1. Curvy Highlighter AGO740

    Curvy Highlighter
    A great value dual purpose product the Curvy Highlighter combines a ballpoint pen with a bright...

    From£0.30 Each

  2. Duo Highlighter AGO680

    Duo Highlighter
    A useful desktop set including two individual highlighter pens in a handy plastic case.Price...

    From£1.11 Each

  3. Dynamic Highlighter Pen AGO725

    Dynamic Highlighter Pen
    A fantastic dual purpose product, featuring a ballpoint pen with a vibrant yellow highlighter at...

    From£0.47 Each

  4. Flower Highlighter AGO803

    Flower Highlighter
    A popular desk item.Five brightly coloured highlighters in the shape of a flower.Practical eye...

    From£0.78 Each

  5. Hamlet Highlighter AGO818

    Hamlet Highlighter
    Brightly coloured highlighters with a tactile curved shape. Ridged finger grip makes it nice to...

    From£0.18 Each

  6. Hand Shape Highlighter AGO865

    Hand Shape Highlighter
    Hand shape highlighter pen. Five vibrant colours practical and fun. Weight: TBC Print type: Full...

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  7. Highlighter fish AGO3007

    A fish highlighter. Printing on the fish. Can pantone match on quantities of 10,000+ One colour...

    From£0.35 Each

  8. Highlighters Case Of 3 Full Colour AGO868

    Highlighters Case Of 3 Full Colour
    Lid flips down to present the highlighters at an angle on a desk. Great way of presenting a logo or...

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  9. Quattro Highlighter AGO681

    Quattro Highlighter
    A highlighter for 2014 designed to get your message on your customers desks! The Quattro...

    From£0.77 Each

  10. Splash Highlighter Pen AGO748

    Splash Highlighter Pen
    A vibrant highlighter available in a wide range of colours.This highlighter pen is sure to make...

    From£0.24 Each

  11. Splash Highlighter Set AGO809

    Splash Highlighter Set
    The Splash highlighter is also available as a great gift set. A clear pouch contains three...

    From£1.12 Each

  12. Splat Highlighter AGO821

    Splat Highlighter
    A great value promotional highlighter that your customers are sure to love. Unique splat shape with...

    From£0.68 Each

  13. Star Highlighter Full Colour AGO837

    Star Highlighter  Full Colour
    Groovy highlighter pen. Five vibrant colours in a tactile star shaped case practical and fun. Can...

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  14. Trio Gel Highlighter AGO687

    Trio Gel Highlighter
    A great value highlighter set.The white plastic case includes three different coloured gel...

    From£1.11 Each

  15. Triple Highlighter AGO797

    Triple Highlighter
    A bestselling promotional product. Three bright highlighters in a triangular shape. Offers...

    From£0.58 Each

  16. Wax Highlighter AGO3178

    Coloured gel highligher twist action pen with white body. Price is based on one colour.

    From£0.70 Each

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