini mints, branded with your company logo to...

    From£0.42 Each

  23. Printed Mints in Personalised Tin AGO4220

    A promotional silver metal tin with window, filled with approx 22g of printed sugar free mints. The...

    From£0.84 Each

  24. Printed Mint Stick AGO1820

    Printed Mint Stick
    Attractive design, handy shape and ingeniously practical. That is what makes the Mint Stick a...

    From£0.63 Each

  25. Promotional Mint Pot AGO1090

    Promotional Mint Pot
    Promotional plastic 46mm mint pot branded to the lid with your design. Mints available in regular...

    From£0.83 Each

  26. Promotional Sliding Mint Tin AGO3619

    Shiny metal sliding mint tin branded with your company logo. The boxes contain approximately 17...

    From£0.72 Each

  27. Promotional Travel Mint Tin AGO1093

    Promotional Travel Mint Tin
    Promotional 65mm travel mint tin filled with 30g of travel mints. Tin is available in silver or...

    From£1.29 Each

  28. Shield Shape Mint Tin AGO3110

    White or silver shield shaped mint tin filled with approximately 26g of peppermints. Printed up to...

    From£1.42 Each

  29. Slidy Mint Tin AGO3107

    Slidy Mint Tin filled with 10g of mini peppermints. Choose from white, silver, grey, black, red,...

    From£1.27 Each

  30. Triangle Mint Tin AGO3111

    White or silver triangle tin filled with 20g of peppermint. Printed up to 4 colours with your...

    From£1.42 Each

  31. Tube Mints AGO3095

    Plastic tube filled with 7g of mini mints. Choose from white, trasparent, black, transparent black,...

    From£0.75 Each

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