Chocolate Boxes

There is no better way to show your clients you love them than with a promotional chocolate box! Chocolate is a very personal promotional product and has the feel good factor, ensuring your brand will remain in the forefront of your client's mind at all times. Chocolates are also likely to be shared around the office (sometimes!) so your clients will be talking about you. 

We have a wide range of branded chocolate boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can have as little as 1 chocolate up to 48. Our printed chocolate boxes can be filled with personalised neapolitans, chocolate truffles, belgian chocolates, delicious Lily O Brien chocolates, the list goes on! 




  1. Personalised 24 Luxury Chocolate Box AGO3146

    Large chocolate box filled with 24 luxury chocolates with your branding to the lid. Branded with...

    From£11.57 Each

  2. 18 Praline Chocolate Box AGO5264

    215g of delicious pralines made of milk, dessert and white chocolate in various flavours. Placed on...

    From£4.39 Each

  3. 33 Chocolate Box AGO5266

    Large 2-piece chocolate box containing 33 pralines made from 44% Belgian chocolate. 5 shapes and 8...

    From£10.99 Each

  4. 3D Chocolate Football AGO2870

    A 60 mm football with thick walls, made from high quality Belgian chocolate ( 44% cocoa) and packed...

    From£1.75 Each

  5. 4 Chocolate Hexagonal Box AGO3139

    A small hexagonal chocolate box, filled with 4 delicious luxury chocolates. Your logo or message...

    From£2.99 Each

  6. 4 Chocolate Logo Box AGO3138

    Small promotional 4 chocolate box, filled with 4 delicious chocolates and branded with your logo....

    From£2.99 Each

  7. 4 Chocolate Long Box AGO3140

    Long rectangular box filled with 4 chocolates and your logo digitally printed to the lid. Ribbon is...

    From£2.99 Each

  8. 6 Chocolate Logo Box AGO3141

    Small box that holds 6 luxury chocolates. Branded with your artwork to the lid. Print type: Full...

    From£4.10 Each

  9. 9 Belgian Chocolate Neapolitan Box AGO2849

    Small chocolate box filled with 7 milk or dessert chocolate pralines. Branded with your artwork to...

    From£2.93 Each

  10. Branded 6 Chocolate Triangle Box AGO3142

    Triangular shaped box with full colour digital print to the lid, filled with 6 luxury chocolates....

    From£4.10 Each

  11. Branded Quartet Chocolate Set with Bow AGO3717

    4 wrapped chocolates in a presentation box with a bow. Branded with your artwork to the lid. Print...

    From£2.19 Each

  12. Chocolate Coin in Cardboard Box AGO4479

    Chocolate Coin in Cardboard Box
    These chocolate coins are made from high-quality Belgian chocolate chocolate (diameter: 100mm) and...

    From£2.09 Each

  13. Chocolate Golf Balls AGO4470

    High quality chocolate golf balls with a good print area to one side, printed with one colour....

    From£10.75 Each

  14. Chocolate Laptop AGO2847

    Chocolate keyboard in laptop style presentation box. Keyboard is made from milk, white and desssert...

    From£8.36 Each

  15. Chocolate Message Telegram (20) AGO5260

    Chocolate Message Telegram (20)
    20 chocolate letters placed in 2 rows of 10 chocolates each. Emboss the chocolates with your own...

    From£4.79 Each

  16. Coffee Praline Chocolate Box AGO2860

    Box filled with 16 coffee flavoured handmade chocolate pralines. Available with a colour matched...

    From£6.42 Each

  17. Cube with Celebrations AGO4356

    Cube with Celebrations
    This acetate cube can be personalised with a full colour flat label printed with your company...

    From£2.20 Each

  18. Elegant 25 Chocolate Box AGO5265

    Elegant 25 Chocolate Box
    25 high quality handmade Belgian chocolate pralines. Price is based on a matt black or matt blue...

    From£12.49 Each

  19. Fruit Chocolate Box AGO2859

    Chocolate box containing milk chocolates topped with dried fruit. Select from the following...

    From£2.61 Each

  20. Jupiter 30 Chocolate Box AGO5267

    Jupiter 30 Chocolate Box
    2 piece box filled with 30 delicious Belgian praline chocolates made of milk, dessert and white...

    From£9.49 Each

  21. Large 48 Chocolate Box AGO3147

    Extra large chocolate box contaning 48 chocolates with digital print branding to the lid. Branded...

    From£17.90 Each

  22. Lily O'Brien 2 Chocolate Box AGO2933

    Promotional chocolate box filled with a delicious lemon meringue and sticky toffee chocolate....

    From£1.89 Each

  23. Lily O'Brien 4 Choc Box AGO2768

    Lily O'Brien 4 Choc Box
    Four delicious Lily O'Brien chocolates in a box tied with gold ribbon. Branded with a high quality...

    From£4.50 Each

  24. Lily O'Brien 8 Choc Box AGO4941

    Lily O'Brien 8 Choc Box
    Cream coloured box filled with 8 delicious chocolates from the Lily O Brien range. Tied with a gold...

    From£6.75 Each

  25. Lindt Mini Praline Box AGO3991

    These delicious Lindt mini pralines are a delicious treat and are only available until the end of...

    From£9.61 Each

  26. Luxury 6 Truffle Box AGO3056

    Small box filled with 6 handmade chocolate truffles. Made with Yorkshire cream and liqueurs, they...

    From£4.10 Each

  27. Mercury Box AGO4940

    Mercury Box
    2-piece cardboard box filled with 16 handmade coffee-flavoured Belgian pralines. Black matte finish...

    From£6.05 Each

  28. Personalised 12 Chocolate Box AGO3144

    Box filled with 12 luxury chocolates, with branding to lid. Branded with your company artwork.....

    From£5.79 Each

  29. Promotional 16 Chocolate Long Box AGO3145

    Long box filled with 16 luxury chocolates, with your branding digitally printed to the lid. Branded...

    From£7.46 Each

  30. Promotional 2 Chocolate Box AGO3137

    Printed box containing to luxury chocolates. Logo digitally printed to the lid. Branded with your...

    From£2.24 Each

  31. Promotional 8 Chocolate Box AGO3143

    Branded box that contains 8 chocolates and has your brand digitally printed to the lid. Branded...

    From£4.39 Each

  32. Triangle Praline Chocolate Box AGO2858

    Triangle shaped Praline Chocolate Box filled with 15 hand made chocolates. Each chooclate is placed...

    From£12.96 Each

  33. Triangle Shaped Chocolate Box AGO4435

    Promotional triangle shaped chocolate box filled with 11 delicious 33 or 44% milk Belgian triangle...

    From£2.12 Each

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